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returntothepit >> discuss >> 3/22 - Fu Manchu, Valient Thor, Seemless, Mess With The Bull - Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA by mcmahon on Mar 20,2007 10:40am
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Mar 22, 2007 Middle East (Cambridge, Ma)
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Bury The Needle(35)
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fu_manchu - 2007-03-22
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Lock And Key(36)
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toggletoggle post by mcmahon  at Mar 20,2007 10:40am
Fu Manchu
Valient Thor
Mess With The Bull

Middle East Downstairs
Cambridge, MA
$12 adv/$14 door
18+ Show

Anyone know if the admission cost covers both the upstairs and downstairs?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 20,2007 10:41am
wow... you have to pay for both.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 20,2007 10:42am
man.. I was planning on shooting upstairs... but I might just try to shoot both.

toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Mar 20,2007 10:48am
thats a nice line up. i'm a big seemless fan.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 20,2007 10:54am
I'm trying to shoot both shows. I'm a little shocked that planes mistaken for stars is playing upstairs.

toggletoggle post by mcmahon  at Mar 20,2007 10:54am
swing by if you're around tom, jenn and I will probably drive down. i have no idea where to get advance tickets for this.

toggletoggle post by mcmahon  at Mar 20,2007 10:58am
yah, both shows is probably isn't going to happen for me.

i'm on a fixed income dammit!

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at Mar 20,2007 10:59am
I think you can order tickets through the ME's website,

toggletoggle post by mcmahon  at Mar 20,2007 11:04am
that's one more cheap drink that I probably shouldnt have, thanks rich!

toggletoggle post by Kinslayer at Mar 20,2007 11:24am
I may go to this...

I got kicked out of the Mid East last time Fu Manchu played.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 20,2007 11:40am
nice! I'm all set for this show

toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Mar 20,2007 11:44am

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 22,2007 9:03pm
I'm going to be on run mode...

fu manchu 11:15-1am
valient thorr: 10-10:45
seemless: 9:15-9:45
mess with the bull: 8:30-9

upstairs (sold out)
read yellow: 12-1:15
planes mistaken for stars: 11-11:45
lock and key: 10-10:45
bury the needle: 9:15-9:45

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 22,2007 9:13pm
mess with the bull: (8:30-9) they were pretty cool. since I'm one of the only persons in NH that doesn't like most scissor fight, this was completely different. The vocals were different and there wasn't 30 songs about weed. It was all about bulls, horns, and how you get those horns.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 22,2007 11:08pm
if any of this isn't in broken aaron english... I apologize.

bury the needle: (9:15-9:45) there weren't many people in the place at this point. The usual stage show... And by that I mean floor show. The singer ran around the floor screaming into people's faces. I was only up there for a minute.

seemless: (9:15-9:45) they seemed to play more rocky songs at this show. Weird cause their newer material has been getting heavier and heavier. maybe it was the club's sound? The crowd dug them even if they were all just sort of standing there. This wasn't the usual palladium "we love you jesse" jump over the barricade crowd. At one point pete (old guitarist) came out and played a song or two.

lock and key: (10-10:45) pretty good. It was sort of indie.. Sort of spacey. Reminded me of some of the later cave in stuff (jupiter?). After a few songs, the singer dude got a cake brought to them. Wasn't he a happy fellow. I stayed upstairs to snap shots cause I knew it was coming.

valient thorr: (10-10:45) weird rock. Exactly like I remember them when I saw them.. Um.. A couple years ago. The singer even had one of the same rants. Oh, reagan wrote both the first 3 starwars and the matrix! Think amon amarth power by hippie love and bordering on homoeroticism. The singer had all the poeple get down on the floor and then raise up to fight oppression. Interesting to watch to say the least.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 23,2007 12:45am
some guy upstairs ust rab up to me and asked if my name was bart. I said no, it's bort. I have my name on my license plate.
he went on to tell me why he thought I was bart, but I didn't care.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 23,2007 12:46am
just rab= just grabbed.... I think...

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 23,2007 2:31am
I'm home and working on the pictures.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 23,2007 2:46am
pictures uploading

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 23,2007 3:06am
planes mistaken for stars: (11:15-11:45) yeah, I've seen them a few times and I'm not really a fan. the music is really good, but I don't really like the singer's morrison impressions. I thought these guys were a little bit bigger than the upstairs of the middle east.

fu manchu: (11:15-1am) I came down and they were already in full swing. so was the smell of weed which rolled out of the crowd stronger and stronger with each song that fu manchu played. honestly, I expected fu manchu to come out riding skateboards, smoking j's, and sporting trucker hats. I was sorely disappointed. they sounded really good, playing song after song that sounded similar. people in the audience kept yelling requests and getting them answered. after about 30 minutes, the stagemanager went crazy and started running around asking everyone if they were security. turns out someone was video taping the show and he flipped out about it.

read yellow: (12-1:15) their last show ever. Never again will anyone get to dance on stage with these fine people. honestly, there were 0294702398402398402938402834098137453405173495709384751 34589134750913475384705987345345039458340508310948057893475093475 people there with cameras and it made it extremely hard to get photos. It's like everyone got a digital SLR for xmas or something and they all were there taking pictures. Honestly, it's a beautiful thing being able to see all those cameras in use, but it makes my job harder. Even with the wall of cameras between me and the band, this was the most fun set of the entire night... I mean D'UH... what would you expect. they ended their set like they always do, inviting everyone up on the stage to sing the last song. People piled up on the stage. there were people EVERYWHERE.. aand then the beer started flying... and then the people started flying. I was up on stage too, but I was snapping pictures. What a great ending show.

toggletoggle post by mcmahon  at Mar 23,2007 11:29am
we hit the booze too early and ended up turning around in transit... we wouldn't have made it home alive.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Apr 1,2007 7:42pm

a video from read yellow's last set
a lot of people on stage and a lot of digital slr's and plain ol digi's...can you spot the rev?
I did =)

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