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Keep It Short Reviews
Date Added: Jan 31, 2002 Reviews 18 Views 9310
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Band:Opeth [add link] [band profile
Title:Blackwater Park
Label:Koch [add link]
Categories:Melodic/gothic Death Metal
Tracks:1) The Leper Affinity
2) Bleak
3) Harvest
4) The Drapery Falls
5) Dirge For November
6) The Funeral Portrait
7) Patterns In The Ivy
8) Black Water Park
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:Feb 6,2002 12:57am - post by bordersauce
I have never heard a more mature bunch of musicians. These guys are practically flawless. The vocals are distorted and bold at some points, and at other points they are clean and beautiful. The guitars are also very technical, going from distorted to acoustic and back and forth in the most appropriate times. And eventhough the average song is about 8 to 9 minutes, you will never be wishing the song is over. When the song ends you feel very satisfied. The drummer places fills where they are needed and nevergoes overboard. His use of dynamics complements all of the other musicians as well. The band as a whole gels very well. The fluidity of transitions also blows me away. The melodies make your head nod and the heavy crushing parts make you drum on anything in front of you. This album is definitely a change of pace from past albums, but definitely not inferior or dissapointing.

:Feb 8,2002 2:20am - post by AllanHoldsworth
A definite improvement over the previous album Still Life, which I found to have a lot of really good parts but was too unorganized overall. I still say the best OPETH is MY ARMS, YOUR HEARSE. That's a fucking masterpiece.

Mikael Akerfeldt is in the top 0.1% of the metal community when it comes to knowledge of music theory, and it shines on this album. You could probably count they number of times they play power chords on one hand. I still haven't figured out if his solos are written or improvised but either way, they're friggin prime. The drummer played on the first 2 Amon Amorth albums (i.e. he's fucking good). 10/10

:Feb 10,2002 9:40pm - post by RustedAngel
very good album, is up there with all of their previous albums.

Hey Mexican, and previous dude, read the top!!!
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(aka. 10-15 words max) lol

:Jan 4,2003 10:07pm - post by anonymous
A band with extreme pefection and diversity,this album was intricate and long as hell you never get bored with it,they have better but definatly a must but for n e one who likes melodic death metal

:Jan 4,2003 10:08pm - post by anonymous (chris c)
A band with extreme pefection and diversity,this album was intricate and long never get bored with it,they have better but definatly a must but for n e one who likes melodic death metal

:Jun 15,2003 3:14pm - post by anonymous
these whackos cant fucking sing, play or write lyrics. jesus marry and joseph these guys make me sick. everyone's like "oh opeth kicks ass" and "they're like the next led zepplin" or whatever. Fuckin hell thats a bunch of bullcrap. BULLCRAP, you hear me?! fuckin hell.

:Aug 19,2003 11:24pm - post by Devin
Opeth deserve 101% of the praise they've been getting. Whether it be the growls or the all-around beauty of their music that prevents you from enjoying this band, GET OVER IT. These guys are fucking amazing. They've not recorded one bad album, and their godly folk/death formula never bores, unless you shun anything that doesn't fall into the categories black metal or grindcore. As far as I'm concerned, they ARE the next Led Zeppelin!

:Sep 6,2003 8:10pm - post by retzam
Great album, one of my favorites of the O. Everysong on it kicks ass. Also, the two bonus songs on the limited re-release (Still Day Beneath The Sun and Patterns In The Ivy) are great.

:Sep 7,2003 12:04am - post by The_Disney_Channel
Awesome Melodic Guitar Parts, Perfect Vocals. Good Album

:Oct 9,2003 10:15pm - post by fnman
Anyone who can't acknowledge the talent and ambition of Opeth don't belong on a metal site. Period. Bottom line, best release (so far, with the new line up, I actually like Morningrise with the original bassist and drummer as much as this one) from the greatest metal band on earth in all respects. Such mature songwriting and musicianship - Lopez on drums, Mendez on bass (oh yeah, oh yes), Akerfeldt and Lindgren... too good for words. Absolutely breathtaking!

:Oct 31,2003 5:37am - post by anonymous
This album is an absolute triumph of musical diversity and complexity. Advent is still my favourite Opeth track, but this album is all good. The way the can link acoustic and overdriven guitar parts is masterful, and the drummer holds back, unlike many a norweigen drummer. Absolute masterpiece

:Dec 22,2003 5:21pm - post by anonymous (Jellyfish)
The gentlemen who said, and i quote "these whackos cant sing, play or write lyrics" should kindly kill himself, for hes not worth a fluid ounce of whale sperm. Im sure he was dissapointed when he realized fred durst wasnt on this album, because that must be his level of music. It certainly matches his stupidity. This album is excellent, nevertheless this band. But hell, what did you expect?

:Feb 1,2004 7:10pm - post by TheGreatSpaldino
This is impeccability in aural form.

:Feb 2,2004 8:17pm - post by JellyFish
What are you talking about, AllanHoldsCock? Still Life is very organized, and significantly better than BWP. However, you are correct. MAYH is a masterpiece. Excellent observation.

(dont take offense to the AllanHoldCock. Just a joke)

:Feb 17,2004 11:49pm - post by anonymous (betweenthe buriedandhabeeb)
This little fuck who says that opeth sucks, should kill himself because he doesnt know music!!! He probably hasnt even heard opeth. FUCK YOU!!! These guys are fukn amazing!! These guys have the best guitar solos!!! These guys are ORIGINAL!!!

:Jul 18,2004 8:25am - post by anonymous
They seem to be a lazy, boring imitation of Dream Theater, without the compositional/technical skill of Petrucci and co.

:Jun 15,2005 10:45am - post by anonymous
These guys are like a bad "goth" imitation of Dream Theater. And since Dream Theater's music itself is a bad imitation of progresive rock, then Opeth is really a pathetic band. And no, I don't listen to Hip-Hop.

:Jun 15,2005 12:33pm - post by __THeMoor__
opeth is the best band ever. period.

i don't think i can sum it up any better than that.

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