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returntothepit >> discuss >> Dimmu Borgir Stormblast remake by cdan nli on Jan 6,2006 11:59pm
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toggletoggle post by cdan nli at Jan 6,2006 11:59pm

has anybody bought/heard this? I can't mind any mp3s online. It's probably gay, but this is one of my all time favorite albums, so I'm still really curious.

toggletoggle post by Ryan_M at Jan 7,2006 12:19am edited Jan 7,2006 12:36am
i have never seen the album in stores, or heard anything from it, but i have read reviews on it, so maybe it's out in europe.

from what i've read, it's obviously a lot more polished sounding, some of the lyrics have been changed, and the biggest surprise(and letdown) to people is that most of the synth/piano bits that made stormblast unique are gone, replaced with different synth parts that aren't such a dominant force of the music, the synths are more in the background. i guess this might be because they had a different keyboardist back then so maybe there are legal issues regarding who wrote those synth parts.

anyway, it's heavier, and recorded better than the original, but it sounds like a big letdown, as i figured it would be. they should have left it alone, and focused more on writing new material and pushing forward rather than going back and altering their older work that was fine the way it was.

toggletoggle post by cdan nli at Jan 7,2006 1:50am

yeah, the whole concept is weird. i love the production on the original one, such a gem. but i do want to hear the new one, ecpecially to hear what Helhammer did to it.

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