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returntothepit >> discuss >> "Last" Death Threat show tonight in CT by the_reverend on Jan 29,2005 2:31pm
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Jan 29, 2005 Knights of Columbus (Wallingford, CT)
100_demons - 2005-01-29
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 29,2005 2:31pm

I'm leaving in about 5 minutes.
this place is going to burn...

be on the look out for 32971740147324713247 pictures of the backs of people's heads when I get home.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jan 29,2005 2:32pm
drive safe my dear!

toggletoggle post by mOe at Jan 29,2005 5:21pm
be on the lookout for fists hitting you in the face at this show

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jan 29,2005 7:56pm
again,who is death threat and why should anyone care?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 30,2005 1:22am
I'm back from the show.
working on pictures now.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 30,2005 1:34am
pictures are uploading.

toggletoggle post by DaveSTF   at Jan 30,2005 3:39am
Best pic of the night! What an amazing show.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 30,2005 3:53am edited Jan 30,2005 4:15am
the line went out around the block. there were probably as many people waiting outside as people at the show inside. I feel bad if anyone that flew into the show didn't acually get in. there were people from all over the country. With all that, there were no fights. a great show. So many people there that I haven't seen around since the friends of the fallen show.

fact: the weren't any under cover cops
fact: there was a real cop stationed in the bathroom

the show started at a comfortable 70degrees F... through the bands it went up to... well... read on.

brotherlove: I was a little to busy being pissed at my new lens and then trying to figure out a back up lens that I've never used. they were hardcore. chris (ex every band) was on drums, xBlakex (untold truth) was singing. they played 3 songs and I doubt this was their real name... but I didn't really hear it.

tempature: 73
humidity: normal

swear to god: split their set with the band above. it was a great set by them. the crowd was really into it. I still giggle when I see them, thinking about the sandwich show they did.

tempature: 77
humidity: normal

call to power: probably the band I liked the least. I probably just couldn't hear much, but nothing stuck out from their songs. I guess it's wes from death threat's brother and he came out to sing a song with them.

tempature: 80
humidity: normal

death before dishonor: even with the 2 cabs, it was hard to really hear anything. give that, the crowd went crazy and they played awesome. lots of people must have the new cd cause they danced and sang along with all the songs they did. the whole front of the crowd had their fingers in the air yelling along.

tempature: 85
humidity: georgia on a summer day

100 demons: completely packed in there. they had no room to move in at all. A lot of people had said that the show would be over during 100d's site, but no, nothing like that happened. at the end of the set, pete said there were a few friend that he hadn't seen for a while.. I thought that he was going to bring out the old guitarist to play a song, but instead, it was the signer of death threat and the old singer who sang a song with the demon.

tempature: 95
humidity: mississippi before a thunderstorm (at this point I had to fight to keep my lenses fog free).

death threat: they played a really short set. I think for a "last" show, they could have played a few more tracks, but it was getting late. like with the other bands, the crowd rolled all over each other.

tempature: 95
humidity: being boiled alive in a pot of macceroni.

madball: some people filed out, but it was still so hot and humid! the singer went from the side I was on and rolled over the crowd and then on the other side climbed up on the speakers for the last song. I am NOT a fan of their rapping hardcore, though I like the stuff with out the rap in it. I figured that I would leave after a song or 2 so that I would avoid the whole rapping thing all together, but I ended up staying til the end cause they didn't play any of those songs.

on the ride home, I listened to 88.7FM WNHU. they had a metal show on... oddly it broadcast out of hartford, but I couldn't hear it in hartford, just when I was driving in and out of hartford. I also listened to radio beat on 88.9 WERS. they played a circle jerks song and tossed me back to group sex when I was in 7th grade.
note to self: listen to more circle jerks.
I called and requested Decendencts, but they played a new song.. and new decendents sucks.

toggletoggle post by keara at Jan 30,2005 10:02am
i am really disapointed about missing this show. it looks like it was pretty crazy. but ill be at the dt show in brockton next week.

toggletoggle post by blake at Jan 30,2005 11:06am
yoooo rev, our name is brothers in arms. hhaha not brother love... well hopefully you can fix it, thanks. i tried to IM you too this morning. good fucking show, thanks to every person that came out.

toggletoggle post by pisscup at Jan 30,2005 12:25pm
sausage fest

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 30,2005 12:33pm
I fixed it.
and pisscup, you are wrong.
there was like 50% girls there and they were dancing.

toggletoggle post by pisscup at Jan 30,2005 12:39pm
those were guys pretending to be girls dressed up as men.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 30,2005 12:43pm
holy tootsie!

toggletoggle post by salty bag of dicks at Jan 30,2005 1:41pm
Fact....pisscup loves cock!!!

toggletoggle post by blake at Jan 30,2005 1:42pm
AHHH ITS BROTHERS IN ARMS haha plural...ARMS! gotta let people know what our REAL name is, not brother love or brothers in arm... i love you.

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Jan 30,2005 3:07pm
i called my friend 30 mins before we were going to leave and he told me that death threat was playing next week in brockton. so i didnt end up going.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 30,2005 3:46pm

toggletoggle post by oscar  at Jan 30,2005 4:05pm
The show was packed and to fucking hot, 100 demons were insane as always. First band I got to see was my boy Joe's band call to power who are improving every show,.
I stood on a table to fim demons set and I was drencehd in sweat.

toggletoggle post by blake at Jan 30,2005 6:08pm
thanks rev!

toggletoggle post by amanda at Jan 30,2005 10:37pm
it was amazing last night. i was covered in sweat and dying of heat but it was fucking worth it. Blake, I've been meaning to see your band for a while and i must say, i liked it.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jan 30,2005 10:52pm
I liked your set, but I was too hot and dehydrated to think to get your demo if you had one, do you?

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jan 31,2005 3:39am
best show of 2005!! hottest too!

toggletoggle post by brendan is awesome at Jan 31,2005 9:27am
I thought I was gonna die in the middle of our set.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 31,2005 7:42pm
brendan, I totally forgot to mention that you were filling in for 100 demons.
sorry, maybe I should just "stick to metal"

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jan 31,2005 7:44pm
i guess some people need to learn to deal with positive and negative reviews on their bands instead of bug people on IM when the reviews are not what they want to hear

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 31,2005 7:53pm
I'm tempted to post the aim convo cause it's hilarious...
especially since that band was one that I had gone down there hoping to check out...
but I will take the "higher" road and not.

I see when people talk shit about me and laugh at it. my reviews are done quickly, but honestly and usually at 3am. if someone doesn't like it or feels differently, they are more than welcome to post on this board and say how they thought. time to go off and ruin hardcore some more.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jan 31,2005 8:01pm
post it....

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 31,2005 8:09pm
nope, I'm not posting it.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jan 31,2005 8:13pm
yer too good<3

toggletoggle post by GoatCatalyst at Jan 31,2005 8:20pm
C'mon Rev, there's no hardcore left to ruin since high school douchebags turned it into a popularity contest / fashion show. Maybe I'm just bitter that I live two fucking minutes away from that show and couldn't get in to see my friends' bands when I'm certain it was clogged with scenequeen cunts who have decided that hardcore is the new "cool thing to do" on a Friday night. Fuck, I can't wait for hardcore and metal to not be "cool" anymore.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 31,2005 8:21pm
you might think that...
but from what I've heard, it's people that me who are ruining it.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jan 31,2005 8:25pm
it's because you have long hair..stick to metal...

toggletoggle post by GoatCatalyst at Jan 31,2005 8:29pm
Roger Miret had long hair, too. I'm still blaming the teenage fashionista cocksippers - may they all contract bizarre and crippling strains of syphilis, wither and die.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jan 31,2005 11:14pm

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Jan 31,2005 11:24pm
rev, if anything i think you're too nice with your reviews. you very rarely bad mouth your band really must have sucked brendan.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 1,2005 12:01am
it wasn't brendan.
he was filling in for 100 demons.

though the kid who did it posted a myspace bulletin about it.

toggletoggle post by XmikeX at Feb 1,2005 12:20am
this was a great show. I had fun every single minute of it. It was worth taking a day off of work, and making the drive. I wish every show was like this, but with better ventilation, and slayer covers.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 1,2005 4:07am
oh.. there was a slayer cover... *ha ha*

toggletoggle post by wes at Feb 1,2005 5:48pm
photos look good man... thanks

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