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returntothepit >> discuss >> Oct 30, 2005-opeth, nevermore, and fireball ministy by the_reverend on Oct 30,2005 8:38pm
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Oct 30, 2005 the Palladium (Worcester, Ma)
fireball_ministry - 2005-10-30
Fireball Ministry(49)
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nevermore - 2005-10-30
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opeth - 2005-10-30
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randomshots - 2005-10-30
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 30,2005 8:38pm
looks like the upstairs of this place is open for a small party thing.

fireball ministry: this is the last date on the tour that they are on. I'm not really a fan of their music, its a little to vintage rock metal for me, but they played really well and got the crowd into their music. In the end that's what its all about. This is the 2nd time I've seen them. The last time was upstairs and tossed out CD samplers from the new CD from which they were actually playing a bunch of tracks.. Jason (from puny human) is filling in on bass for the usual guy (john) for this tour. It was funny, the singer introduced the guys/girl in the band, starting off with "for those guys I the audience who think they have a chance... This is all I can do" and "for those girls in the crowd who think they have a chance... This is all I can do... No that is not a costume.." for the guitarist and drummer repectively.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 30,2005 8:41pm
this place is pretty packed. people are screaming for nevermore, too. that's weird cause I don't ever think of them being a scream for type band.

oh, they were also playing STF.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 30,2005 9:06pm
ok.. they are only letting you shoot 2 songs. it makes sense for opeth (where 3 songs would be like an hour), but not nevermore!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 30,2005 9:40pm
nevermore: this is probably the best sounding time I've ever heard from them. Everything was crystal clear. Completely excellent. The only sound issue I heard was some of the "scarier" talking vocals from the new CD were louder than anyone else. I'm not really a nevermore fan but damn, they sounded so good. On top of that, the crowd was really into them, yelling and singing along for almost every song. At one point, one of the guitarists (i think it's steve?) messed up and started off with a completely different song. it was just funny to hear people screaming out things when they paused between songs.
For the last song, they pumped up the crowd with a "Worcester's got a reputation" speech. This caused non-stop crowd surfing for the last song.

they left the stage with the song "america fuck yeah" playing.

toggletoggle post by Aegathis  at Oct 30,2005 10:21pm
damn it i wish i was there.Its been too long since ive seen them

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 30,2005 10:47pm
cause being on the net at home is better?

toggletoggle post by wade at Oct 30,2005 10:49pm
the_reverend said:
cause being on the net at home is better?

i gotta say yeah.

toggletoggle post by i_am_not_me   at Oct 30,2005 11:03pm
God damn, I wish I coulda gone. But I'm broke and had to work.

So Steve pulled a CC?

toggletoggle post by mOe  at Oct 30,2005 11:51pm
I got back from this show like 20 minutes ago..NEVERMORE fucking destroyed, wish they played longer and some more older shit would have been nice too, but it was worth the money.
Fireball MInistry was godamn terrible. The people i went with and tghe people around me, we were all making fun of them their whole set. Then, after their set their roadie pointed at the people next to us who were also poking fun and told the singer we were making fun of them. The singer then proceeds to ask the guy in the crowd how much money he made at his job this week. FUcking loser.
Didnt stay for POO-peth.
Saw Mr. and Mrs. Cooch. I didnt see Rev, but i figured he was there.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 31,2005 12:27am
tom told me where you were and I tried to find you to no avail. I'm typically on the opposite side of the crowd while in park.

toggletoggle post by kessaris   at Oct 31,2005 12:37am
Nevermore fucking owned tonight

yea we saw cooch

and it was definately JEFF LOOMIS who started playing This Godless Endeavor when he should have been playing The River Dragon Has Come...

toggletoggle post by kessaris   at Oct 31,2005 12:41am
Fireball Ministry - I was going YEAH YEAHAA!!! Throughout their whole set. Totally lame band. Their guitarist (the female one) was pretty cute. I mean, I'd do her. Best part of their set was when the singer goes "alright now I have to bore you for a while" and the guys next to us just started cracking up. We were just making fun of them the whole time. Afterwards the roadie told the band and I yelled "yea well I'm telling the princpal!!!" I think the funniest thing was the singer coming back and bragging about how much money he was making. I guess there is a lot of money to be made in Wooody wooo

toggletoggle post by kessaris   at Oct 31,2005 12:43am
we left for Opeth...after nevermore I was not into seeing a shitty band (like how at Gigantour how I had to sit through Fear Factory to get to Megadeth)...Nevermore needs to headline a tour and do older stuff. And tour with more bands I actually care about. Like a sweet Nevermore/Jag Panzer tour where I could just get made fun of by Rev all night

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 31,2005 1:14am
jag panzer was terrible live.

toggletoggle post by Sinistas   at Oct 31,2005 1:27am
Opeth was fucking awesome. Best I've seen them, ever.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 31,2005 1:55am
pictures uploaded now.

toggletoggle post by Hoser at Oct 31,2005 2:31am
Opeth was un-fuckingbelievable. Incredible show. Met the Nevermore guys...they played great.

I'm drunk. Work tomorrow. Sleep now.

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Oct 31,2005 2:49am
OPETH ruled, I love my $55.00 zip-up embroidered hoodie.

I saw so many people.

I talked to Jeff Gruslin about his new project.

toggletoggle post by Cecchini   at Oct 31,2005 8:37am
Myself, Moe and Kessaris def put the pwnge down on Fireball Ministry like they were a bunch of n00bs. The crowd like totally fragged them.

I tried getting one of those bounce with me things to start during their set, that was pretty funny.

Nevermore ruled... Opeth I don't really care for, so I watched a song and left.

Fireball Ministry asked a kid who made fun of them how much he made last week... This is the band that barely sold 300 CDs last week when their new CD came out... I'm sure if the kid worked at Dennys he was doing better than they were.

toggletoggle post by Cecchini   at Oct 31,2005 8:39am
the_reverend said:
jag panzer was terrible live.

Bite your tounge when you speak of my teachers band wench.

Ahh just kidding. What was terrible?

toggletoggle post by Megadestructo   at Oct 31,2005 9:43am
I missed fireball, but that's okay. Nevermore was great and I got some really good shots. But I couldn't believe they wouldn't let me into the photo-pit without a specific "Opeth" photopass. Fuckers.

Anyway, Opeth was on top of their game. Really got the crowd going and Mike was funny as hell throughout the set. Overall it was an excellent night despite Palladium shennanigans...

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Oct 31,2005 9:50am
that's not the palladium's fault, that's just how it is. If you want to shoot shows you always need to go through the headliner otherwise you can't shoot them.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Oct 31,2005 9:51am
oh and mr mega, what other shows have you been to lately?

toggletoggle post by DreamingInExile   at Oct 31,2005 9:56am
the_reverend said:
nevermore: ...At one point, one of the guitarists (i think it's steve?) messed up and started off with a completely different song.

That was Jeff Loomis, who happens to be one of my favorite guitarists. He and Van (the drummer for NM) were at the bar after their set, hanging out with a ton of us, good times!

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Oct 31,2005 10:40am
absolutely phenomenal show. i think Motorhead Ministry was a joke, but Nevermore and Opeth fucking dominated. the sound was fantastic, although i wish Nevermore would play something off of Dreaming Neon Black, but regardless it was insanity. i am so fucking impressed. goddamnit Opeth is one of the most intense performances i have ever seen. its great to see a band thats getting the attention they deserve, and have not changed at all. they still act the same way, play the same music, love playing old stuff, and keep a great attitude. we need more bands like Opeth in this world.

toggletoggle post by retzam at Oct 31,2005 11:43pm
I didn't mind Fireball Ministry. I wouldn't really want to listen to them on album, but live as a warm-up band for this show I thought they worked pretty good. The singers hit the right notes (despite the fact that the lead vocals sounded like Lemmy meets the cookie monster), and I thought the occasional cheesy stage antics fit well with them. Nevermore were pretty good. This is the second time I've seen them. Both times were at the Palladium and both times the sound where I was standing was so shitty that you could barely hear the vocals, and this time, I couldn't hear one of the guitars as good as I would have wanted to (the guy standing on the audience's left of the stage, Jeff or Steve?). The River Dragon Has Come was fucking awesome, besides for Opeth's set that was the highlight of the night for me. During the last few Nevermore songs and all through Opeth's set (except during mellow songs and extended clean interludes and such), the floor was the biggest clusterfuck I have ever seen it at the Palladium. There were so many people trying to cram themselves to the front that it was the most I've ever been crushed at a concert and for the longest time, hahaha. I couldn't believe that when Nevermore left the stage, it was still really really tight and stayed that way all the way until Opeth came on and to the end of show. I'm pretty sure Opeth's set was:

The Baying Of The Hounds
In My Time Of Need
The Grand Conjuration
Face Of Melinda
Blackwater Park
(encore) Demon Of The Fall

I'm 85% sure on that order. Anyway, there were some annoyingly drunk assholes (and probably some annoyingly sober assholes too) in the audience screaming way too much while Mikael was talking and also during the clean parts. I mean, I'm not saying the occasional cheer during a clean part is bad, you're supporting the band. But no one can hear the fucking music when you're yelling "Yeah Mike you sexy bitch" over and over again and growling all the fucking singing vocals. All in all though, great show. I'd say the second best out of the 5 Opeth shows I've seen. I didn't stick around after to meet the guys because I've already met Mikael twice and Peter and Mendez once, so I didn't really feel up to waiting around.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 1,2005 12:17am
Megadestructo said:
Overall it was an excellent night despite Palladium shennanigans...

there are a TON of new people there... who don't know the rules... and just go with what they think they were told. like 10 people told tom different places that he could and couldn't go or be.

not that I should be allowed to go or not to go places, but some of them even tried telling me I couldn't go places. and then I'm like, I have a pass, I can. and then they would say "i'm not supose to... but I will let you for a minute."

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Nov 1,2005 7:12am
yes aaron that's true and annoying..but you know very well you need to go through the headliner or you don't get to shoot them

toggletoggle post by DreamingInExile   at Nov 1,2005 8:11am
Yeti said:
we need more bands like Opeth in this world.

nah, because then we wouldn't appreciate Opeth as much as we should, but regardless, we have Farmakon, who's about as close to Opeth as you can get without being a complete clone

toggletoggle post by hoser at Nov 1,2005 9:10am
Death Metal basic lessons hosted by Mike was the funniest shit. He really had the crowd going. He's a pretty funny bastard. We sat in the 1st level of the balcony and that is the greatest fucking spot to watch the show're basically right over the stage.

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Nov 1,2005 11:53am
That's where I was too, hoser. Over to the right side of the balcony.

toggletoggle post by wakeoftears  at Nov 1,2005 12:49pm
This was an awesome show. Lots of friends I havent seen in a while showed up, and we all got rowdy. Fireball Ministry sucked, I didnt even listen after the first song or two.
Nevermore killed as usual, they played a bit of new stuff which I didnt really like all too much on the album. But nonetheless I enjoyed hearing it live.
Opeth always just fucking slays. They demand the crowd's attention like no other band ive ever seen. Even the atmosphere at an Opeth show is different than any other. Nice long set, one of the best sets ive seen them play and ive seen them... 4 or 5 times now. Bleak and Face of Melinda were awesome, and I got my ass beat during Deliverance. I had a great time, I'm still sore. Cant wait for them to come back in Feb-Mar.

P.S. - I'm actually in one of the rev's pics for once, hoo-rah.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Nov 1,2005 1:40pm
my highlight of the night was when opeth played when.

toggletoggle post by thatguy65535 at Nov 1,2005 3:08pm
Regarding the Fireball Ministry roadie stuff, I was the guy he was attempting to shit on. He showed up next to me for the second half of their set and started asking me where my band was, and started saying that he had a bunch of guys who could meet me outside and smash my balls. My brother and I ended up reporting him to security.

C'mon, who *couldn't* laugh when FB asked us to be "bored for a couple seconds"? The best part is that I'm an IT tech, which means I probably take home twice what that guy does. And without being in a band of no-talent Lemmy-wannabes.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 1,2005 3:48pm
the funniest this is the anonomoname... thatguy2^16-1 ahahaha

toggletoggle post by DreamingInExile   at Nov 1,2005 3:54pm
lol, I'm glad I'm not the only g33k that got that.


toggletoggle post by thatguy65535 at Nov 1,2005 4:18pm
i'm glad you approve. ;)

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 1,2005 8:12pm
opeth: "we're going to play until halloween. Tomorrow is halloween right? You're all probably too old to trick or treat so you are probably just going to drink and fuck some one." this is definitly the biggest crowd I've seen acting positively towards opeth. I guess up stairs is open and for the most part full. The downstairs is completely packed. So far if I'm not mistaken, they have played a song of the new CD, hearse, and then bleak. The blackwater park track was played differently. the vocals were different Mikael and one of the guitars was really melodic sounding. It was ok... But I like it on the CD better.
We are now getting a leason in deathmetal vocals. The crowd did a king diamond scream, a celtic frost vocal, and some cookie monster.
"In my time of need" (damnation) and all the lighters came out.
Then a track from the new CD.
"Then face of melinda" (still life).
then balck water park and I left.. and I was happy.

toggletoggle post by retzam at Nov 1,2005 8:34pm
I didn't notice any difference in Bleak, besides that some of the guitar parts in some parts of the song couldn't be covered because there are like, 4 of them. I was expecting them to play it different; I have a bootleg from a few years back (I think it was the European Blackwater Park tour) where they play it quite noticeably faster than on the album.

toggletoggle post by retzam at Nov 1,2005 8:36pm
I shouldn't say "I was expecting them to play it different", because I wasn't aware that they were playing Bleak, as they didn't play it on the date to which I saw the setlist posted on the internet. Also, To Rid The Disease was on that setlist and they didn't play it. I think it's cool that they're changing their set around a little from night to night, Opeth usually don't do that, and it gives us cheating setlist pre-lookers a nice surprise.

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at Aug 9,2014 1:46am
I remember this show!

toggletoggle post by Mark_R at Aug 9,2014 7:46am
Me too, I saw was this tour stop in Detroit. In fact I think this was the last time I saw Nevermore. They were never very good live compared to their albums, but this time was the closest they'd come to being good.

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Aug 11,2014 8:36am
I was just talking about this show the other night, how it was one of, if not the last time I remember enjoying Opeth live. Same with Nevermore.

toggletoggle post by Arist nli at Aug 11,2014 3:55pm
I was at this show too. I remember distinctly because the fireball ministry singer kept using his V guitar like a machine gun like he was shooting the crowd. Man did he look cool!

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