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returntothepit >> discuss >> So Of The Betrayed is gonna be playing with Winds of Plague in July by immortal13 on May 25,2007 6:28pm
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Jul 10, 2007 Sirens (Milford, NH)
at_the_throne_of_judgment - 2007-07-10
At The Throne Of Judgment(66)
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beneath_the_sky - 2007-07-10
Beneath The Sky(86)
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born_of_osiris - 2007-07-10
Born Of Osiris(51)
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catherine - 2007-07-10
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corsetta - 2007-07-10
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winds_of_plague - 2007-07-10
Winds Of Plague(100)
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toggletoggle post by immortal13 at May 25,2007 6:28pm
Tickets I believe are only gonna be $10 bucks, and it's at Siren's in Milford, NH. Who would be interested in buying a ticket? We gotta sell 30, and it's on July 10.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 25,2007 7:29pm
great band. I forget who snapped them up. CM?

toggletoggle post by immortal13 at May 25,2007 8:48pm
Indeed it was CM.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 10,2007 6:50pm
you are a liar. I'm hear and you guys aren't.

when I got there there were a ton of kids outside in the parking lot and cops coming for someone lighting off a firework. Odd that kids will pay to get into a show, but sit in the parking lot of a lot of it.

corsetta: a bunch of kids with sweatbands on. They should probably sell them with their bands name on them. I wasn't big on the clean singing parts. the minute they were done, it seemed like the crowd doubled. with no re-entry that was a dumb move on people's part cause now they just have to sit inside! ahahaha.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 10,2007 6:50pm

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 10,2007 7:28pm
some people here are wearing so many pieces of flair that I have to do a double take on if they are a copper or not.

born of osiris: they took forever to set up. Some band was suppose to go on before them, but they were a no-show. For some reason, everyone was setting up on the floor. Lame. It's harder to move around and the crowd stays at the back of the room so as not to get moshed. Another band with a synth player. They played pretty good and all even though my pictures suck here and there is almost no crowd participation. The joke the whole set was one of the guitarists wearin nothin but jean cut-offs. now that I think of it, it's probably borat funny.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 10,2007 11:50pm

toggletoggle post by SteveOTB   at Jul 11,2007 2:07am
hahaha this is a funny looking picture

toggletoggle post by jonny8pins at Jul 11,2007 2:09am

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 11,2007 8:00am
steve: 2 of those girls don't care, but 1 is really excited.

toggletoggle post by stalkersrage  at Jul 11,2007 12:03pm
Born of Osiris was pretty decent - I had never seen them before and they put on a good show for a bunch of kids who obviously weren't really into them.

Quite obviously the highlight for everyone was Beneath The Sky. Although not my favorite song of theirs, when 7861 started people were jumping all over the place. I spent like 40 minutes after the show talking to the band and Joey (the lead singer) was very impressed with how the show turned out, especially considering they've never played anywhere in NH before.

toggletoggle post by immortal13 at Jul 11,2007 7:14pm
I think the highlights were Wings of Plague and At the Throne of Judgement.

Yes, we were supposed to play that show, but the scheduling didn't work out for me and Steve, both of us whom have new jobs. I wish we could have played, but we couldn't.

toggletoggle post by SteveOTB   at Jul 11,2007 9:33pm
the_reverend said:
steve: 2 of those girls don't care, but 1 is really excited.

HAHAHAHA yeah that chic is REALLY excited lol.

toggletoggle post by poopscoop at Jul 12,2007 12:15pm
nh booking gives everyone reason to avoid local shows.

toggletoggle post by immortal13 at Jul 12,2007 8:00pm
NH Booking is great at what he does. I've been talking to the guy for a little while now, and he actually has motivation that isn't just to make money *cough*marksshowplace*cough* He gets some sick bands and gives local bands the opportunity to play with them.

toggletoggle post by the dude at Jul 13,2007 1:00pm
shutup greg. get a fucking clue

toggletoggle post by aids at Jul 17,2007 1:38pm
I'd rather shit needles than attend another NHbooking show.

NHbooking is comprised of total scumbags and filthy door-working cunts.

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