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returntothepit >> discuss >> 100 Demons/Cannae 12-4-04 in Lowell, MA by deadringpromo on Nov 30,2004 9:35pm
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Dec 4, 2004 Club Fuel (Lowell, Ma)
cannae - 2004-12-04
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manifest - 2004-12-04
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scattered_ashes - 2004-12-04
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toggletoggle post by deadringpromo  at Nov 30,2004 9:35pm
100 Demons (Deathwish), Cannae (Prosthetic), Hell Within, Manifest, and Scattered Ashes 730PM Doors, 12$ @ the door. Bring a photo ID
December 4th @
Club Fuel on 105 Market St. in Lowell, MA

This show should be pretty fuckin' brutal.....

Anyone actually going to show up!?!?!?

toggletoggle post by CongoogetalZobotomy  at Nov 30,2004 9:59pm

toggletoggle post by blue  at Dec 1,2004 9:54am
why must hell within and other bands people really dont care about get on every lowell show?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 1,2004 9:57am
blue, you are wrong.
I just saw a show in lowell and neither of those bands were on the bill

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 4,2004 5:50pm
bump. this is tonight.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 4,2004 6:59pm
heading out now

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Dec 4,2004 11:38pm
show got shut down...i'll let the rev give details

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 5,2004 12:22am
yeah, let me finish with the pictures and then I'll talk.

toggletoggle post by cocklover at Dec 5,2004 12:26am
Why did this show get shut down?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 5,2004 12:48am
this was probably one of the best attended shows at club fuel that I've ever been to. Good job on the bands that were pulled in... just a sour ending...

scattered ashes: I probably got there before their set started but because of the crappy parking around that area, I didn't get there until a few songs into thier set. Walking up to the stage, I though, wow... they sort of sound like pantera riffs, laighing when I noticed that the guitar player had a pantera shirt on. I was expecting them to be more rocky, but as the name suggests, they are melodic hardcore. the singer's voice was decent and the guitar player got out a bunch of riffs that were pretty interesting while still filling in with some rhythms. oh and the bass player looked like a male version of george *the heuristic).

manifest: like a moron, I was downstairs for the their first 4 songs without even knowing that they were on. unfortunately, the songs that they play that I like the most are the frst ones. I noticed tat the songs that I thought were better were new songs that nobody knows. Anyhow, I came upstairs and the crowd wasn't the normal size that they get. this changed over their set as more and more people filtered in. by the end of the set, they had a pretty darn violent pit going on. at one point, someone just off the stage landing like mario in super mario bros on some guys back. they also haf like 20 kids in manifest shirts singing along with them.

cannae: so they started out and played awesome. the crowd was full of a lot of familiar faces. people where dancing and having a good time. cannae went through 3 songs and then I walked across the front of the stage. I saw a kid punch some one in the face and the kid that got hit tried to hide behind me. I decided that this had nothing to do with me so I stepped away towards the cages on the side. the kid got hit a couple more times and then the bouncers and everyone were on top of the fight. I decided that I should probably remove my camera equipment from the fight... so I stepped up on stage, looking down on the fight. At this point it was between the kid threw the first punch I saw and the bouncer. I lifted up my camera and focused to take a picture, but I decided it would be better not to have a close up picture of a fight going on. the fight moved back towards the exit/pool tables. Cannae started playing eye of the tiger. it was awesome. people started to dance again which just kept the fight going. after a 10 minutes, the cops showed up and were "sorting" things out. As we should be use to, the cops just shut the show down and everyone went home.

hell within: nope

100 demons: nope

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Dec 5,2004 2:48am
a fight, and you got no pictures of it, what a bastard.

fighting is gay anyways.

toggletoggle post by JayTUS   at Dec 5,2004 8:22am
Haha glad I didn't go, though I REALLY wanted to see Cannae play again. I used to see them like once a week and now not in a long time, haha. Thanks for the message, I had passed out by that point...

This pic rules:

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Dec 5,2004 12:24pm
cant belive a few losers who wernt loved as a child will ruin a good metal show for all of us, they are not metal at all, what they did id not metal. it is because of people like that we have such a flip flop reputation as music lovers

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Dec 5,2004 4:43pm
i know, who would expect a fight at a cannae/100 demons show.

toggletoggle post by negro at Dec 5,2004 5:22pm
thats cuz they were all FSU if u fuck with one of them they wil quickly turn on u notice the jackets tht they were wearing i knew from the start that that was gunna happen because they dont go for the music they go for the fights they care more about there "brotherhood" and there image then the music.

toggletoggle post by johnny p at Dec 5,2004 6:50pm
in a few weeks cannae and 100 demons are playing in brockton anyway should be a good show

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Dec 5,2004 7:27pm
fsu are pussies

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Dec 5,2004 9:17pm
anonymously insulting them, however, is manly and tough

toggletoggle post by Rich Horror NLI at Dec 5,2004 9:36pm
Maybe they were just huge Florida State enthusiasts.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 5,2004 10:58pm
the fight (what I saw of it) was basically one person taking on one guy.
and then him turning on the bouncer that was hitting him while all his friend tried to stop everyone.
though I'm not sure what happened when everyone went to the back of the room.

toggletoggle post by deadringpromo  at Dec 5,2004 11:33pm
At the back of the room, one of my good buddies got juimped by about 8-10 FSU punks kicked my friend in the face while he was down. My friend didn't start anything and he can't weigh much more than like 110. Then when the bouncers tried to get things under control, they fought back. 7 punk asses jumped on one security guy. They also stole a duffle bag of shit that the sound guy had with him, including two digital cameras. They tried to fight and run away from cops. I was threatened by some little bitch who thought he was tough early during the show. Also, when I told my friend FSU ran upstairs, one kid stared me down and asked me what my problem with FSU was. I said they just went upstairs without paying, and he acted like a big tough guy. They argued with cops outside, many of them ran in without paying, they stole stuff, threatened the promoters and management, resisted arrest, and slipped coffee on my pants! I think like 3 or 4 kids got arrested. Lots of FSU from Phillie were there I guess. Also, some kid claiming to be "Jimmy Knuckles" (who seemed like he liked the cock) thought he was intimidating me with his attitude, but I really just told him whatever wouldn't set him off and told the bouncers to remove anyone from the club who pulled any lowlife shit. You must have missed quite a bit there REVEREND! FSU is almost 100% homosexuals, I guess one guy stopped the ten kid from kicking my fridn after a while so I cant say they all suck, but for the most part, they do. Would have been a great show if Fags Stand United didn't show up...

toggletoggle post by BigRoninBHC at Dec 6,2004 7:03am
Dont be a douchebag all your life, deadringpromo, first off, FSU doesnt pay at any show they go to, if it werent for them what you know as hardcore in Mass. wouldnt exist, all would be Emo, same goes for Phillie and the rest of the Nation. Secondly, the only time any kind of altercation happens between promoters and management and the Nation is when the Management try to fuck up the act of dancing or puts limitations on it. Thirdly dont be ignorant and name names or call anybody derogatory things unless you have no problems with never going to another show or movie or mall or anything. Remember we have IT experts within our world and can trace IP addresses. So next time you give a book report think about it first.

toggletoggle post by deadringpromo  at Dec 6,2004 12:03pm
wow, I'm scared.... and I'd really love it if hardcore as I know it did noit exist. Shit shouldn't be about ganging up on people and hurting them or not paying to see bands you like. AND ht emanagement owns the building, they can say whatever the hell they want.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Dec 6,2004 4:56pm
You should be able to go to a show and enjoy music without having to worry about getting fucked with. There's nothin wrong with dancing hard or any of that shit, but when you single someone out for little or no reason, there's nothing to respect there at all. How are you supposed to respect someone who needlessly bands his buddies together and picks out small kids. Anyone can do that, but you gotta have the ball to tell your boys not to single out the innocent. That's not how you get respect, thats the way you destroy an organiztion who's basic core values are good. When did someone decide that intimidation and music should go together?

toggletoggle post by ImTooPussy at Dec 6,2004 6:04pm
Personally, I would be glad if hardcore didn't exist. Nothing but a scene of scenesters talking about how scenesters are gay. And the statement about FSU keeping hardcore alive; FSU has NOTHING to do with hardcore still being around. The actual people who make and perform the music do, obviously. Most of them thick skulled fucks can't even play instruments, and a huge percentage of them dont even like music in the first place!!! They're just gangsters using shows as an excuse to cause trouble. You think they'd be happy if someone broke their little brothers eye socket? I dont think so. Then why would they do it to someone elses little brother?!! They think they're like the modern day Hells Angels or some shit. They think they can get away with as much shit as those guys did; seizing bars and partying there all night long with police afraid to break up their parties. Those were the old days, we have riot police and other strategies to take ass fucks like those down now. Fearless or not, they have to realize what they're doing is wrong. You may side with them now, but when you or someone you know gets jumped by about 10 FSU kids, it becomes a whole different ball game. I'd personally like to see them do some GOOD for the local scene. Instead, they scare alot of people from attending local shows resulting in less fans and show attendance resulting in less $ to help the band(s) out with. Think about that.

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Dec 6,2004 6:52pm
'a scene of scenesters'

fsu may have some assholes, but there are fsu kids (like colin) that are helping to keep hardcore alive (on the south shore at least). and when i go to hardcore shows i see a lot of kids being assholes, and they generally aren't the fsu kids

toggletoggle post by CongoogetalZobotomy  at Dec 6,2004 7:16pm
Everytime there is a fight at a show, thats one less club for bands to play at and its all because of the hardcore scene. They are giving all heavy music a bad rep, and if they dont fucking stop they are going to destroy the entire hardcore/metal scene with their gay ass fighting.

toggletoggle post by BigRoninBHC at Dec 6,2004 7:38pm
You want to see them do something good, 3-4 times a year FSU hosts benefits for various charities, like Stop Handgun Violence, the Samaritans, New England Cancer Center etc. That is just with FSU Boston, all of the other "chapters" host their own just like that. Also Colin is not a member, he is like I am, a friend, a supporter, but not a member.

toggletoggle post by ImTooPussy at Dec 6,2004 7:48pm
Okay then well excuse me for my ignorance..honestly. BUT what are they trying to do? Make up for all the skulls they've crushed within the last few months by hosting benefits for charities? I honestly didn't know that they did that, but what I really still don't understand is: if they're so 'good' to host charities, why do they have to put people in the hospital and ruin shows? They really don't deserve any special treatment at shows (aka getting in free). Question: Do they pay for palladium shows such as NE Metal Fest and other events? Do the people at the Palladium really give a shit who they are and let them in for free? Or am I just missing the big picture??? If they REALLY want to help the scene and the bands, they'd pay the cover charge. My cousin gave my band $600 to duplicate and press CD's and we told him for doing that he can get into any of our shows (that we host) for free. ....He still pays the cover EVERY TIME.

toggletoggle post by eddie  at Dec 6,2004 10:18pm
i just saw this on the news. This fight is getting alot of fucking press.

toggletoggle post by Johnny "Fuckin" Hardcore at Dec 7,2004 12:54am
and all because dickhead bouncers wanna step up and get involved where they shouldn't...guess what clubs? don't have shows and then turn on the paying patrons. people wanna blame FSU and the bands, well take a good fuckin look at the bouncers and those that put on the should know better, but obviously you don't.

toggletoggle post by DRWebPromo at Dec 7,2004 1:43am
ok lets pretend FSU didn't start any fights that night, lets just pretend for a minute. Ok if that was case you'd be in the clear but your boys broke into a office and stole shit. Thats where your credibility went down hill fast. I don't know if its all of FSU who do that kind of shit but you have some guys giving the bad publicity and you can't deny that.

toggletoggle post by XmikeX at Dec 7,2004 1:51am
anonymous said:
cant belive a few losers who wernt loved as a child will ruin a good metal show for all of us, they are not metal at all, what they did id not metal. it is because of people like that we have such a flip flop reputation as music lovers

a year ago all you kids were complaining about Cannae being a "tuff guy hardcore" band, and now you're shocked that there was a fight at their show? i don't get you kids.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 7,2004 1:54am
I was actually shocked at the cannae shows I went to and there wasn't a fight. in the last year, cannae's really tightened back up and are having fun playing again.

toggletoggle post by Andy in Boston at Dec 7,2004 5:34am's great that FSU has benifit shows and all, and I can't say I know any of the members. But my friend of 110 pounds who does not start fights got beat by several members for no aparent reason. They stole hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. They caused most of the Lowell Police night crew to arrive on the scene. They threatened the promoter when he did nothing to provoke and was doing all he could to make the show good for everyone. They might have well closed another club's doors to metal. What does that really say about their orginization? I could go on and on...but when you look at the FACTS of saturday night, FSU really took the heavy genere and took a nasty shit on it. I can't see any angle where FSU did good or right on saturday, if you can please tell me. I am obviously biased as are you, but the facts really stand hard.

And the one thing that was really tough for me to swallow was the free tickets thing. I mean, no one from FSU called ahead and asked for a group rate or anything. They came to the show in quantity and demanded tickets for free using intimidation tactics, not for what they have done for metal in the past. Concerts cost money to put on...i mean, friends have given me their money willingly to help ensure a show is a success so we can do it again. I've read about things like this in books, and It isn't about giving trailblazers their due. More like organized crime.

For everyone's information, I am writing an open letter to the Lowell Police department (the chief is a close family friend), the Mass State Police and US congressman Marty Meehan (who I worked for and is also a friend) about this incident, using accounts from witnesses and club staff. I'll be doing a lot of reasearch and presenting on this over the next few weeks so I get everything right. If FSU is indeed an orginzation that does good for the community, they should have nothing to worry about.

I have never experieced anything FSU has had to do with until this show, and I hope I never deal with them again unless it is to work on making sure things like this don't happen in the future. FSU just might have ruined any metal happening at Club Fuel again, what does that say for what they do for our ever controversial genere?

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Dec 7,2004 9:20am
I bet there are stabbings and ass beatings at the Charity Shows. haha.

toggletoggle post by Johnny \\\"Fuckin\\\" Hardcore at Dec 7,2004 12:12pm
I've been to way to many hardcore shows to count...there is hard dancing plain and simple. I am willing to bet ya if the bouncers weren't assholes, that show would have continued, we would have had hours of entertainment go forward and we would have all left with great memories. Now, I don't like what happened, but it's a hardcore don't go in there bobbing your head to your friend's beats and not expect to get hit. Guess what? It's hardcore and I'm certainly not going to just stand there with arms folded...ya know. Trust me, I went home that night enraged at what happened cuz I had been lookin forward to the Demons being in Lowell for the first time that I can think of. But again, shit happens and it's unfortunate, but I'm not gonna cry about it. And I'm sure that kid didn't get beat for no apparent reason. I've been goin to shows for almost 15 years and I come out with scrapes, bruises, broken bones a few times, but guess who's cryin? Looks like you are, not me. Lighten up, there will be many shows...good day!

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Dec 7,2004 12:18pm
I like how the only reason for anything is "it's facken haadcore dood expect to get your faced smashed in for no reason!"

toggletoggle post by Johnny "Fuckin" Hardcore at Dec 7,2004 12:43pm
if you're not an asshole, there should be no reason to expect getting your fash smashed in...make sense! that goes for anywhere you go...if someone was an asshole to me at a movie theatre, expect that he would get smashed there too!

toggletoggle post by assuck   at Dec 7,2004 1:00pm
if you're not an asshole, you wouldnt smash peoples faces in

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Dec 7,2004 1:02pm
Johnny \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Fuckin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Hardcore said:
if you're not an asshole, there should be no reason to expect getting your fash smashed in...make sense! that goes for anywhere you go...if someone was an asshole to me at a movie theatre, expect that he would get smashed there too!

I've seen plenty of assholes, but I've seen plenty of random people get pwned as well.

toggletoggle post by it's over, move on. at Dec 7,2004 1:26pm
People knew what kind of show this was. Cannae only played 4 songs. Hell Within and 100 Demons didn't get to play at all. There will be other shows. End of story.

toggletoggle post by Morbius at Dec 7,2004 1:44pm
i almost got arrested for inciting a riot...and usually people can't even understand what i say...haha

toggletoggle post by ImTooPussy at Dec 7,2004 1:49pm
Its too funny how you're blaming it on the bouncers for doing their god damn jobs. For crying out loud, they kicked out my girlfriend earlier in the show for being 1 month under 19 (even though the Mass law is you must be 18 to be in a facility serving alchohol). Sure I gave them some shit for that but the end result was me considering the fact that they're told to throw out anyone under 19 by the big boss and thats final. Doing their job, can't be too mad at them for that. Their jobs are also to control any fight, obviously FSU on 3 bouncers wasn't gonna work.... You're saying that enforcers should "step aside" when they realize that they're dealing with FSU? First of all, the bouncers there never even heard of this trouble causing (for the most part) gang and obviously wouldn't of been able to recognize their faces... You think FSU expects the Lowell Police to just "step aside" and let them smash faces freely and get in for free because they're just some ass rampaging punks? I think not... If that were the case, they might as well rob banks without fear of getting caught and become rich ass motherfuckers and throw their own "facken haadcore shows" to ruin on their own. Open up your eyes people.

toggletoggle post by Morbius at Dec 7,2004 3:26pm
so the police through your girlfriend out for being under 19 when the law is sure she didn't get a little toothy on one of them out back

toggletoggle post by deadringpromo  at Dec 7,2004 3:34pm
Also, the freind of Andy that is 110 pounds lives with him and the kid is one of my best friends. He wasn't an asshole to anyone. The sotry is he was back by the merch table watching Cannae. It was his first time seeing them and he was into it but he's small and wanted to stay away from, the pits. Some FSU kid started pitting near where he was at the back of the room. The kid was throwing punches and kicks backwards toward my friend. My friend stuck his hands out in front of him to protect himself and hopefully push the kid a little further forward where he wouldn't be hitting him. The FSU kid kept dancing back toward my friend, my friend did the same thing several times. The kid came back my buddy pushed him forward a few feet. Then, once again the kid came back at him, jy buddy stuck his foot out and shoved the kid a little harder so he'd get the picture. Then, some kid ran up on him from the side and clocked him in the eye. My friend is is like 5 '7 and 110pounds soaking wet hit the ground and then like 7 or 8 FSU were all on him kicking him (mostly in the face). My buddy kept screaming "STOP, STOP, WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO? He tried to get up twice and was kicked down twice. He then curled up in the fetal position with his hands over his face to protect himself. This is a kid who had basically accpeted that he was dead until one FSU grabed him and pulled him up. My friend tried throwing himself around to get away from this kid because he was so panicked, but then the kid said "LET HIM WALK, LET HIM WALK" My friend went downstairs in near hysterics telling everyone he'd just been jumped.
EXPLAIN TO ME HOW MY FRIEND WAS BEING AN ASSHOLE! AS A MATTER OF FACT, I'LL BE THE FIRST ONE TO SAY HE WAS ACTING LIKE A PUSSY. HE WAS SCARED AND WANTED TO GET AWAY. Yet, a bunch of tougb guy bullies thought that itn was 'cool' or showing their 'brotherhood' by beating him while he was down. I'll tell you what. A real pussy is someone who is too fucking afraid to fight a frail, weak kid man to man. Fuck FSU and everything they fucking stand for. Thanks to the one kid who decided to let my friend go, whoever the fuck you are, you're probably better than the rest of your scumbag friends.

toggletoggle post by SexxxyStephy at Dec 7,2004 3:47pm
I know i'm reallllllllly late on this one, But ya stole the words right outta my mouth Ronin.....I'd be more than happy to trace some IPs....I'm so sick of people that hide behind a computer and run their mouths.....If ya dont personally know anyone in FSU Boston(which most these fuckheads obviously dont, or else they wouldnt talk shit), then you need to keep your fuckin mouth shut about shit you dont know anything about...HAHAHAHA.... with an exception of about 3 of ya, you're all a bunch of whining children... Not one innocent person is singled out and beaten up for no reason....I dont fear my safety at any show, and NO, i do NOT know everyone...And if you'd be glad that Hardcore didnt exsist, then no one needs your 'support'... Make it worse, go ahead and write your open letter.....opposing #s dont add up...Awww shit, now i gotta bring out my ties to the law...Amazing how many ignorant people start to cry their night is 'ruined'... See you all at Brockton on the 17th... I'll be bringing baked goodies!!!!!!!!!! YUMM!!!*muah*

toggletoggle post by Morbius at Dec 7,2004 3:53pm edited Dec 8,2004 2:19pm
Sorry to everyone that wanted to come out and see 100 Demons/Cannae that night...We had no idea of what was happening and thought the beef was squashed so we kept playing...Eye of the tiger seemed appropiate,sounded good anyway..Don't be stupid and get on here and bad mouth FSU you coward fucks..i agree that someone standing all the way back at our the merch table shouldn't be getting pounded on, but a pit is a pit and theres always someone who's whining about a fist shot...We've all been there....I hope he's ok..I'm sure his sister will lend him another pair of pants to wear at the next show...Sometimes things get out of hand and the outcome is that of the bands don't get to play and that sucks because venues are closing down by the boatload...Fighting and arguing on a website that is very respectable(props to the Rev) is going to get you no where but on a wanted list...See what i'm saying...Sorry that things turned out the way they did.

toggletoggle post by DRWebPromo at Dec 7,2004 4:27pm
haha actually dan im about 125 maybe 130 wet, but thanks. and i dont have a sister thank you very much. And dan you know well i like to go in pits, but i never seen cannae before so i decided to watch them. and i will be the second to admit, ya i was pussy. but when im on the ground getting kicked i the face by 8 tough guys what the fuck do you want me to do lay there till im unconscious?. and thank you to the kid in FSU who helped me for whatever reason, it is greatly appreciated

toggletoggle post by deadringpromo  at Dec 7,2004 4:39pm
FSU talks just as tough online as I do...

Maybe I should threaten to trace IP's and try to terrorize people too

I want to be cool just like FSU

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Dec 7,2004 5:02pm
we should all trace everyone's IP's and then have a huge sexy party

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 7,2004 7:22pm
dood... if psyopus would play, I'm there.

and morbius, thanks for the props.
anyone who was at this show and didn't expect a fight has never been to a show before. I didn't see what went down in the back. I do know that I was right there when the guy that the police came for was yelling at the bouncers to get off him.

sorry if anyone got hurt at this show. hopefully they (DRWebPromo) will be ok and will still go out to shows. you kids are young and have a huge life of shows ahead. now everyone just let this drop or talk about how awesome cannae played for those 4 songs.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Dec 7,2004 7:24pm
the eye of the tiger!

toggletoggle post by DRWebPromo at Dec 7,2004 7:58pm
oh I still pna on going to shows, and I do know fights do happen at shows, and yes other than a few bruises I'm good and I did enjoy the 3rd of a Cannae song I saw

toggletoggle post by Johnny "Fuckin" Hardcore at Dec 7,2004 10:44pm
Cannae was tight as fuck! Never a bad time had!!!

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Dec 7,2004 10:46pm

toggletoggle post by BobNOMAAMRooney at Dec 8,2004 12:14am
Wasn't at the show but I was just thinking:

If you're dancing hard and someone pushes you away wouldn't you just push the kid back rather than beating the shit out of him?

Or is there more to this story?

From what I've read on this and other sites it seems like FSU pits all by themselves while everyone
else stands around hoping not to make eye contact. "I was just standing around when..." "My friend was just standing there and..."

Are hardcore shows like that? The same however many FSU pitting at every show while 200 kids shrink from the pit?

toggletoggle post by ArrowHead  at Dec 8,2004 12:25am
Ronin has a point. FSU did clear up the local scene a lot, and made the entire local hardcore scene a much better place. However, the scene they helped create is dissolving pretty quickly and has ended up almost as shitty as it was in the first place before the FSU stepped in. I'm not saying it's FSU's fault. I am saying that where 13 years ago I'd be scared that I'd go to a show and some dipshit nazi punk in an exploited jacket might knock my teeth in for no reason, now I'm scared that some crazy out of state Crew kid might kick my teeth in for no reason.

I'm not against FSU, but I'd sure as hell like to see it like it was before. So many shows, bands, friends, and cool kids all having a good time and watching each other's backs. Not tolerating dickhead behavior at shows is fine with me, whether the intolerance comes from crew kids, or cops, or whoever I really don't care anymore. FSU is so fucking huge now, and there's more than plenty of level headed decent kids in the organization, I'd love to see some of them start making a stand against this kind of random shit. If only to put an end to all the clubs that keep getting shut down for fights and lawsuits. Start weeding out the bad apples and embarrasments. Start kicking out members for unprovoked fighting. There are plenty of legitimate stories I've heard about members (newer members) starting fights just for the sake of fighting. Granted, most of the time it's just a punch in the face, or a shove, and not a full scale beatdown, but there's so many clueless kids at shows these days who have no clue who's who, and will try to fight back instead of showing respect. Whatever happened to when you could go to a show and see a crew of FSU kids in the pit, all dressed alike, dancing and having a great time throughout the entire show without any fights or toughguy shit? Christ, I remember when shitheads were trying to force their way into the Channel to start trouble during a sunday hardcore matinee show that it was a bunch of FSU that held the kids out and wouldn't let them in. Now I'm hearing stories where the FSU ARE the kids forcing their way into shows? Not cool.

toggletoggle post by scream_bleed_repeat  at Dec 8,2004 12:51am
we dont need to wait for FSU to make shows better or worse for that matter. everyone just needs to chill out and have fun at shows and try to prevent these fights from happening in the first place. here's a few things we can all do. 1. pay more attention to the music and get lost in it like you did when you were younger, try to just have fun. 2. don't bitch or start shit if you get hit when you are near or in the pit, you chose to be near it. if you don't wanna get hit stay away from the pit, this is a simple rule people have not been following lately, its common sense 3. if someone is acting like and asshole and hits you on purpose be a man and confront him yourself, if you need like 20 kids to beat one kid you my friend are the pussy. see? 3 very simple rules we all could follow to make shows a shit ton better around here. it all seems like common sense, but maybe we need to post these rules at the doors of all shows now? i dunno, just use your brain!

toggletoggle post by ahhh memories... at Dec 8,2004 1:03pm
i remember going to hardcore shows way back before things were supposedly cleaned up. point 1, the shows were a hell of a lot more intense than they are today, and no one would bitch if they happened to get hit. they'd grin and bear it, and most of the time the person who hit them would atleast make an apologetic gesture before continuing to mosh. point 2, there was never any fear of going to a show due to any "crews" or gangs being present, if anything shows were a place to meet new friends who were interested in the same music. point 3, the music back in the day was so much more sincere in its delivery, as were the response by the fans. Nowadays few bands can keep people moving the entire time, and most of them are merely replicating bands of the past. And this pacing back and forth, waiting for the next open chord breakdown thing is so lame. Do people even give a shit about music anymore?

toggletoggle post by dan. at Dec 8,2004 1:09pm
i would just like to say the girl who posted in bold, sexxystephy, she is so awesome you guys. seriously. what an inspiration to us all.

toggletoggle post by ArrowHead  at Dec 8,2004 1:30pm edited Dec 8,2004 1:34pm
The shows you talk about "way back before things were cleaned up" in fact sound like you're talking about things right AFTER things changed. That is what shows were like maybe ten years ago, after the crews had started cleaning up boston. Before the arrival of the FSU in the late 80's the boston music scene had been overrun by nazi punk rockers who made shows as uncomfortable as possible. People being slashed with broken bottles, random beatdowns outside of clubs, heavy police prescences at almost every show, and pits were almost non-existent at shows - instead replaced by gangs (for lack of a better word) of shitheads who would stand or dance in front of the stage and not really allow anyone to get anywhere close.

Everything you're talking about, from people being respectful and picking each other up off the floor, to the diversity of bands is directly resultant from the FSU and Hardcore scenes taking over the boston scene. Before that, hardcore didn't really exist in boston, there was just a HUGE punk rock scene. The skinheads, rude boys, and FSU cleaned up boston whether you realize it or care to admit it.

Also, I'm not saying it was blissful. There were problems even then. I remember a group of crew kids beating a cop with hammer handles at a show I luckily wasn't at one weekend. The violence and gang mentality was always there, but if you showed respect and were smart enough not to fuck with people you could almost be guaranteed not to get into trouble. A bit like the mafia I guess, you know who they were, and you showed them respect and let them do what they want and they'd leave you alone.

toggletoggle post by jean benet at Dec 8,2004 1:48pm
thats so gay. jesus christ. hardcore mafia? oooooohhhohohh!!!! dont tell that kid his celtics jersey is dumb or him and all his friends are gonna beat you up and its because you deserve it...because they own this city!!! oooohhh!!!!!!!

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Dec 8,2004 1:52pm
it's annoying when people say "don't go near the pit if you don't want to get hit, idiot!" when countless times I've seen people get hit who were not near the pit. I don't understand why the people in the pit don't just punch eachother rather than attacking / spinkicking / elbowing people on the sides who is just standing there? If someone holds their hands out to avoid getting hit they get attacked even worse. Fucking stupid.

toggletoggle post by Johnny Hardcore at Dec 8,2004 2:04pm
Suck it up or just don't go! It's so fuckin simple!! Again, it sucked that the altercations had to occur as I was a paying patron myself. I'm not gonna cry about not getting my money back's the risk ya take! I think there other boards to talk about shit like this. Now go kids!

toggletoggle post by BigRoninBHC at Dec 8,2004 9:49pm
Thank you Arrowhead for pointing that out, its unfortunate that most of these people dont see the reality of this.

toggletoggle post by BobNOMAAMRooney nli at Dec 8,2004 10:04pm
I think a lot of people just need to calm down. So many kids go to shows ready to fight and thinking, "Oh shit, if I fuck up FSU will beat me down!" because of all the
stereotypes we hear about the scene. Then there's the FSU "bad apples" arrowhead was talking about who are trying to prove themselves as true toughguys. If people are going into shows on edge (whether in fear or with something to prove) there's bound to be a really bad fight because of their paranoia. Of course all of these fights become "FSU vs. Random Kid" even if FSU had nothing to do with the fight. People make it seem like EVERY person who wins a fight at a show is FSU which is just retarded and only adds to the paranoia on both sides.

toggletoggle post by scattered ashes singer at Dec 8,2004 10:10pm
My band played that show with them and yeah it does suck what happend but FSU does have some good things to it... there not all assholes think about a show with scinheads U THINK FSU IS bad they did much more worse shit. FSu can get out of hand but you just got to stay away from it as did i when i was there. Yes it is anoying when they spin kick crowd punch and all that shit BUT THATS BOSTON HARDCORE plan and simple. there no different then any other crew if u fuck with them there not gunna take ure shit. Most people think they JUST go to shows to fucking start fights but thats not true the only time they do is when shit gets thrown there way and they have to deal with it.

toggletoggle post by scattered ashes singer at Dec 8,2004 10:10pm

My band played that show with them and yeah it does suck what happend but FSU does have some good things to it... there not all assholes think about a show with scinheads U THINK FSU IS bad they did much more worse shit. FSu can get out of hand but you just got to stay away from it as did i when i was there. Yes it is anoying when they spin kick crowd punch and all that shit BUT THATS BOSTON HARDCORE plan and simple. there no different then any other crew if u fuck with them there not gunna take ure shit. Most people think they JUST go to shows to fucking start fights but thats not true the only time they do is when shit gets thrown there way and they have to deal with it.

toggletoggle post by DRWebPromo at Dec 8,2004 11:39pm
Ok, from what ive read here and the boston beatdown board i see it as ok fsu does do good shit, the benefit shows, the kick guys ass who disrespect girls but they still do the whole beating down random people,

maybe i did look at them wrong maybe they thought i was disrespecting their boy by pushing him away, but the thing that bugs me the most is they robbed the office. how does that stand for protecting the scene. thats the real answer i want

toggletoggle post by BobNOMAAMRooney at Dec 9,2004 1:09am edited Dec 9,2004 9:11am
Awesome Carpathian Forest shirt on Scattered Ashes guitarist.

Edit:I didn't realize how hard it is to distinguish a bass from a guitar when I'm really tired.

toggletoggle post by Niccolai   at Dec 9,2004 8:22am
I'd like to know what the hell kindof guitar the guitarist is using. (not the ibanez) any idea?

toggletoggle post by Morbius at Dec 9,2004 4:46pm
What was stolen from the office?

toggletoggle post by deadringpromo  at Dec 10,2004 9:36pm
Out of the office, a duffle bag with some clothes and two digital cameras valued at around 500$ each were stolen out of the office. As well as a leather jacket.

toggletoggle post by Johnny Hardcore at Dec 10,2004 11:50pm
chances are that no one on this board took anything, but it sure helps if someone knows of anyone that might have performed such a nasty deed.

toggletoggle post by BobNOMAAMRooney nli at Dec 11,2004 12:19am
We all know FSU kids don't wear leather lying sack of shit. Hahaha j/k

toggletoggle post by XmikeX not logged in at Dec 11,2004 9:07pm
deadringpromo said:
Out of the office, a duffle bag with some clothes and two digital cameras valued at around 500$ each were stolen out of the office. As well as a leather jacket.

Where was Glen Benton on the night in question?

toggletoggle post by Niccolai   at Dec 11,2004 9:36pm
XmikeX not logged in said:

Where was Glen Benton on the night in question?

Steeling Cameras and a jacket.... But I don't see how it has anything to do with this.

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