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   le Reporte - delmuerte

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Joined: Aug 25, 2007
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2007
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Last Post: Feb 18, 2008
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What delmuerte does
!t.o.o.h.!, 100 suns, 324, amon tobin, anticimex, art blakey, astor piazzola, at the gates, atomsmasher, autopsy, bad dudes, bar kokhba, beastie boys, beyond dawn, bjork, blockhead, boards of canada, bohren und der club of gore, bolt thrower, bonobo, broadcast, cadaver inc, calexico, the cancer conspiracy, carcass, carnage, carpathian forest, celtic frost, cephalic carnage, cex, cinematic orchestra, circa survive, craw, cretin, cursed, cynic, daedalus, darkthrone, del rey, demilich, denali, dj food, dj shadow, dining rooms, discharge, dismember, disrupt, dodheimsgard, don caballero, doom, dr. octagon, engorged, ennio morricone, entombed, envy, esoteric, estradasphere, eurythmics, exhausted prayer, exhumed, extreme noise terror, four tet, gadget, gehenna, genocide ss, godspeed you black emperor, gorguts, grave, hexstatic, hrvatski, johnny cash, kaki king, kayo dot, king crimson, kronos quartet, impaled, in gowan ring, inhume, intronaut, isis, jaga jazzist, jake labotz, james newton howard, jesu, jimi hendrix, mahavishnu orchestra, masada, massive attack, medeski martin and wood, megadeth, metallica, minibosses, mogwai, mono, mos def, mouth of the architect, murder by death, murder construct, mum, napalm death, nasum, necrophobic, neurosis, nujabes, origin, pelican, phobia, planes mistaken for stars, the police, portishead, prefuse 73, pungent stench, regurgitate, relevant few, repulsion, reverend horton heat, romantics, roots manuva, rotten sound, sade, samael, savath and savalas, secret chiefs 3, sixtoo, slayer, sneaker pimps, squarepusher, swans, terrorizer, the mars volta, the misfits, thievery corporation, to seperate the flesh from the bones, tori amos, tortoise, tragedy, tricky, ulver, uncurbed, unleashed, uphill battle, vomitory, wagner, wesley willis, winter, wojciech kilar, wolfbrigade, wolfpack, xploding plastix, zanshin, zbigniew preisner, yakuza, zero 7

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Old:: post by the_reverend at Sep 4,2007 12:38pm
Subject: Re: Re: hm...
>Haha, no kidding! So how come I'm not in any of the front page pictures?? C'mon man!!

and scare more people away?

Old:: post by the_reverend at Aug 25,2007 2:52pm
Subject: hm...
I'm pretty sure you have been in 1/2 the bands you listed there.

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