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returntothepit >> discuss >> April 20th 2017 Metal Thursday CCCXXVIII: Pink Mass (NJ Grind), Locus Mortis (NY Death Metal), Upheaval, & Death State @ Ralph's Worcester by KEVORD on Feb 19,2017 4:47pm
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: post by anony-juice at 2017-03-11 15:25:40
"eh. all i'm saying is, they have a problem with me. they can take it up with me."

You have spent this thread, and others claiming to "troll them mercilessly" and you question why they could possibly have a problem with you.
You follow them around on all social media, you contact and berate any and every person who has anything to do with them, you screencap conversations showing where people are asking who you are and also asking you to leave them alone, and you say "they have a problem with me, they can take it up with me." but when they say they will do necessary actions as in getting the police involved or troll your friends/family, you go into rage and hysterics.

You call them a cult- so who cares. If they are a cult, what business is it of yours and why do you care so much? The answer is- you don't care, not about any of the things you say. you just want attention and you have found it here.

But to say someone is a pedophile or takes money from pedophiles is a serious claim, one that has no truth or evidence backing it. What you are trying to do is ruin someone's reputation in the ugliest way you can, and it still won't work because every single person who sees your words know that you are totally full of shit and your actions, though baseless, are simply deplorable and hideous.

You are an attention seeking loser, a fraud, a liar, a hated bitter cunt who is so depressed and lonely that you found one thing to focus on and you've made that your life. Isn't it sad that you are not "Grandmotherweb", you are no longer "Charlotte" but instead you are "that lonely loser whose only purpose in life is to troll people for attention because nobody likes her/him/they?

Nobody but you cares. You suck. You're disgusting. You're pathetic but not even worthy of pity or thought. Nobody would ever think twice about you if you moved to another country or simply inhaled fire.

I think that's why yer so pissed, because you know that nobody cares about you at all.
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