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Date Added: Sep 22, 2002 Reviews 37 Views 10364
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Band:Norma Jean [add link] [band profile
Title:Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child
Label:Solid State [add link]
Tracks:01. Entire World Is Counting on Me, and They Don't Even Know It
02. Face: Face
03. Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste
04. Creating Something out of Nothing, Only to Destroy It
05. Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, but Something Is Going to Happen
06. Shotgun Message
07. Sometimes It's Our Mistakes That Make for the Greatest Ideas
08. I Used to Hate Cell Phones but Now I Hate Car Accidents
09. It Was As if the Dead Man Stood Upon the Air
10. Human Face, Divine
11. Organized Beyond Recognition
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Norma Jean

norma jean

Norma Jean

Norma Jean
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:May 7,2003 7:05am - post by anonymous
Putting Douglasville on the mufuckin map! Great cd, great sound, very well produced, and sick-crazy live shows. Buy/download this NOW.

:Jun 6,2003 4:27pm - post by anonymous
Fagets who give lip service to throbbing donkey cock, DISSECTION would shit on thier shallow graves after Nordviet put 2 rounds in each of thier faget heads...


:Sep 2,2003 4:05am - post by xautumn2ashesx at
norma jean kicks ass.. norma jean will always kick ass....

:Sep 2,2003 4:13am - post by thegreatspaldino
this album is terrible... WAY too much of that stupid high pitched droning chord that hardcore abuses... the production is ok... but the material is hurtin

:Sep 2,2003 2:50pm - post by BabysBreath
this is the kind of dogshit that comes out of metalcore hardcore/metal. chugalug

:Sep 3,2003 9:39pm - post by anonymous
i will agree just another metalcore band using augmented(sp) chords in attempts to get people dancing. It is just a plain boring cd.

:Sep 15,2003 2:57pm - post by metal5411
Cough*sucks*Cough. More moshcore bullshit. So boring.

:Sep 15,2003 10:34pm - post by anonymous
mosh for christ...pffft...!!!

:Oct 5,2004 2:10pm - post by anonymous
this cd kicks ass if you do not like this album you have no right to say you like metal

:Oct 5,2004 9:04pm - post by anonymous
I don't like this CD, and I think I have every right to say i like metal.

:Oct 5,2004 11:46pm - post by otisfirefly2001 at
awesome cd. The raw, demo feel of the album plays perfectly! Norma jean rocks!

:Nov 28,2004 5:28pm - post by anonymous
yeah DISSECTION would tear your mouth open and shit a huge ass log in your throat too buddy

:Nov 28,2004 6:07pm - post by anonymous (malettey)
norma jean sucks and so does dissection

:Nov 29,2004 1:01am - post by __THeMoor__
take another look boys.

this is something different. it takes a couple of spins to get there.


:Dec 5,2004 1:16pm - post by anonymous
You fucking metalhead queers stop leaving comments on how bad Norma Jean is, I don't see you guys making any material better than them so stop being the "bad asses" that you are and go piss on your own scene


:Dec 5,2004 1:20pm - post by anonymous
norma jean kicks ass, fuck all you metal heads

:Dec 5,2004 1:29pm - post by anonymous
hahaahahahahahaha dissection wow you cant even spell faggot right, wow its amazing, norma jean will punch you in the face that never graduated high school

:Dec 5,2004 1:31pm - post by anonymous
lets think of the worst names in metal
cattle decapitation-sucks
more feedback for faggots who dont like metalcore

:Feb 24,2005 1:55pm - post by anonymous
wait, Dissection is a bad band name? And Norma Jean isn't? What about fucking Everytime I Die and From Autumn to Ashes and every other stupid fucking hardcore band? You hardcore kids' attempts to be "original," "creative," and "artsy" have landed you in a bottomless pit of dissonant chugalug (not to mention hardcore "dancing"). Farmakon is doing something different. Frantic Bleep is doing something different. Show me a hardcore band that can say the same.

:Aug 24,2005 10:05am - post by anonymous
I agree. There's nothing metal about screaming about how much you love Jesus. I guess young boys see some fun in wearing girls jeans, putting Crisco in their hair, and kickboxing to this sad shit. Metal is about rape, abortion, death, vikings, and goddamn Satan.. You like god? Go listen to Jars of Clay, don't pollute a once proud musical style.

:Aug 24,2005 4:21pm - post by __THeMoor__
wow. people are pussies.

a) if you come to this website, log in, then post

b) if you don't come to this website, don't give shitty reviews OR don't yell at other people for their opinions. log in, get a name, or get out.

this album is still incredible btw.

:Aug 24,2005 5:26pm - post by anonymous
it's better than leaving your name and feeling like a douche for giving props to a bible-core outfit. everyone is laughing at you, you fucking clownshoe.

:Aug 25,2005 2:14pm - post by anonymous
word. support Bury your Dead in their egging of Maiden, you pathetic fashion-core douches. separate the real shit from the imitators.

:Sep 7,2005 3:15pm - post by anonymous
Stupid metal heads get over ur stupid pussy hair medal crap

:Sep 9,2005 10:43am - post by anonymous
all i gotta say is wow about this first of all thits is a norma jean review who was the idiot who spoke about dissection go to a dissection review and people who talk shit in here about metalheads and stuff they are pure bitches they would write but would they say it to somebodys face ? i dont think so before they get shoot or stabbed so stop the hate and also nobody should be talking shit in here anyways metal is metal we should unite when rap is taking over in tv outside everywhere now that def sucks

:Sep 14,2005 11:23pm - post by anonymous
BEST CD EVER... AND THE NEW ONE IS EVEN BETTER!!! metal is the SAME thing over and over. this is inventive and new. you can tell by the metalheads who posted here of thier idiocy. they have no rational thought... no brains. this music is too smart for them.

:Sep 15,2005 9:43am - post by __THeMoor__
hey anonymous-why is this cd too smart? explain it to us. no really. i'd like you to. hell i love this album, but i don't think you have any idea why this album is too "smart" for metalheads.

please-indulge us.


:Sep 15,2005 2:45pm - post by anonymous
What's so "smart" about this album ? It's just another shitty album by another shitty hardcore band

:Sep 21,2005 2:18pm - post by anonymous
yeah that is true how that guy is gonna say that thits cd is too smart u gotta be pretty fucking stupid to say that

:Sep 21,2005 2:49pm - post by anonymous
Whoever said that the new cd is even better is a dumbass. Corey there new singer is a jerk and an idot and totally changed the meaning of the band, he changed who they were and what they stood for, so yea, my opinion which im sure u dont care because u are probably a kid in Abercrombie girl pants is that the new cd sucks, LONG LIVE JOSH

:Sep 21,2005 2:59pm - post by anonymous
Wow... metal heads really are dumber then they look. "Metal should be about satan abortion violence"CRAP. You are a prob a dumb old metallica fan in his late thirties with nothing better to do than masturbate and post comments showing how completely stupid u are. Get ur thumb out of your hole and u get up and make some music instead of crying about a different genre. People who thrash harder than most band out there, and play for what the belive in. you are infected zit on the ass of society. Go cry somewhere else.

:Sep 23,2005 10:28am - post by anonymous
its true nobody should be bitching about different types of rock,metal whatever all those genres were made for a crowd or like me i like anything cause i dont wanna get stuck in one genre some bands suck and some dont with that said thats only a persons opinion and who ever says that metalheads or harcore fans or whatever fans are stupid i think he is the BIGGEST IDIOT

:Oct 3,2005 10:39pm - post by anonymous
I love this band, GW Bush, and dagnabbit I love God!!!

:Oct 3,2005 10:41pm - post by anonymous
fuckin sux.....

:Oct 3,2005 10:44pm - post by anonymous
Hey dude, I'm a Christian and I would much rather put on "Master of Puppets" than chuck the CD on the HiFi. It's not a matter of feeling obligated to listen to this band about the message, it's about a progression of notes that adds up to equal a quintessential tune!

:Nov 13,2005 1:00pm - post by vowsinashes
While I do not love every track on this CD, I do believe is it is one of the best in the ever-growing pile of metalcore acts. This album has a lot more to offer than simply chug - interesting lyrics, decent flow, and an awesome production sound. Not using computers really helped shaped this albums sound, and I appreciate their attempts. Parts of this album are really chaotic, and almost epic (by metalcore standards).
An amazing band? No.
One of the best in this growing but dying style? Yes.

:Mar 14,2007 12:52am - post by anonymous (Matt F)
These Guys rock. "Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste" is the best song on the album.

:Mar 13,2019 1:08pm - post by the_reverend
great cd

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