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Date Added: May 8, 2002 Reviews 20 Views 10268
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Band:Cannibal Corpse [add link] [band profile
Title:Tomb of the Mutilated
Label:Metal Blade [add link]
Categories:death metal
Tracks:Hammer Smashed Face
I Cum Blood
Addicted To Vagnial Skin
Split Wide Open
The Cryptic Stench
Entrails Ripped From A Virgin's Cunt
Post Mortal Ejaculation
Beyond The Cemetery
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cannibal corpse

cannibal corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse
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:May 8,2003 11:59am - post by anonymous
metal that kick awesome death metal album.OK i admit that Barnes is a pretty shitty vocalist,and that his monotone growls were getting boring,but just look at the fucking cover for fucks sake.any pussys should fuck off,in fact i bet gary glitter listens to Necropaedophile every day.this is one sick fuck of an album,but its good production despite not being as good as Heartworks by Carcass.still Cannibal corpse are content with being second best.

:May 8,2003 4:23pm - post by anonymous
This album is pretty shit compared to the Fisher era corpse.They lack skill and none of the tracks really stand out.this is when they used shock not skill,to sell records.

:May 9,2003 12:03am - post by thegreatspaldino
this is their best and most brutal album. not as technical as newer corpse but this is the album that a lot of those corpse rip off bands got their inspiration from. a CLASSIC release.

:Jun 6,2003 3:00pm - post by Fenrirzhammer

This album will make you commit an auto-erotic asphyxiated death, with a jelly jar in your ass!

:Jun 17,2003 4:33pm - post by anonymous
Cannible Corpse... honestly, they are so boring. The growls leave much to be desired, and the lyrics are only remotely interesting because of the shock value. They have no substance at all. Check out Tool if you want some real lyrical and musical masterminds.

:Jun 17,2003 9:50pm - post by thegreatspaldino
oh yeah... lets compare two totally different genres of music and try to look like you actually know something. PUH-LEASE. first off... have you actually heard this album? and secondly... this album came out in 1992... this was the top shit back in the day and hell it still is now. this is brutal, this is fun, this is real death metal, this is Corpse's best release all together. if you dont know shit about shit then dont talk it.

:Aug 13,2003 3:11pm - post by anonymous
hey if jim carrey liked it, i like it

:Aug 28,2003 1:14am - post by bassbashr99
yeah that was pretty fuckin retard to compare tool to cannibal corpse.. well anyways!! i think this album isn't all that great considering the shitty bass sound, and the shitty vocals.. BUT the greats on this album can not be forgotten (i.e. I Cum Blood, Hammer Smashed Face)

:Aug 28,2003 2:11am - post by thegreatspaldino
those aren't the greats... tracks that stand out and are alot better are... ALL OF THEM. but entrails ripped from a virgins cunt is bad ass tune... as well as addicted to vaginal skin

:Oct 3,2003 8:15pm - post by papacherry45 at
You all blow at giving reviews. This is how it's done. Bass: average. Drums:above average. Guitar:Much above average but simple. Vocals: Rather you liked his vocals or not, they were good you fucking pussy. No one can do what he did. Not even him anymore. I actually know metal and it's a work of old-school art. But the do go a little too much into shock value.

:Oct 3,2003 10:40pm - post by anonymous

:Oct 4,2003 10:05am - post by thegreatspaldino
Meshuggah is thrash? thats news to me. anyways... have you SERIOUSLY heard this album? non-stop blasting? sorry, you must be thinking of Disgorge because you wont find non-stop blasting here. just sick tried and true death metal groove. besides, this album is what spawned all the countless corpse rip-offs. its one of the greatest death metal albums of ALL TIME too. learn about something before you decide to talk shit about it. also, typing in all caps is fucking lame.

:Oct 9,2003 2:46pm - post by xPaulBLAHBLAHx
Well here is my review. Personally this is my favorite corpse album along with butched at birth. This album is so brutal for its time. The vocals are gutteral as hell, and some of the grooves on this disc are nasty. The guitar playing is intricate, and the drumming is decent. However their drummer never could blast that fast. Sometimes i believe his blasting even slows down the music. But overall an extremely influencial and brutal disc.

:Nov 18,2003 6:29pm - post by anonymous
Oh my god. this is the worst shit i have ever heard how can anyone call that music. these guys are just sick ass fucks. with song names like i will kill you shredded humans post mortal ejaculation and mangled it really shows how professional these assholes are. look at their album covers the whole band is sick bullshit and it sounds like shit. have a nice lung killing vagina mutilating day.

:Dec 31,2003 12:28pm - post by anonymous (JellyFish)
Comparing meshugah to cannibal corpse? Wow. Anyway, this album starts with Hammer Smashed Face and ends with Beyond the Cemetary. And in between are songs like i cum blood and split wide open. A great death metal cd from the innovators. And oh yeah, any one notice why corpses shit is all better with barnes?

:Jan 5,2004 7:23pm - post by Corpsegrinder0123
Whats with this same guy posting bullshit on the cannibal corpse reviews. He needs to pull that dick out of his ass and go review his meshugah cd if he doesnt even enjoy death metal. This cd is the best cannibal corpse cd along with butchered at birth and the bleeding. Constant blast beats? Paul always changes his beats around and knows when to break down and speed up. The vocals are low, gutteral and brutal just the way i like it. The bass player for c.c is simply amazing, he plays all the songs with his fingers and wrote more than half the shit. This is a fuckin nasty cd and u should get it.

:Jan 5,2004 7:26pm - post by JellyFish
Hell yeah. This guy said it. THat fucking kid always reviews his crappy ass meshitgah. All he does is compare good bands like corpse to a completely different(shitty) band. And youre right, this is one of thier best. If you love any corpse album, I think youll like this one better.

:Jan 5,2004 11:41pm - post by anonymous
Frank says: My favorite CC album by far. perhaps less technically proficient, but its the originality and sheer chunkiness of some of these riffs, along with the rawness of the recording, which make me wanna bash your psudeo-intellectual heads in.
cheers you truncated fucks

:May 1,2004 4:39pm - post by anonymous (malettey)
this is my one of my favorite CC albums.....yes i agree that cannibal corpse and many other death metal bands can be boring and repetitive, but i think this album sounds pretty damn good, i love the guitar and drum sounds and chris barnes's vocals were perfect, his growls....fuck i've tried to growl like that and i can't do it! too bad he doesn't sing like that anymore.... and his screams, though very few actually sounded cool unlike that raspy choked gagging noise he makes sometimes in six feet under! the lyrics on this one aren't really as sick (or humorous) as eaten... or butchered... but overall, musically, if you're in the mood for just balls out straight up death metal, i think this would be a fine choice

:May 11,2005 5:36pm - post by DestroyYouAlot
Amazing. This is CC's "Master of Puppets", then they go on to make the more technical record and then go downhill. Not that I'm comparing "Vile" to the fucking black album, but you can see where I'm going here.

BTW, that kid calling them "unprofessional" was the funniest shit I've seen all day.

:May 31,2005 9:28pm - post by headbanger5665 at
this album is pure deathmetal,just pure I remember hearing hammer smashed face for the first time in ace venura and I said holy shit I need to check these dudes out and I'm glad I did

:Sep 26,2006 1:17am - post by Ryan_M
I got 99 problems but music ain't one;
If you don't own this record I feel bad for you son.

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