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returntothepit >> discuss >> movie : you got served by dirtycrayon on Nov 6,2004 10:35pm
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toggletoggle post by dirtycrayon at Nov 6,2004 10:35pm

I wanted to see the movie the incredibles tonight at fenway but the line was literally out the door. so i went next door to best buy and pick up "you got served" and it came with another dvd that teaches you all of the dance moves from the movie and shit. i'm so psyched!


p.s. if you do not sense the sarcasm then something is terribly wrong with you and something is terribly wrong with me for buying this movie!

toggletoggle post by swamplorddvm  at Nov 6,2004 10:37pm
That movie is for niggers.

uh... I mean. You dat movie was tight!

toggletoggle post by dirtycrayon at Nov 7,2004 12:17am
you suckas just got served!

such a bad movie but some of the dance scenes were insane --- some guy did a backflip and landed on his head.

toggletoggle post by metalmatt666 at Nov 7,2004 12:22am
You just got F'd in da A!

toggletoggle post by sacreligion at Nov 7,2004 4:20am
who was the genius who decided that doing a backflip and landing on your head was the ill way to dance. whatever happened to the good ol days when you threw your sexual partner around like a ragdoll to funky music with horns and jazzy beats. now that's the good stuff

toggletoggle post by dirtycrayon at Nov 7,2004 11:43am
this was a horrible movie but i knew that before buying it. i just needed to watch something dumb and pointless.

but yeah some guy slid across the floor on his head.

then they did the infamous matrix 360 degree camera thing --- it was so bad though.

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