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returntothepit >> discuss >> Zakk Wylde acting by the_reverend on Mar 30,2006 5:36pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 30,2006 5:36pm
Zakk Wylde, acting! No way! Anyone who has the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY DVD knows that Zakk is funny enough when he’s not acting…and has about a half a case of beer in him, but if you want to see what he’s like when he has a script to follow, check it out here I was amused, and it’s got Jim Breuer too!
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Black Label Society

toggletoggle post by Hooker nli at Mar 30,2006 5:47pm
is that a C&P?

toggletoggle post by Zakk at Mar 30,2006 10:14pm
I was already in a movie. Do you remember the smash hit Rock Star, starring Mark Walhberg?

toggletoggle post by Mary  at Mar 30,2006 10:35pm
I just bought the BLS "Mafia" album. I'm hooked on the song "Fire it up".

toggletoggle post by wade nli at Mar 30,2006 11:05pm
i not much of a hater of things or people (okay so that's a lie) but Zakk Wylde is the biggest fucking dipshit ever. fuck him & his band.

toggletoggle post by Kessaris   at Mar 31,2006 10:40am

I heard Zakk got pnemonia and lost about 100lbs and chopped off his beard and locks...

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Mar 31,2006 10:42am
he's already been in a movie. he was Sabretooth in X-Men. he didnt need any makeup or anything.

toggletoggle post by Kessaris   at Mar 31,2006 10:42am
Mafia has to be the biggest piece of garbage I have ever heard in my life. It's right up there with St. Anger and All Out Attack.

I can only imagine how much their new album coming out this summer is going to suck my balls...

toggletoggle post by Cecchini in CT at Mar 31,2006 3:35pm
Crapshoot has been around for like a year or 2 now.

Mafia > Kessaris

toggletoggle post by the rooster at Mar 31,2006 5:45pm
zach wylde < every other guitar player

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