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Date Added: Aug 27, 2003 Reviews 13 Views 7308
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Band:Throwdown [add link] [band profile
Title:You Don't Have To Be Blood To Be Family
Label:Indecision Records [add link]
Tracks:1. Unite
2. Trust
3. Family
4. Accept The Change
5. Perfect Story
6. Together Rising
7. Program
8. Lost In Time
9. No More Hate
10. Too Little, Too Late
11. Edge Is Strong
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:Aug 27,2003 11:13am - post by anonymous
This album is amazing. True Straight Edge Hardcore. This is an album that will make you proud to be straight edge or make you wish you were. Great sing along parts that make you feel like you're right there in the fucking pit. "This is a family...i count on count on me" amazing. Straight Fuckin' Edge!

:Dec 18,2003 9:32pm - post by anonymous
since when did being straight edge become such a trend? To not do drugs is one thing, to be a little faggy girl and rub it in other peoples faces is fucking retarded. You say you're poison free, well watch out! When you mark the X's on your hand, you risk ink poison. And this nand sucks! Could we get less talented? Buy it if you're thirteen and cant take the taste of a beer. Word.

:Dec 23,2003 10:22pm - post by anonymous
throwdown? more like throw away. BORING. these guys are a really cheap Diecast rip off, without half the drumming and guitar talent. I mean, if hardcore is your thing, which I happen to be a fan of myself, then you could do a lot better than thes guys. THEY SUCK.

:Dec 24,2003 6:56pm - post by anonymous
This album sucks. Haymaker is way better. I'm not straight edge, and like many straight edge bands, but this is awful.

:Dec 27,2003 6:03pm - post by anonymous (DVM)


:Nov 9,2004 2:33pm - post by IMCRAZY
declare your war ....................................

:Nov 24,2004 9:31pm - post by anonymous
Straight edge blows! what is the point of being hard core secular jesus on the issue of using alcohol drugs sex? These people are pawns to society's pussification of social mores!

:Nov 25,2004 1:08am - post by __THeMoor__
i myself am straight edge, and i will agree to two things

1) marking your hands with X's and getting a straight edge tatoo is dumb. it shouldnt be about the image, thats teh fucking point. hypocrites.

2) this band sucks. i like almost all bands, but seriously, theres really nothing special here.

:Nov 28,2004 5:35pm - post by anonymous
ok you fucking hippy, whats the point in using drugs and getting drunk then, hey guys lets go get shitfaced fuck some fat chicks and vomit all over the place, because it is so much fucking fun, i just love to get high lose sperm, risk lung cancer, ruin my life and my families life, i also love wasting money on stupid shit that make my life pathetic. well theres a few reasons, and its not a trend were i am, but i dont get drunk and get high. fuck that

:Dec 1,2004 1:52pm - post by anonymous

:Dec 19,2004 3:01pm - post by anonymous (jon)
this is one of the HEAVIEST cd's i have EVER heard? like mosh? get a copy of this cd if you havent heard! soooo many breakdowns

:Aug 9,2005 10:38pm - post by anonymous
love the band and their music, but fuck being a straight edge, u only live once enjoy it.

:Dec 2,2007 12:38am - post by anonymous
This was good but what the hell are they dong now??? Sounds like if Pantera didn't do drugs. Oops. I guess that's why get fucked up boring fucks.

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