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returntothepit >> discuss >> Terminally Your Aborted Ghost Tour Help, Part II by mark fucking richards on May 7,2005 11:38pm
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toggletoggle post by mark fucking richards at May 7,2005 11:38pm
Just wondering if anyone can get Terminally Your Aborted Ghost on shows for the following dates, or know who to go to for booking:

Saturday, June 18th: RI
Sunday, June 19th: Philadelphia, PA
Monday, June 20th: New Jersey
Tuesday, June 21st: MD
Thursday, June 30th: VT
Friday, July 1st: NH or ME
Saturday, July 2nd: ME, MA, NH, RI, or CT

We'd really appreciate any help that can be given, and we'd be glad to hook anyone up however we can that helps us out.

Mark Richards
aim: meamogre
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Terminally, Your Aborted Ghost

toggletoggle post by Scoracrasia   at May 7,2005 11:49pm
Ask Nate about the "bloodbath on the beach" for July 2nd. no date set for it, but this might get it rolling.

toggletoggle post by Niccolai   at May 8,2005 10:17am
We don't have a single MA date setup except for one 18+ in worchester. I'd like to get 1 more mass date ideally. All ages.

toggletoggle post by mark fucking richards at May 8,2005 11:34am
i hear ya niccolai; it's always harder to get local dates than far out of state dates...strange how that works out.

byron...what's nate's email?

toggletoggle post by Niccolai   at May 8,2005 1:00pm
Mark sign onto AIM, I need to ask some questions about some of the shows. One in perticular.

toggletoggle post by Ross N Roll at May 8,2005 10:46pm
About fucking time you guys went on tour

toggletoggle post by MarkFuckingRichards  at May 9,2005 4:37pm
ROSS N' ROLL!!! how the fuck are ya?!

toggletoggle post by Nate nli at May 9,2005 4:46pm
MFR... not sure what's going on with the show so I wouldn't consider it a lock... I'd check other options out... if I hear anything earlier than I will let you know though...

toggletoggle post by MarkFuckingRichards  at May 10,2005 8:47pm
Thanks Nate...much appreciated; keep me posted anyhow.


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