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Date Added: May 28, 2002 Reviews 14 Views 6574
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Band:Killswitch Engage [add link] [band profile
Title:Alive or Just Breathing
Label:Roadrunner Records [add link]
Tracks:01. Numbered Days
02. Self Revolution
03. Fixation on the Darkness
04. My Last Serenade
05. Life to Lifeless
06. Just Barely Breathing
07. To the Sons of Man
08. Temple from the Within
09. The Element of One
10.Vide Infra
11.Without a Name
12. Rise Inside
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Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage
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:Jun 7,2002 10:12pm - post by anonymous
This album is the most intense-brutal album that came out yet. This talented band deserves everything that comes there way.

:Jun 19,2002 3:28pm - post by Pellek
hearing the name just brings chills to anyone who remembers how brutal their last cd was. this one is the last one times 100.

:Jun 19,2002 8:55pm - post by anonymous
THey are the most intense hardcore band out there. They put on a very good show.

:Jul 13,2002 6:52pm - post by RustedAngel
what a bunch of gaywads.

:Apr 2,2003 10:52am - post by MetalAndy
KsE is amazing. This CD is a masterpiece except for the tracks from the first CD. I hate when bands do that. Anyways this is a amazing piece of work. I love to see them live. Well, at least when Jesse was in the band. Didn't really like them with Howard on vocals. We'll see what the next offering sounds like. Excellent work guys. Buy this right now.

:Jul 25,2003 9:35pm - post by brand1
Man...Everyone talks trash about this band because they are making it big.I don't care what anyone says.This is the best mainstream metal/hardcore album ever.This is amazing.One of the best albums I have ever heard right here.You probably like "oh this guy hasnt heard shit then..."...check it out and you tell me of this isn't great.

:Jul 25,2003 10:54pm - post by anonymous
MESHUGGAH EATS THESE DUDES FOR LUNCH.....out of all the old-school mixed with new-school metal bands that are big on the scene right now I do like this band the best.....not bad but nothing compaired to the likes of Meshuggah, Cryptopsy, Dillenger Escape Plan, and Hatebreed.

:Nov 4,2003 1:04pm - post by anonymous
Meshuggah kick ass! but still, this is a great record, and Jesse kicks ass. He is metalcores greatest frontman. Now that howard fucking jones has taken over and tried to turn the metal machine into a dickboat they kinda suck. I saw him live on roadrage and he was shit. What a fucking waste.

:Dec 7,2003 12:49am - post by terminaldisease
Kse kicks ass if you ever see them live you know what am talking about. To the flipside alive or just breathing is good but there first album was much better. One thing they are geatting big in their own scene, but that dosent mean they are selling out like many dipshits have accused them off

:Dec 19,2003 3:04am - post by metal5411
You should all quit life. These guys suck.

:Dec 19,2003 3:58pm - post by anonymous (Jellyfish(dugge))
Im with this dude above me. These guys suck fucking balls. Ive saw them once, and it was a mistake. The second time I saw them, I wanted to kill myself. Any band that works with hot topic shoild kill themselves. Why dont we just call them korn or limp bizkit? These guys suck.

:Nov 4,2004 6:57pm - post by anonymous (malettey)
the thing i don't like about this band is that in every song, they feel they need to get all creative and put some dumb ass, lame-o, sappy, pussy clean vocal part in. i hate when metal bands do that!!! they want to be all diverse and sound original so they comepletely wimp out and play softer than a 12 year old girl's pubic hair.
K.S.E could be good, but all that melodic "let's show we can play other kinds of music" shit ruins it for me.

:Aug 22,2005 12:38am - post by TriPP
YOU are a fucking retard ,tone deaf, or just plain old dumbass . If you do not realize the skill and soul that each member of this band puts in to their music . I dont like singing in metal in most cases ,But these guys pull it off Really nicely.Why? A: Soul , the key and I see that most of you ,To put it nicely "Slow" Fucks Are permanently Locked the fuck out . You most likely are a so called fan and probably will always be that way.

:Jun 6,2006 3:55am - post by anonymous
killswitch are the beat band i have ever heard and you fukwits who say they suck
shouldnt say that because there mum sucks all size PENIS

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