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returntothepit >> discuss >> July 19th 2003 - opeth and Porcupine tree by the_reverend on Jul 20,2003 12:42am
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Jul 19, 2003 Berklee Performance Center (Boston, Ma)
opeth - 2003-07-19
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porcupine_tree - 2003-07-19
Porcupine Tree(118)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 20,2003 12:42am
I'm back home. Working on the pictures now.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jul 20,2003 1:08am
it started right at 8pm...missed the first few seconds of Opeth's set

toggletoggle post by johnvanveen at Jul 20,2003 1:09am
hehe i went to the show last nite at lupos and only have one thing to say:
AFUCKINGMAZING opeth fucking kick so much ass its not even funny. this was my 3rd time seeing them this year!!!

any pics from the lupos show?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 20,2003 1:39am edited Jul 20,2003 1:40am
there are the pictures.
a lot of them.
I took 551 and deletes them to 283. I should have called it opeth the movie.

toggletoggle post by masocatharsis at Jul 20,2003 1:59am
i wouldn't mind seeing them live looks like they'd put on a great performance even though i don't listen to them

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 20,2003 3:05am edited Jul 20,2003 3:14am
The venue: The sound at this venue was pristine. I swear, it could have been recorded the whole show for a live CD it sounded so good. This is not that surprising as the place is an orchestra performance center. You could hear everything that the audience and the band was saying. Thankfully, the audience was transfixed and did not talk while the bands were playing.

Opeth: Wow, what a show. The whole 1:20 minute set was over so quickly. Opeth at a sit-down event on their concept tour for their new “quiet” CD Damnation. They started off playing the new CD cover to cover:
1. Windowpane
2. In my time of need
3. Death whispered a lullaby
4. Closure
5. Hope leaves (mikael admitted his favorite)
6. To rid the disease
7. Ending credits
8. Weakness
The crowd yelled out things in between songs like “Slayer” and different Opeth request. At one point, Mikael (singer) jokingly threaten to play “More than words” by Extreme if the crowd didn’t stop yelling out requests. The Martin Lopez (Drums) would egg the crowd on by playing bits of the Leper Affinity and Deliverance between songs.
Starting with Ending Credits, the band left the stage and Mikael Åkerfeldt sat on a stool with just an acoustic guitar, playing the last two tracks. After which, the rest of the band came out for the rest of their tracks:
9. benighted (still life)
10. to bid you farewell (morningrise)
11. soldier of fortune (deep purple cover)
12. face of melinda (still life)
The set was amazing because it was unlike any other tour of any other set list that Opeth has ever done. They were switching guitars all the time and even though they said “it was to look cool”, they needed to switch for the amazing range of songs that they performed.

Porcupine Tree: weird that they set was “harder” than Opeth, but it was. Their set was pretty awesome and was mesmerizing if not only for the fact that there was a GIGANTIC screen in the back with little movie clips playing on them. The clips were both disturbing and beautiful all at once. The cinematography on them was great. They played:
1. Blackest Eyes (in Absentia) *my fav*
2. The Sound of Muzak (in Absentia)
3. Gravity Eyelids (in Absentia)
4. Futile (new radio ep that I got)
5. Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled (light bulb sun)
6. Hate song (light bulb sun)
7. Wedding Nails (in Absentia)
8. Russia On Ice (light bulb sun)
9. Moon Touches your Shoulders (The Sky Moves Sideways)
10. Strip the Soul (in Absentia)
11. encore: trains (in Absentia)
These were most of the songs that they played at the acoustic set that I saw the earlier in the week. This set was so much better. It seemed like the acoustic set was way to comercial sounding. Anyhow, I'm not that familiar with their older stuff. I will have to get it a copy of some older stuff. It sounds a lot more jammie wit less vocals.
the encore track they did "trains" starts off with chords that sould just like that oasis song wonderwall which made me giggle.

toggletoggle post by thegreatspaldino   at Jul 20,2003 9:57am
im not even going to comment on this show because it was so amazing. but Opeth owned and PT was great too... how about that blast beat that Opeth's drummer did after like the 3rd song? anyways... Opeth's set seemed like it was too short. but yeah... IRON MAIDEN MONDAY!

toggletoggle post by darkest hangar at Jul 20,2003 11:19am
nah. Opeth was up there for a full 90 minutes. gotta remember that their songs are longer than those of most bands.

toggletoggle post by Ben at Jul 20,2003 12:17pm
Will someone please videotape the opeth set!!! I need a copy! I missed 30minutes of opeth lastnight and i'm freaking out. Opeth will probably never play a set like that in the U.S. again.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Jul 20,2003 11:00pm
video tape the opeth set? the show happend last night. no one can video tape it now.

toggletoggle post by nebulagirl   at Jul 23,2003 12:12pm
okay you guys i saw both these bands at Lupos in Rhode Island last Friday night. I was quite impressed by the beginning of Opeth's set (i had never heard their music before at all), though after a while into the set the songs began sounding more commerical to me, but I have to say that Porcupine Tree absolutely blew me away. Porcupine Tree is continuing where Nirvana left off, only they are charting even better and newer territory, if that's possible. Steve Wilson is amazing, and so are all his band members, including that kickass bass player and equally excellent drummer!! Their sound takes only the good elements of all the music since the 60's (Floyd/Beatles/grunge/metal) and melds it together to become a totally new and unique entity. I think we are going to see this band take off amazingly in the next year or two. We just have to make sure people HEAR them, and then they'll be all set. -nebulagirlblank your text hereyour text here

toggletoggle post by thegreatspaldino   at Jul 23,2003 12:28pm
where nirvana left off? last time i checked nirvana was some crappy grunge band that played amazingly shitty and simple music. now porcupine tree is an amazing band as opposed to nirvana who is not. Opeth's set was amazing and PT's was as well (althogh i didnt get to see the whole thing because i kept falling alseep due to my lack of sleep the night before so me and my friend left about two thirds through it.

toggletoggle post by nebulagirl   at Jul 23,2003 3:02pm
Nirvana was one of the first bands in the 90's to use the "wrong" chords, though their music was admittedly pretty simple, and so you are correct when you say that, because obviously Porcupine Tree are nowhere near simple, but amazingly complex, but they also make use of that powerful hit you across the face guitar/bass/drum sound, and most importantly, they don't always use the "correct" chords, creating dissonance just in the right places. I hate bands that sound "nice" all the time, which means to me that they don't make use of dissonance. Most of the rock bands out there are like this, although metal has had more of a dissonance tradition. But your point is taken. Anyway, Nirvana are gone anyway. Maybe Soundgarden would have been a better comparison...

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Jul 23,2003 4:46pm
nebula girl: what the hell are you doing here? heh
for one thing how is opeth commercial? Porcupine Tree is being played on the radio, not opeth.

nirvana: shitty musicians, lucky songwriting, right place at the right time.

porcupine tree: talented accomplished musicians, good songwriting, something that some people are beginning to notice.

Opeth uses a lot of fucked up shitty sounding chords, more so than porcupine tree. You would know this if you have followed them for the past albums. The stuff they played at this show is mostly experimental for them. If you go to a normal opeth show you will hear something very different.

I kind of wish Opeth had time to play a couple heavy songs just to show the n00bs what they can do...

The Boston Show at berklee was one of my all time favorite shows. Amazing sound presence in that place.

toggletoggle post by AllanHoldsworth   at Aug 15,2003 4:15pm
wow I'm amazed that everyone has positive things to say about Porcupine Tree. In my opinion they are one of the best bands out there. I figured everyone on this board would be shit talking them. when I used to smoke weed they were all I'd listen to. they have so many different songs and a large portion are ridiculously good. I wasn't interested in going to this show because I haven't been into them much in the last year. but I still regard them as one of the best bands around today.

Rev if you want to hear some of their older stuff pick up "Up The Downstair" i think it came out in 1992. it's their best album in my opinion. it's like being high without hitting the bong. amazing soundscapes. Stupid Dream is my second favorite (1999). They change with every album, he's a very refreshing/progressive dude (steven wilson).

oh, and it's Berklee, not Berkley.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Aug 15,2003 4:23pm
rob I still don't understand why you wouldn't go...

I mean christ, for the longest time you were all about opeth, I use to want you to sing for halo because your vocals reminded me of mikaels. haha. I know you might not like the direction they are going in now, or if you are even aware of it?...but shit this was a good show at your school!!!! you should have went, even just to support berkley having good shows at the performance cntr. heh

toggletoggle post by sinistas   at Aug 16,2003 8:52am
there's a fucking incredible bootleg of the Providence show on DirectConnect. If you have the DC++ program, the address is

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