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returntothepit >> discuss >> Move the Rabbit(Guitarist needed) by metalguy on Jan 8,2007 7:00am
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toggletoggle post by metalguy at Jan 8,2007 7:00am
Hi guys.. I am sure none of you ever really heard of us but we broke up a while ago and now we are getting back together with a new lineup. We are currently looking for another guitar player to match our sound. The Mp3's posted are tuned standard, but we will be tuning down to B soon enough.

Check out the songs!

We are looking for someone near the East Boston area. Revere, Everett, and Malden would be the best places to live around. You need to have a decent rig, and transportation. We won't bother with you if you are not serious. IE Can't show up to practice or help with money promoting the band.

toggletoggle post by babyshaker213 at Jan 8,2007 8:17am
my freind sam knew kids in this band

toggletoggle post by metalguy at Jan 10,2007 7:53pm

toggletoggle post by DrewBlood   at Jan 10,2007 9:08pm
this band is extremely talented and i would like to see them at more shows, if my guitar playing didn't sound like dildos i would totally try out

toggletoggle post by babyshaker nli at Jan 18,2007 11:10am
ya this band is good

toggletoggle post by xanonymousx at Jan 18,2007 11:48am
was was going to say sorta like psyopus but then i look down and there is the link

good stuff.

toggletoggle post by metalguy at Feb 9,2007 6:43pm
As a little update.. The demo is almost finished and we should be having new shirts done soon. Right after we have a demo we will be starting to look for shows

toggletoggle post by metalguy at Feb 9,2007 6:44pm
BTW we decided to go with only one guitar player

toggletoggle post by ConquerTheBaphomet  at Feb 9,2007 6:45pm
You have an interesting band name.

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