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   le Reporte - deconformity69

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Joined: Nov 5, 2005
Last Updated: Dec 9, 2005
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Last Post: Dec 9, 2005
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How fast did that year go by without dimebag .....that sux cock ,,Nathan Gale Vs Darrell abbot in a sick fist fight in the end of the world
What deconformity69 does
Im Tony current vocalist,lead and rythem guitarist for Deconformity, another death metal band durived out mass..
yup Im pretty much a die hard
and theres no way around...Im into Girls and Metal,girls who listen to metal,playing drums. and of course guitar....Im into Morbid Angel,Dying Fetus,Skinless,Entomed,Cryptopsy, suffocation,Krisiun,Nile,Meshugga,of course Slayer, Pantera,Kreator,And so much more I cant name it all..My band needs a singer wicked bad contact me if you are not a little bitch...

User Comments
New:: post by hutch at Dec 1,2005 8:44am
Subject: yoo
some girl wants to sing for our band she is 23 and says she sounds like suffocation and decapitated

New:: post by hutch at Nov 18,2005 7:54am
Subject: yooo
yoo tony did u check out our ad josh helped us out. people are actually starting to respond. someone wants to play guitar. and that bass player is definetly in. he liked that song on myspace. shit is somewhat starting to roll. that kid who plays guitar sings to. there all down with are style too.

New:: post by hutch at Nov 17,2005 8:17am
Subject: heee
ya deconformity rocks!

New:: post by deconformity69 at Nov 7,2005 11:54pm
Subject: I am seekin a 3 new members for a old school death metal thrash band!!!!
Hey wutsuuuup Im Tony. I am a death metal drummer on this site seeking 3 People who are into old school death metal and thrash metal and who are not only capable of playing our guitar riffs , bass lines and songlineups,but we want them to be able to write there own Death metal at a newer modern style way of playing.And most of all collaberate with me and my other guitarist well and on time.So as i am trying to say I am lookin for a lead and rythem death metal gutarist who can shred,an UNBELIEVIBLE bass player/singer, not kidding!!!!You can get ahold of me on my personal

or email me at

get back soon ....Tony

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