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Joined: May 27, 2005
Last Updated: May 27, 2005
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Last Post: May 27, 2005
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Ashtray Drama MY BAND MOFOS! (2123)

hey chek out my band

hooray for excessive band promotion. holla!
What AcronymDoll does
Hey, I'm Lauren, 17, going to SAC in the fall (2005), in the band Ashtray Drama, play guitar,sing, i like to skateboard, cheer, dance, make people laugh ( my comedy project im working on :
um........ i like music a ton it is my life. some bands i dig are Poison The Well, No Trigger, A Perfect Circle, Alkaline Trio, Descendents, theRANSOM, autopilot-off, throwdown....i also kind of like dance/cheer style music like gwen stefani and brittany spears (only for dancing though ! haha). im constantly making fun of myself and other people. some people find it annoying, i just find it as another silly way to amuse myself in this colorless world we call "American Society".
i like to mosh, even though guys r like get outa there little girl( i am quite small haha), but i dont cos um, fuck people haha......
um, im stoked about cheering in college next year, cheer=life, just as music= life... so uh, Go SAC Hawks !!

um, yeah, thats about it. oh, and im from Sudbury, MA. isnt that rad? not! ..........

oh, and vote for me when i run for senate in llike 10 years ok? im startin the campaign already!

Bush=Bad, Lauren= Good!
I care about the PEOPLE, not how many fucking people approve of me or how much money i have, so um yeah, its what the people want, i dont care if that means not sticking to the traditional Liberal beliefs, I will just do what the country on a whole wants... not the democrats,, or the republicans, but instead, the american people, because thats what you all really are: People!
haha ok im done... vote for me!
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