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returntothepit >> discuss >> News Article: south park episode pulled by catholics by the_reverend on Jan 2,2006 10:12pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 2,2006 10:12pm

toggletoggle post by sepulgish   at Jan 2,2006 10:16pm
"The episode in question featured a statue of the Virgin Mary spraying blood from her vagina."

Kodak moment?

toggletoggle post by ryanfromhbbsi at Jan 2,2006 11:42pm
im gonna email comedy central and ask them to air it more

toggletoggle post by now, burn a church at Jan 3,2006 12:16am
DAMN! I fucking love that episode. That was the highlight show for Randy. Fuck. God damn altar boy raping bastards.

toggletoggle post by dreadedsilence at Jan 3,2006 12:18am
i read something about this a couple weeks ago. i thought Comedy Central wasn't gonna pull it. they have weakened! it's a sad day for comedy :(

toggletoggle post by Chris_From_Shit_Fuck  at Jan 3,2006 12:42am
"a chick bleeding from the vagina ain't no miracle" - The Pope

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 3,2006 12:47am

toggletoggle post by niccolai   at Jan 3,2006 12:56am
I can't believe they didn't stop showing the red hot catholic love episode.

Music and passion and hot christion action on the catholic boooaaatt

toggletoggle post by KeithMutiny  at Jan 3,2006 1:12am
i saw the episode in question, it was hilarious

toggletoggle post by Doomkid   at Jan 3,2006 3:19am
doesn't she shoot blood out of her ass in this episode anyway?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 3,2006 3:49am
no, it looks like the ass.
but the pope finds that it's actually the gina.

toggletoggle post by INFECT  at Jan 3,2006 4:51am
terminal douchebags said:
“Already, we are being deluged with hate mail that is as obscene as it is viciously anti-Catholic. All because we exercised our First Amendment right to request that Comedy Central not offend Catholics again! But we’re used to such things and will not be deterred.”

WOAHHHHH. BACK IT UP. THEIR INVOKING THE FIRST FUCKING AMENDMENT HERE TO SOMEHOW JUSTIFY EXERTING THEIR ENORMOUS INFLUENCE (one of the viacom board of directors is a practicing catholic) IN ORDER TO DEPRIVE OTHERS OF ENJOYING THEIR ACTUAL FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS which as i was taught in elementary school, consists of freedom of expression, NOT freedom to repress those who express an idea found objectionable by large and powerful religious and/or political organization
are we living in a theocracy?
is it time for some more church burnings????

toggletoggle post by scoracrasia   at Jan 3,2006 8:02am
That episode ruled all. I like how Randy cuts in line because he is "sicker" than the other people because he is a lush. And of course the bleeding ass/vag.

toggletoggle post by HailTheLeaf  at Jan 3,2006 9:48am
that episode rules...

toggletoggle post by HailTheLeaf  at Jan 3,2006 9:51am
ha, I'm gonna go bitch at Comedy Central for pulling it, we shouldn't have to be depraved of South Park because of bunch of wankers don't have a sense of humor. They can always turn it off...

toggletoggle post by oopsa at Jan 3,2006 8:54pm

toggletoggle post by upside down taint at Jan 4,2006 12:09am
More reasons to hate religion....

toggletoggle post by HailTheLeaf  at Jan 7,2006 12:29pm
Dear Viewer:

Thank you for your letter regarding the "South Park" episode entitled
"Bloody Mary." We appreciate your concerns about the potential
influences of outside special interest groups on the media and
enterainment industries and particularly Comedy Central. Though Comedy
Central did not include the "Bloody Mary" episode in a special year-end
marathon of "South Park" episodes in deference to the Holidays, "Bloody
Mary" did in fact air in every one of "South Park's" normally scheduled
repeat timeslots. As satirists, we believe that it is our First
Amendment right to poke fun at any and all people, groups, organizations
and religions and we will continue to defend that right. Our goal is to
make people laugh, and perhaps if we're lucky, even make them think in
the process. Despite misleading claims from those who would like to
claim victory, we have not permantly shelved the "Bloody Mary" episode
from future airings due to outside pressure nor will we exclude it from
future DVD releases.

Comedy Central Viewer Services

toggletoggle post by dreadedsilence at Jan 7,2006 4:14pm
comedy central rules
but it would have been better if they actually included the episode on the year end special marathon

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