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returntothepit >> discuss >> Has anyone seen the movie "Bully"? by ASSUCK on Sep 3,2004 12:24pm
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toggletoggle post by ASSUCK   at Sep 3,2004 12:24pm
I had never even heard of it until last night when it was on IFC, and it was an excellent movie.
It had a "kids" vibe to it, but not quite that good.
it also had the guy who played telly from kids in it, only he's like 25 now.
its about a group of kids who decide to kill this kid who always fucks with them, basically.

i give it 10 thumbs up

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Sep 3,2004 12:24pm
I saw that movie.

toggletoggle post by Dissector   at Sep 3,2004 12:25pm
I lived the movie.

toggletoggle post by MarkKevorkian  at Sep 3,2004 12:33pm
It's a true story

toggletoggle post by ASSUCK   at Sep 3,2004 12:35pm
yea i didnt realize it was a true story til the end cause i missed the first 10 minutes of the movie, so it made it even better that was true

toggletoggle post by Rich Horror NLI at Sep 3,2004 1:55pm
I want to fuck the shit out of the blonde with the fucked up teeth.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Sep 3,2004 4:09pm
was anyone else aggrevated to hell with the kids in this movie? i mean they were fucking MORONS. they fucked up this murder every single way possible. i thought i was gonna have a blood vessel burst in my brain watching these kids fuck up over and over again.

toggletoggle post by salty_fist at Sep 3,2004 4:15pm
Yeah I saw that last night too. It was a good movie. That red headed chick definitely pissed me off when she told her friend all about the murder like it was nothing. The guy who directed the movie was also the director of KIDS.

toggletoggle post by thornnvine  at Sep 3,2004 4:51pm
That movie has been around a while.

The bully was the fucked up kid in Gummo who had to take care of his Grandmother.

The mafia kid who misled the others to plan the murder was Sully from Kids. There were a few other straglers in the cast. I thought the best part was when that kid comes out of the arcade and crosses the street and pukes because he was on acid, probably too much stricnine. In a funny way, I could relate to that.

Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Harmony Korine direct Kids or did he just write it? I didn't see Harmony's name in the credits when I saw Bully the first time. I don't pay enough attention t that shit.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Sep 3,2004 5:04pm
Larry clark directed kids, bully, and ken park (sick movie not available in the U.S.).

toggletoggle post by thornnvine  at Sep 3,2004 5:10pm
yeah, I remember now. Thanks.

toggletoggle post by MyDeadDoll   at Sep 3,2004 5:50pm
sounds like a good movie... but i bet blockbuster doesn't carry it =(

toggletoggle post by mark fucking richards at Sep 4,2004 1:30pm
i had mixed feelings about bully; it was fun to watch because the kids in it were definitely stupid, some of the lines were ridiculously hilarious (although probably not intended to be), and they stabbed that dude up pretty good. one thing that pissed me off a shitload was the scene where they're discussing their plan to kill the 'bully' in the driveway...10 minutes of camera rotating around and around makes me want to puke.

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