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returntothepit >> discuss >> ABSU news... by AUTOPSY_666 on May 22,2007 12:31pm
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toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at May 22,2007 12:31pm
Drummer/Vocalist Proscriptor from the mythological occult metal outfit ABSU has issued the following statement:

“After 5 years of silence, I am pleased to announce the new line-up of ABSU. It was a difficult task to replace both Shaftiel and Equitant after being together for nearly 11 years, but now is the time to carry on. Here is the new reorganization of the band:

Proscriptor McGovern - Percussives, Mellotron, Voices & Lyrical Magick
Vastator Terrarum - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Analog Synthesizers & Backing Voices
Aethyris MacKay - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Analog Synthesizers & Backing Voices

“We have begun composing and arranging the material for what will be known as the self-titled album, simply called Absu. In 2002, 4 out of 16 tracks were written; 2 of them we’re keeping while the other 2 we’re abandoning. We will begin recording in the latter part of autumn 2007 or early 2008 anticipating a release before June 2008 for Osmose Productions/The End Records.”
Absu projected track listing: (in no particular order)

1. Night Fire Canonization
2. Girra’s Temple
3. Amy
4. In the Name of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee
5. 13 Globes
6. Voor
7. Twix Yesterday, The Day & The Morrow
8. Between the Absu of Eridu & Erech
9. Those of the Void Will Re-Enter
10. Magick Square Cipher
11. Sceptre Command
12. Nunbarshegunu
13. Diversified Signs Inscribed
xiv. Our Earth of Black
xv. Ye Uttuku Spells
xvi. …Of the Dead Who Never Rest in Their Tombs is the Attendance of Familiar Spirits…

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toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at May 22,2007 12:36pm

toggletoggle post by NuclearWinter at May 22,2007 1:05pm
Excellent news for an excellent band. Still quite a ways off though.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at May 22,2007 1:09pm

toggletoggle post by ConquerTheBaphomet  at May 22,2007 2:56pm
Nice. I've been waiting for something to surface from them for awhile.

toggletoggle post by mOe @ work at May 22,2007 3:03pm
i've seen one of their music videoes and its without a doubt one of the funniest things i've ever witnessed

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at May 22,2007 3:05pm
Because the drummer is a flamer?

toggletoggle post by Kinslayer at May 22,2007 3:08pm
I wish Mezzadurus was in the lineup...

Killer news though!

toggletoggle post by PaganMegaN   at May 22,2007 4:02pm
Can't wait to hear the album

toggletoggle post by SlavonicIdentity at May 22,2007 4:50pm
Should be killer.

toggletoggle post by cav nli at May 22,2007 4:56pm

4. In the Name of Auebothiabathabaithobeuee


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