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Date Added: Oct 16, 2002 Reviews 15 Views 7530
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Band:Dillinger Escape Plan [add link] [band profile
Title:Calculating Infinity
Label:Relapse [add link]
Tracks:Sugar Coated Sour
43% Burnt
Jim Fear
Destro's Secret
The Running Board
Clip The Apex ... Accept Instruction
Calculating Infinity
4th Grade Dropout
Weekend Sex Change
Variations On A Cocktail Dress
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Dillinger Escap...

Dillinger Escap...

Dillinger Escap...

Dillinger Escap...
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:Oct 27,2002 11:59pm - post by anonymous
Absolutely the most chaotic, mind-boggling shit I've ever heard. Dizzying time changes and complex, syncopated leads as well as clean jazzy interludes, all woven together to create the most brutal experience ever!

:Mar 10,2003 2:19pm - post by metal5411
Ridiculous. That's all there is to say.

:Apr 5,2003 7:18am - post by pipedream
This album blows your brain out , it's total chaos in a good way

:Jun 7,2003 5:17am - post by anonymous
Quite good.

:Aug 28,2003 1:31am - post by bassbashr99
This is the musicians grind/hardcore cd!

:Sep 7,2003 12:08am - post by The_Disney_Channel
without classification. one of the most creative and talented group of artist ever. really fucking good

:Sep 7,2003 11:29pm - post by anonymous
no band could ever be compared to dillinger, even though i am a bigger fan of the running board this cd is still one of the most creative and chaotic cd that i have heard to date. amazing

:Nov 9,2003 12:05am - post by FNman
Holy shit. These guys are rivaled only by Decapitated and Cephalic Carnage in the technical department. This stuff peels paint! AMAZING!

:Nov 9,2003 1:05am - post by George
this band is amazing. their drummer went to berklee, and a bunch of other music schools. insane to watch live as well. this is a great album, its really really out there, but it never lets up. their guitarist can fucking shred like a bastard too. great musicianship all around. i never really liked their singer, but thankfully he left. i expected more from the mike patton recording, because i love mike patton, but its not as good. i havnt heard their new singer yet, but hopefully he's better than this singer. i sometimes think this band should maybe just be instrumental, they're so completely out there, that they could probably pull it off. anyway, i think this is their best, and i reccomend it to anyone who wants to hear something completely different.

:Jan 14,2004 11:51am - post by anonymous
when i heard Greg puciato had shit on stage i thought he was a fag who took it in the ass. then i heard this rather embarrasing album. technical for the sake of being technical, a real waste of time. try Mastodon for something orginal.

:Jan 15,2004 3:44pm - post by JellyFish
I dont like this band. I tried to like it, and I tried to appreciate it for what it was or could be. I guess it just isnt my thing.

:Jul 18,2004 10:17am - post by anonymous
I agree, they are a huge load of shit.

:Apr 1,2005 5:42am - post by anonymous
This release is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest heavy releases i have ever heard. the jazzy time signatures chaotic blastbeats making even Napalm Death sound like late 90's metallica in comparison. Dimitris vocals sound like he is getting his heart ripped from his chest, Chris Pennies is drum playing is brilliant and Bens guitar signature sound leaves me in awe everytime. Calculating Infinity is a masterpiece which will set the standard for all others to follow. 10outof10 Genius

:Apr 2,2005 12:46pm - post by __THeMoor__
One of the greatest albums of all time. period. end of discussion.

:Jun 26,2005 8:12pm - post by exhumed4death
its hard to believe this is the same band that released shit.machine, thats the selling out right there

:Feb 9,2007 2:20pm - post by hybrid
Whenever I put this cd in the moment it starts I feel like I just took artifical adrenalyne. Absolutely amazing.

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