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returntothepit >> discuss >> merauder, ringworm, hell within, skulltoboggan, hated and more in worcester tonight by the_reverend on Aug 31,2007 6:42pm
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Aug 31, 2007 the Palladium (Worcester, Ma)
4_bolt_main - 2007-08-31
4 Bolt Main(25)
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hated - 2007-08-31
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hell_within - 2007-08-31
Hell Within(68)
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merauder - 2007-08-31
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randomshots - 2007-08-31
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ringworm - 2007-08-31
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skulltoboggan - 2007-08-31
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the_glass_onion_project - 2007-08-31
The Glass Onion Project(24)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 31,2007 6:42pm
I'm here and if you are reading this, you aren't one of the 40 people here for the opening bands.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 31,2007 7:32pm
there are a could openers who were added. watching the second now and I feel like I got tricked into shooting someone's little brother's band.

4 bolt main: not in to it. A band from worcester who sounded sort of grungey.let me clarify, they sounded like someone trying to mix alice in chains and doomy/stoner parts. Everyone in this band had really pretty gear.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 31,2007 8:14pm
Is this a kenny show? He's here and this is the first time I've seen him in er.. Well.. A long ass time. I think he last time was the vital remains show. A lot of the western mass and south shore kids are here looking bored/jaded.

glass onion project, the: not really sure what to say here. Um.. It's probably the worst band name I've heard in a long time. Just basically adult rock that you've probably heard a million times out side all of your great bandstands in your town. The guitarist was able to crank out some shreds, but they didn't really keep my attention. I kept thinking "huh, they really do still make music like this" and then I would check the date on my phone. Weird, still doesn't say 1982.

Oh yeah, this is a kenny show. There wasnt enough promotion for it. kevord just said something funny to me, but i will let him post it.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 31,2007 8:36pm
hated: this is my first time seeing them on a proper stage. The music sounds better, but i'm still not really into it. Though I could definitely pick out parts (not really songs) for the last time i saw them.They had a bunch of the people from the manchester show here. They were very very vocal and for the most part female. The guy who i think is the sound dude's assistant (good dude from what I can tell, btw) was really into hated too. at the end of their set, thed singer tossed out a copy of their new CD and it came with in inches of a girl who wasn't paying attention. that wouls have been hilarious. Huh, see, I didnt mention the tattoo at all. Oops.

toggletoggle post by Kevord  at Aug 31,2007 11:35pm
I said " This is the worst high school battle of the bands i've ever seen." Whoever booked this show was an idiot. Ringworm was great. Every other band on this bill did not fit the headliners and obviously didn't help the draw. The show at club Hell in RI is way better. If I wasn't going to Foxwoods tomorrow to get my gamble on I would have gone to that show.

toggletoggle post by chrisabomb at Sep 1,2007 12:08am

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Sep 1,2007 2:36am

toggletoggle post by SteveOTB   at Sep 1,2007 2:39am
I've heard of those openers and I agree, they DO NOT fit on a bill with Ringworm. Just because you have a good headliner doesn't mean you can have some random bands playing who aren't anywhere near Ringworm's sound. To tell you the truth it kindof tarnishes the show when you have a bunch of local acts that don't fit that general style. People will leave before the headliner like chrisabomb said. If people aren't enjoying themselves the whole time then they wont want to stay. But also that's when you go online and look up some of these bands and if they're bands you wouldn't like and only want to see Ringworm then just show up in time for Ringworm.

toggletoggle post by Afriken at Sep 1,2007 4:13am
Really upset about the draw for the show. REALLY upset about the bands that played before Ringworm. Almost ruined it for me, but then Ringworm blew my face off.

I need to get the new CD.

toggletoggle post by Dankill at Sep 1,2007 8:38am
Kenny Lanning is a retard who still and always will have no business booking shows.

toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Sep 1,2007 8:40am
the_reverend said:
hated: Huh, see, I didnt mention the tattoo at all. Oops.

A picture's worth a thousand words, Rev.

toggletoggle post by DomesticTerror at Sep 1,2007 1:22pm
what the hell is a "merauder?"

toggletoggle post by TURD at Sep 1,2007 2:00pm
I can't believe the bands they let play before these bands so pathetic.

toggletoggle post by immortal13 at Sep 1,2007 6:14pm
Dirtnap Entertainment has a few problems:

They have such random bands on shows. I still remember one show in February or March, where the lineup was almost good, but Skulltoboggan was playing. The order was:

Drive By Bukkake
Burn My Remains
Anal Cunt

And it makes Skulltoboggan think they're the greatest thing in the world when they sound like a shitty white zombie cover band.

Another problem they have is one guy I talked to said that a local band should easily be able to bring in 75 people to each show they play. Is he fucking joking? The Psyopus show we played in July didn't even bring in that many people and they're on fucking Metalblade. I haven't played a whole lot of shows that had more than 50 people there. 75 people my fucking ass.

Their other problem is promotion. They do not promote their shows at all. When I was talking to this same person as the above paragraph, he said that they did make a flyer for it and said that it had to be the only flyer for the show. And they didn't even send it out or upload it online. They put a couple flyers on the doors of the venue that's in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, great fucking promotion.

They also don't contact bands about updates on shows. We played one of their shows on August 12, and we were under the impression the show started around 6ish like every other show, until Steve called me at 11 that morning saying we had to be there for 12 for load in. They sent us that message that fucking morning.

Dirtnap Entertainment to me is basically the Massachusetts equivalent to New England Concerts. Nothing but a bunch of douchebags that expect way to much out of the bands and don't do shit themselves.

toggletoggle post by immortal13 at Sep 1,2007 6:17pm
Not to mention, here's a conversation I had with this guy:

Me: "We probably didn't bring a whole lot of people because we're playing in Manchester tomorrow with Architect, which is closer to our area."

Him: "Oh, well that makes sense then I understand. But if we had known you were playing that show then we would have made you drop off of it, that way more people would come to this show."

Me: "Are you joking? If you did then I would have just said no."

Him: "Then you wouldn't have been playing this show."

Me: "Fine by me, and most likely the rest of the guys."

So before we left we put a shitload of flyers for the Architect show everywhere you could look in the venue.

toggletoggle post by archaeon at Sep 1,2007 9:29pm
Mortalis was booked to play with vital remains and malignancy with dirtnap in june, haha yeah right. Ended up being like 5 bands we never heard of, soul remnants and burn my remains. the only people who were attending were the bands pretty much, and all the ones that played earlier left. we got a 10-15 minute set because the sound guy claimed they were low on time. come to find out he didn't know goreality dropped so when soul remnants played they gave them like an hour set. place makes me lol

immortal, is the guy you were talking to ronny james danzig?

toggletoggle post by guitarman8062 at Sep 1,2007 9:31pm
Thank you for the review rev, they always help

and im honored you mentioned my guitar playing ;-)

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Sep 2,2007 12:31am
pfft did HeLl WyThin cover More Human Than Human? Can't say I'm sorry I missed all of this.

toggletoggle post by Afriken at Sep 2,2007 1:09am
Haha I was wondering why that fucking crack head Kenny Lanning was there.

That guy tried to screw the In Dire Need dues awhile back. I've heard nothing but awful shit about this guy from bands dealing with him.

toggletoggle post by Dankill at Sep 2,2007 1:43pm
I'm honest to god shocked people are still falling for his bullshit.
Hasn't the word about him gotten out enough or are some people just that damn dumb?.
And, for that matter, why someone or a whole bunch of someones haven't pounded the shit outta Kenny because he deserves it HIGHLY!

toggletoggle post by immortal13 at Sep 2,2007 4:37pm
Trust me, if he ever ends up just going to a show we happen to be playing, I'm gonna say while we're playing "Fuck you and your little fucking "label" and shit that doesn't do anything for bands anyway."

Archaeon, I have no idea who it was I was talking to.

toggletoggle post by kdl at Sep 7,2007 1:14pm
Hey everybody got paid for the aug 31st show.

toggletoggle post by inject-now at Sep 7,2007 1:19pm
this show was a total disaster turnout wise....

ringworm and merauder were great though.

toggletoggle post by kdl at Sep 7,2007 1:30pm
mearauder is a good band but I am hearing everybody got there gaurantee. It was on a holiday as well. that might of had something to do with it.

toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Sep 7,2007 2:11pm
merauder still has it, inject? they fuckin killed it in '96...

toggletoggle post by inject-now at Sep 7,2007 2:12pm
they were really good. "master killer" is the only album from them i really like and they played almost all of it.

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at Sep 7,2007 2:12pm
I missed this, but Merauder were pretty killer at the Elks a while back.

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Sep 7,2007 3:27pm
i don't know about anyone else, but this kind of shit runs so rampant its beating any interest in being part of the local scene out of me. its so fucking frustrating, the joy of trying to be part of a big show is completely gone. crappy shows, even crappier lineups, the only time anything ever goes well or has any kind of great response is when its a small show put on at a small venue by one or two people. shows at the Skybar and O'Briens and such seem to go so well, and if there is a problem its usually either rectified easily, or steps are taken to avoid said problem in the future. i don't even get what the fucking point in trusting anyone but like Richhorror or any of the others from this board that book shows is. Dirtnap and NE Concerts and all that, they make it so aggravating it makes me not even want to do anything. fuckheads. kudos to everyone that keeps the spirit and integrity alive.

toggletoggle post by Ryan_nli at Sep 7,2007 3:35pm
Everyone has a Kenny Lanning story.

When Joe Newbury and I were contacted to do the Through the eyes of the Dead/Despised Icon show we needed a venue within something like 3 weeks until the date of the show. Somehow he got involved and said he booked the Ashland Fish and games. I then heard about how unreliable he was and called the venue to make sure it was booked and the guy had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Luckily they were open that date, which was shocking because at this point it was a week away, so I drove there and booked it. Promoted the fuck out of it and broke even. We had around 120 people show up in a weeks notice, in Ashland, on a Tuesday night. He even had the balls to show up to the show and told all the bands that he was the promoter and tried to get them all to come back and do other dates for him. We had to go around and tell all the bands he was full of shit and what really happened. He almost got beat up too because he tried to stop kids from moshing, like he was some sort of authority figure. What a fucking weirdo.

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Sep 7,2007 3:37pm
he "booked" Despised Icon at Club Octane in Worcester, this ghetto hole in the wall club, he had no PA so everyone had to use our shitty ass one, and surprise surprise, Despised Icon "couldn't make it". what a fucking joke. luckily Pillory played when they had that insane drummer, i don't recall if Arrowhead was in it at that time, so that totally made up for the debauchery of everything else.

toggletoggle post by Ryan_nli at Sep 7,2007 4:09pm
I remember that show. What a joke he is.

toggletoggle post by Dankill at Sep 7,2007 5:37pm
I'm well aware of both of the Kenny/Despised Icon episodes and it bobbles my mind how dumb this guy is and why hasn't gotten the everliving shit kicked out of him.
He was running around the elks trying to tell people what to do and to not mosh. People were yelling over the crowd that he was full of shit and didn't even belong there. So, people just kept moshing and running over him, literally. I think he finally booked it outta there once he saw he had ZERO control of the situation and enough kids were pretty much ready to jump his cracked out ass.

Something really has to be done. Kenny's bullshit of ruining shows has gone on far enough.

toggletoggle post by blue  at Sep 7,2007 6:07pm
kenny is trying to book malevolent creation at ralphs. everyone stay away from that kid and that show unless you want to see skulltoboggan opening for MC.

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at Sep 7,2007 6:16pm
I think the real lesson here is that I am spectacular.

toggletoggle post by Dankill at Sep 7,2007 10:40pm
This is true, Rich.

However, Blue might be on to something!
What is it, boy? What's wrong? A fire at the ol' Carson place?
Oh no, wait, you mean Kenny is trying to book Malevolent Creation at Ralph's with queer opening bands and then run away with the money for crack and toilet paper.
Someone should e-mail the fuckin band and warn them that Kenny is a fuckin scam artist. There are a few other people here that could book the same fuckin thing at Ralph's without sucking or being a theiving prick.

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