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Date Added: Apr 17, 2005 Reviews 14 Views 6859
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Band:V/A [add link]
Title:New England is Wicked Pissed Vol.1
Label:Aural Defecation Records [add link]
Tracks:1. Pillory - Irritated as a Hangnail in a Fingerfuck
2. Terrible Night for a Curse - Splinters Rewind
3. Teratism - Desire for the Demented 4. Raising Kubrick - Vertical Talking (live) 5. Blood Obsession - I Deny Christ 6. Deathamphetamine - Politics Of Horror
7. Hekseri - Skull Rack
8. Dreaded Silence - Jet Black, Blood Red
9. Burn My Remains - Inconceivable Villainy
10. The Taste of Silver - The Grasshopper and the Ant
11. Bane of Existence - Subjugate
12. Swatchdogs - track 2
13. Sin of Angels - The Bleeding
14. The Nightmare Continues - Coming Home to a Ghost Town (rough mix)
15. Random Acts of Violence - Transfiguration
16. Abhorred - Forever War
17. Perils of Reasoning - Crossing the CT. River in a rowing machine
18. Within the Fray - Draining the color
19. Human Bone Bicycle Sciences Industries - rotted shadowgraph of rectangular myelin sheath, neurilemma fragments of exploding human skull
20. Re- Creation - Idol Worship
21.Dour Cursiva - Gracenotes for Delia
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:Apr 17,2005 4:42pm - post by Josh_hates_you
Whoever put this compilation together is an ass hat.

:Apr 18,2005 3:27pm - post by dreaminginexile

I need a copy of this...

:Apr 18,2005 9:27pm - post by darkwingsunfurl
its not that new england is wicked pissed, its just wicked sick of shitty bands being put on compilations.

:Apr 19,2005 8:00am - post by Josh_hates_you
sorry darkwing duck, but troo kvlt black metal is pretty gay, gauntlets or not.

too bad Cold Arctic Winter Blast of Necro Bestial Pack of Wolves is not on the comp for ya.

:Apr 20,2005 11:26am - post by darkwingsunfurl

:Apr 21,2005 10:46am - post by Robdeadskin
awesome comp...thanx josh...cant wait for vol. 2

:Apr 23,2005 1:34pm - post by anonymous
all i gotta say is pillory,blood obsession,deathamphetamine,and burn my remains are fuckin sick

:Apr 26,2005 9:30pm - post by anonymous (Human bone guitar)
Nice layout, and the comp flows well. Best part is that I don't hear any bands that sound like ATG or In Flames, maybe now people will think there is more to New Englang than Killswitch Engage.

:Apr 27,2005 2:29pm - post by anonymous
Dour Cursiva, A Terrible Night For a Curse, Within the Fray, Taste of Silver kick ass!

:Apr 27,2005 2:30pm - post by anonymous
and Pillory

:Apr 28,2005 8:37pm - post by brian_dc
damn, our(Dour Cursiva) only fan is anonymous...if that was someone in the goddamn band I'm gonna throw knives at the next practice

Josh, thanks again for putting this together

:May 2,2005 12:07pm - post by Bradness
Abhorred rule

:Jun 14,2005 11:25pm - post by the_reverend
listening to this CD, I'm wicked proud that josh and the people from my site would take the time and money to put this comp together.

:Jun 15,2005 4:04pm - post by __THeMoor__
i was wicked pissed until i got this album.

NE rules all.

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