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   le Reporte - Tsongas Arena (Lowell, MA) [officially approved] [views 28631]

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From I-495 and Rt. 3:
Follow signs for the Lowell Connector - Exit 35C. Exit off the Connector at Thorndike St - Exit 5B. Merge in with traffic and stay in the right hand lane. You will go straight through 6 lights. At the 7th light you will see Lowell City Hall (tall, gray stone clock tower) to your left. Continue straight to the next light, which is the intersection of Father Morissette Blvd. and Arcand Dr. The post office, with the arena behind it, will be in front of you.

From I-93:
First Way:
Take exit 44B/I-495 South - Lowell, then follow instructions above.

Second Way:
Take Exit 46 off of I-93, and follow Rte. 110 West of Lowell - approximately 7 miles until you get to the intersection of Rte. 38 and Bridge Street, with Dunkin Donuts on your right. At the light take a left over the Cox Bridge (it's green). After you go over the bridge stay to right and at first set of lights take a right onto French Street. Go through 2 lights - at 3rd light you will see the arena set back on right behind the post office.

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