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returntothepit >> discuss >> Local Band Appreciation: Death Before Dishonor by the_reverend on Apr 9,2005 12:27pm
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   le Reporte - Death Before Dishonor [officially approved] [views 138332]


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Localband Appreciation

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True til Death - Spook city - 2003
Friends, Family, Forever - Spook city - 2005
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October 22,2016 The C-Note (Hull, MA)
April 08,2016 Dalton Club (Holbrook, MA)
April 19,2015 the Palladium - Secondstage (Worcester, MA)
April 19,2013 the Palladium - Secondstage (Worcester, MA)
December 18,2010 Church (Boston, MA)
November 13,2010 the Palladium - Mainstage (Worcester, MA)
April 23,2010 the Palladium - Secondstage (Worcester, MA)
November 01,2009 Waterfront Tavern (Holyoke, MA)
September 20,2009 Club Lido (Revere, MA)
March 27,2009 Anchors Up (Haverhill, MA)
December 27,2008 Anchors Up (Haverhill, MA)
November 22,2008 Tiger's Den (Brockton, MA)
November 21,2008 Club Hell (Providence, RI)
February 05,2008 the Livingroom (Providence, RI)
September 09,2007 Tier's Den (brockton, MA)
September 01,2007 Club Hell (Providence, RI)
May 08,2007 Polish American Club (Nashua, NH)
April 27,2007 Palladium - second stage (Worcester, Ma)
April 04,2007 Cambridge Elk's (Cambridge, MA)
February 21,2007 Roxy Underground (Boston. Ma)
October 22,2006 Legion Hall #3 (Nashua, NH)
August 18,2006 Tiger's Den (Brockton, Ma)
July 29,2006 Club Lido (Revere, Ma)
April 09,2006 Legion Hall #3 (Nashua, NH)
March 31,2006 Tiger's Den (Brockton, Ma)
February 16,2006 Tiger's Den (Brockton, Ma)
January 08,2006 Legion Hall #3 (Nashua, NH)
October 14,2005 Tiger's Den (Brockton, Ma)
September 09,2005 the Palladium - secondstage (Worcester, Ma)
September 04,2005 Tiger's Den (Brockton, Ma)
April 08,2005 Roman's (Brockton, Ma)
January 29,2005 Knights of Columbus (Wallingford, CT)
November 24,2004 the Palladium (Worcester, Ma)
May 23,2004 The Palladium (Worcester, MA)
March 27,2004 the Green Room (Providence, RI)
December 31,2003 Club Therapy (Olnyville, RI)
October 12,2003 the Bombshelter (Manchester, NH)
February 22,2003 the Met Cafe (Providence, RI)
October 05,2002 49 Monk Street (Stoughton, Ma)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 9,2005 12:27pm edited Apr 9,2005 12:29pm
Ok, it's been a long time since the first time I saw these guys.

2 and a half years ago (almost to the date), since then and they have consistantly impressed me, getting better and tight each time.

I remember after the first time I saw them, some people played them off as just another hardcore act. "and the guitar player and bass player singing too, why do we need another hatebreed/blood for blood band"

this of course was said by people that have never seen them.

if you like hardcore, it's pretty hard not to get into these guys after you see them. Listening to their music runs through a hardcore gambit of old school, new school, nyc, and boston.

listening to this music, you can find influences from old agnostic front and Madball and bulldozer to "newer" bands like "chaulked full of sing alongs" death threat and reach the sky to punker-hardcore panic-type bands and even a little social distortion, maybe?

their ability to grab more fans at every show is what has put them where they are now. Starting (like all bands) at a little show in some ass-backwards town to today where they have toured the US a few times and...

just got back from touring europe!

they released their first CD a few years back on Spooky City Records
featuring their "anthem" song <i>true til death</i>
a song that just screams "pile up" and "sing along".

in 2004, bridge 9 made one of their smartest moves ever, signing dbd. 2005, had them releasing "friends, family, forever" on B9 (with the new anthem song of the same title). Why was this such a smart move for b9? It expands their base of music, sounding different from all other b9 bands and adds a band to their roster that is on the way up.

How do they do it? how do they constantly top themselves on every show? First off, they are one of the few bands that hasn't had a single member leave.. a very rare thing now a days.
Second, they started off with a loyal fan base of supportive friends who still come out to every show.
Also, they also have a style that changes enough from song to song allowing more people to find something in their music.
and finally, they work really really hard.

if you don't know them yet, get out and see them, now.
PS: if you've never seen them before, you might want to wear a cup.

toggletoggle post by Paulll at Apr 9,2005 1:26pm
Good band. I dont come out to many shows anymore maybe I should ( like last nights show, but to bad my truck sucks), because whenever I see dbd I have a ton of fun and usually that doesnt happen at shows anymore. This band needs all the support they can get.

toggletoggle post by jake at Apr 9,2005 3:03pm
excellent band that deserves everything they get.

toggletoggle post by dread_104  at Apr 9,2005 4:54pm
Teratism used to practice next to these guys for a little while, waaayy back. It was actually a different band called Incision. Brian and Loftus were both in the band, along with My friend Dave on guitar and some dude on bass. I haven't seen any of them in years, i should really get off my ass and see them. I don't know the guitarist or bassist in DBD, but Brian and Dan were great guys. Down to earth, hardworking, and fun to drink with. If you're a fan of DBD and haven't heard Incision, you should check it out.

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Apr 9,2005 4:59pm
they get better every time i see them. last night was great.

toggletoggle post by dread_104  at Apr 9,2005 5:01pm
i wish i went to this

toggletoggle post by Robdeadskin  at Apr 9,2005 5:10pm
good to see brian and loftus doing well on what they wanted to do in hardcore....i helped record a demo with them at this rehersal studio in brockton as a intern. But the guy who owned the studio sucked and d.b.d. went to record elsewhere instead.....which was wise.

toggletoggle post by PROWORLD at Sep 8,2006 1:17pm

toggletoggle post by revymous at Sep 8,2006 1:27pm
I find it hilarious that a band having nothing to do with any of your arguements is the target of your ire.

toggletoggle post by PROWORLD at Sep 8,2006 1:33pm
shut up

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Sep 8,2006 4:13pm
there it is, the most intelligent comeback in the history of the internet

toggletoggle post by babyshaker not logged in at Sep 8,2006 4:18pm
i've actually never heard these guys ever until i went onto a freinds myspace page the other day it was pretty good stuff...these guys are a brockton band right?

toggletoggle post by No_Redemption at Dec 2,2007 1:02pm
I remember going to see these guys while i was in the corp in NC. They killed it then and their still killin it now.

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