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returntothepit >> discuss >> April 20th 2017 Metal Thursday CCCXXVIII: Pink Mass (NJ Grind), Locus Mortis (NY Death Metal), Upheaval, & Death State @ Ralph's Worcester by KEVORD on Feb 19,2017 4:47pm
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: post by Save Charolette at 2017-03-23 15:21:47
grandmotherweb said[orig][quote]
what do you think i'm hiding, exactly? i have a problem with TST harassing multiples and their therapists for no fucking reason. quid pro quo, douchebags.

i will not come to this show because Kev told me not to. maybe i'll go to the one the following day..

Good go to the one the following day.

Keep hitting f5 on this forum where under a handful of people give this place like 15 minutes of their day. I posted and look at the time stamps, get a fucking life or something, better yet don't get a life and just keep up this.

For a hot 15 mins a day you are a source of pure entertainment, a reminder of how to control instabilities that might occur during a productive day.

Hiding/life choices: Your pain and suffering from your childhood which supposively brought you to where YOU are today which you feel NOW, to take it out on a group (of lame fucks) who are just doing whatever other group of hating people will do. In return you pass the hate back and end up on the same level as them.

Not one anon or known person has come to your defense.
Not one person who has worked with you in the past, persons who you have booked shows for, friends or anyone...ANYONE. Not one single human has come here while you get bombarded with shit that you have vomited in regardess to real life information, highly personal stuff. If you feel letting it out and such makes for a better CLAIM then no power to you.

If a check that comes once a month is the feeling of comfort for you, then I and probably and most likely everyone else you know or end up knowing will be very offputting to you as millions of other americans suffer from symptoms of mental illness also but don't show it in the manor you do.

Have a nice day cunt.

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