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returntothepit >> discuss >> Bogus Rendition #3 by anonymous on Mar 21,2005 6:19pm
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toggletoggle post by anonymous at Mar 21,2005 6:19pm
Bogus Rendition zine #3 now avalible
Includes coverage of: Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, the Chasm, the Red Chord, Screams of Erida, Burn in Silence, Beheamoth, Soulfly, plus CD reviews, much more.

Bogus Rendition is a non-profit, homemade black and white magazine, based out of Portland Maine. The main focus is on heavy metal, in its many forms (death, black, thrash, sludge, doom, grind, prog, etc). It includes reviews of music, concerts, and various other things, keeping the visual elements in high priority, along with strait-forward, honest writing. The first issue was printed in October of 2004. It is a goal to print quarterly, although there will probably be more.

You can also check out Bogus Rendition on the web at: The site focuses on music reviews, photography, art and promotion of the actual zine itself. There is a very large links section devoted to promotion of bands, record labels, visual artists, live performances, riding freight trains, activism, traveling, photography, other zines and much more. Please feel free to add: to your links page if you have one.

Anyone interested in advertising in the future, please feel free to contact me at There are not any official prices at the moment, but for the most part, space is very cheap and for now Iím willing to bargain.

I am always looking for material to review for the zine. Please send press kits, demos, CDs, EPs, comics, travel stories, fiction, anything you wish to have reviewed in Bogus Rendition, or any other cool stuff you may want to trade (zines, patches, articles, reading lists, treasure maps, etc) via the pony express to:

Bogus Rendition
c/o Justin Curtsinger
25 Gooding's End
Yarmouth ME
U$of A
Informational and Related Links

Morbid Angel,


Cattle Decapitation,

The Chasm,

The Red Chord,

Screams Of Erida,

Burn In Silence,


toggletoggle post by succubus  at Mar 21,2005 6:36pm
i have #2 and justin is sending me #3

he puts a lot of work into it and does an awesome job!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 21,2005 6:43pm
yeah, justin goes all over the place.

I have #1 and #2.
the only criticism I have is that I hope he gets a slightly better copier for the pictures.
I'll probably bring a copy to the next couple shows I got to if people would like to see it.

toggletoggle post by BogusRendition at Mar 22,2005 2:37pm
hey kids, I just sent both of you each a copy of #3 today. Enjoy! And rev! I haven't seen THAT picture in a LONG time! Memories...

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