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Date Added: Jul 4, 2005 Reviews 4 Views 6328
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Band:Torn Asunder [add link] [band profile
Label:Spare Change Records [add link]
Tracks:1. Hope Is For The Weak
2. Another Day
3. Word I Disavow
4. The Seventh Seal
5. Roses
6. Legends
7. Weights And Measures
8. Revelations
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:Dec 5,2005 11:52pm - post by metaljunk7
TORN ASUNDER has been tearing up the scene for 10 years now & don't show any signs of stopping. These guys play a combination of Death Metal & hardcore type music. These are my two favorite styles of music so of course I loved this band. These guys take the best elemenst of both styles & melt them together to create their style & sound. There is havey & brutal Death marches as well as hard hitting Hardcore grooves & rhythms. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death/Hardcore crossover styled growl/scream. These guys are amazing & extremely good! This is a must for any fan of Hardcore or Death Metal music! Get it now!!! - Burt @ Beowolf Productions

:Dec 6,2005 12:26am - post by lambofgod_4 at
I went into listening to this album with an open mind, the owner of the Spare Change Records label is actually a really good friend of mine, so I gave it a shot. Right from the start this album kicks you in the balls, then while you fall down it kicks you in the teeth. A pleasant blend of breakdowns, melody, hardcore, death, and thrash. This album does nothing more than grow on you the more you listen to it.

:Feb 21,2006 4:43pm - post by metaljunk7
The Deathcore of Torn Asunder it me like a punch in the face! Very intense, their deathcore is raw, in your face and there's no compromise to sound trendy like some hardcore bands! This as nothing to do with that. The vocal is a pure death metal growls, you got some nice grooves with a tons of bang your head riffs that the fans will enjoy at first listen! Some groove made me think about Dying Fetus (in a less heavy way) and also Obituary with some nice slow grooves. This album is filled with catchy hooks and memorable moments. The only thing is that there's no originality and they didn't push the boundaries of metal for sure. If you're looking for something new you're at the wrong place but if you're looking for a good deathcore album with a tons of nice groove, this may be a good choice!

patrick @ the darkest hours

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