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returntothepit >> discuss >> MDF day one, the recap thread by tha reverend on May 28,2005 3:25pm
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May 28, 2005 the House of Rock (White Marsh, MD)
abscess - 2005-05-28
flash animated slider show
cryptopsy - 2005-05-28
flash animated slider show
gronibard - 2005-05-28
flash animated slider show
guttural_secrete - 2005-05-28
Guttural Secrete(62)
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kill_the_client - 2005-05-28
Kill The Client(55)
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leng_tche - 2005-05-28
Leng Tche(59)
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lord_gore - 2005-05-28
Lord Gore(90)
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misery_index - 2005-05-28
Misery Index(64)
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pig_destroyer - 2005-05-28
Pig Destroyer(83)
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prophecy - 2005-05-28
flash animated slider show
randomshots - 2005-05-28
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regurgitate - 2005-05-28
flash animated slider show
screaming_afterbirth - 2005-05-28
Screaming Afterbirth(36)
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warscars - 2005-05-28
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wormed - 2005-05-28
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toggletoggle post by tha reverend at May 28,2005 3:25pm
So I'm at the show now.
3 bands down... Screaming afterbirth, prophecy, gutteral secrete.
I've already seen a buzzilion new england peeps already.
Large crowd too, awesome thus far. If you aren't here, I hope you are crying.

toggletoggle post by BornSoVile   at May 28,2005 3:39pm
yeah, i regretted not going as soon as i saw my paycheck yesterday, now i'm crying.

toggletoggle post by DreamingInExile   at May 28,2005 3:41pm
yeah, I'm crying... for more reasons then just the lack of MDF in my life...

toggletoggle post by the reverend at May 28,2005 4:41pm
Well, on the way done here, we saw a horrible accident north bound about 15 miles from the club. I saw a helocopter land on the highway in my rearview. I guess joenc got stuck in that traffic. The car was upside down and very flat.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at May 28,2005 5:13pm
I was happy seeing impaled/aborted/malig the other night.

MDF = too much driving.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 5:39pm
sceaming afterbirth: I ran in as the were starting. It was an awesome sounding set. The drummer is some one famous I think, but I can't remember who. They played 3 covers, hemdale, squashed bowels, and one other. The vocals had some ultra brutal parts, but they were mixed up with screamy hardcore vocals (similar to the new TYAG hc screaming vocals.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 5:42pm
prophecy: is this the same band from the 90s repulse catalog? They sound completely different. I think they had a drum machine on that. The sounded great live. The drums were heavy on the hihats so maybe it wasn't a drum machine on that cd I heard.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 6:25pm
gutteral secrete: for a band that was added last minute, they got am awesome response. You all should know how happy I was that they were playing. Their set was awesome. They only played one sample though at the beginning of their set. Some guy came out and did ultra gutteral vox for them for a song (he looked like carrot top). Also, for a band that only has a 4-song ep that I know of, they played a lot of songs.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 7:39pm
kill the client: I always confuse them with the killing. They were super heavy, sort of what you would expext from willowtip. The singer spent a lot of time in the crowd and jumped off the barricade twice. At the end of their set, the drummer ran out and flipped over the barricade.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 7:44pm
warscars: french dm, sounded like leukorrhea 1/2 the time and the other 1/2, the vocals were a not-so-good, dry shouting. The singer appologized for those cause he's been sick. They finished with an extreme noise terror cover.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 7:49pm
lord gore: sick as fucking hell. The singer came out wearing an apron made of faces and stood on a tarp. You knew something was going to be up then. Even though the singer sort of looked disinterested, he bit open some fake blood sausage things and played with it. The vocals on their older tracks were much better and the older tracks had a lot more cannibal corpse riffage. Their last song was that zombie rape song from the new CD.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 8:00pm
misery index: probably one of the best and most energetic sets that I have ever seen from them. That new guitarist is fucking awesome and ads a lot to their live show. I think they played the same set that they did from rhode island AND jason was wearing the same damn shirt.

pig destroyer: god damn... This was the best sounding set I've ever heard from them. The sound wasn't too loud and rocked. So much pent up rage on that stage there. The photo pit was way tooo freaking full of people. Oh, there was also two stage divers.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 8:04pm
leng tche: sick set, similar to the other set. A bit more energy, better sounding. Way tighter. The singer said basically the same things too. I sort of see what people are saying about the new stuff.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 8:43pm
wormed: oh fuck... I need to get some of their shit. It's like everything you'd think internal suffering would live (from their cds which is totally different from their live show) and goratory mixed up. Producto de espania, tambien. The were awesome and I think that the singer and ross from immolation could have a long hair contest. They are currently playing an insanely good and long set.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 8:45pm
Ps: dwyer says to fuck off.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 9:46pm
gronibard: whoah... I saw pecker. This was er... Is the most crowd participation thus far. Esentially, this is warscars dressed in drag, doing roperpop-ish song with a super gay over tone. Wow... I'm not sure what to say. Some guy got up on stage and you could see pecker when he stripped. A kid tried to stage dive...and... Um well, the monitor flipped and he fell on his ass. Though, by ass, I mean the back of his skull. But he hopped up and dove into the crowd. I'm pretty sure he flipped off the huge security guard who chaced him.

toggletoggle post by powerkok   at May 28,2005 9:53pm
And Dwyer was grabbing at his cock the whole time?

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 10:44pm
abcess: I've listen to their CDs a bunch. This crowd seemed to really what to hear abcess, but nothing more. No one seemed insanely thrilled and into them on the floor. I think its cause all you really can really do is headbang along to them. They played really well, thickly layered guitars... I couldn't hear the bass. Oh, all 4 members sang.

toggletoggle post by the reverend nli at May 28,2005 11:39pm
regurgitate: this was this first time in the US. It was awesome since I knew a ton of them. Also, sorry to them.. The photo pit was so f'n pact that I ended up unplugging one of their pedals (I think). With 30second long songs, you don't have much time to shoot many pictures during one song. Anyhow, the crowd was really in to them, awesome for their first time over here in the US. I snapped a shoot of the set list and it's a whole page, single sized, no double lines.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 29,2005 2:19am
back, working on pictures

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 29,2005 3:02am
pictures will be uploading shortly, processing now.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 29,2005 11:26am
cryptopsy: they played really good even though they were only a 4 piece. I miss the dude with the huge hair cause he was fun to shoot, but whatever. they only time that I noticed the missing guitar was at the beginning of cold hate. they did the worms thing too at the end.

toggletoggle post by dwellingsickness at May 30,2005 4:50pm
The pics of Lord Gore are awesome

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