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Date Added: Apr 25, 2002 Reviews 27 Views 9581
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Band:Cryptopsy [add link] [band profile
Title:None So Vile
Label:Century Media [website]
Categories:Death Metal
Tracks:Crown of Horns
Slit your Guts
Graves of the Fathers
Dead and Dripping
Benedictine Convulsion
Orgiastic Disembowelment
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:May 16,2002 5:50pm - post by the_smile_adventure
This album is fucking crazy. I shit my pants 14 times in a row after i heard it. "Phobophile" is, I think, the best track on here...starting with a nice little piano intro and then misery encircles your face and takes a shit on your nose. It is a nice thing that happens. Amazing album.

:May 19,2002 5:55pm - post by AllanHoldsworth
Contrary to what a lot of people think, THIS is the ultimate brutal death metal album of ALL TIME (not Suffocation's Effigy of the Forgotten). This shit is the sickest, fattest, most grooving, dirtiest, fastest, chunkiest, nastiest, blastiest piece of shit I've ever come across. Lord Worm gives 2 shits singing lines, he just blabbers a bunch of cow shit 130mph out of his rabies infested esophagus and it fucking RULES. Obviously with Flo behind the kit you can't lose. The guitarists aren't afraid of powerchords and they'll even refrain from palm muting if they want, they don't give a shit. These are some of the best riffs and grooves in the history of this little genre called brutal death. 100% PURE FUCKING OWNAGE!

:Jul 16,2002 12:17pm - post by anonymous
The previous reviewer is right: this is an utter maximum of brutality. Clever changes, no letup in tempo, never boring, never easy -- one of the very heaviest albums ever made. DON'T DEPRIVE YOURSELF!

:Oct 27,2002 11:56pm - post by anonymous
Great album, but completely overrated. They got way better on Whisper Supremacy.

:Dec 4,2002 5:38pm - post by anonymous (Lord Worm)
How did Cryptopsy get better on Whisper Supremacy? How the fuck is None So Vile overrated? If you knew anything about death metal you would realise that this album basically revived the whole scene which at the time was infested with crappy Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation rip-off's (no names!)

:Dec 5,2002 8:03pm - post by anonymous (haverhill metal 666)
i agree this fucking album is sick insane grinding death with sick riffs originality any faggot who disagrees should get their fucking guts slit fuck off

:Dec 6,2002 12:12am - post by George
greatest death metal cd ever. i've been listening to it at least once a day for about a year now.

:Dec 6,2002 1:55am - post by TheGreatSpaldino
so-so *yawn*

:Jan 4,2003 1:49pm - post by blah at
this album is fucking incredible.. cryptopsy's absolute best work. the drum work is astoundingly dynamic and pounding, the guitarwork is incredibly fast and technical, and the vocals are wonderfully brutal.. lord wyrm was so much better than the new vocalist :[

phobophile is my favorite brutal death track ever.. just INCREDIBLE

:Jan 4,2003 9:47pm - post by anonymous (hooly hoop)
I thought It was an extremly tear it up album that rippped me a new asshole but i didnt realy like the singer but o well there just doin there thing
evry onecheck out meshuggah

:Jan 8,2003 8:52am - post by wodnoj
i absolutly love the music on this cd. but i cant stand the vocals. they get annoying really fast. awesome death metal breakdowns definatly one of the best if not the best cryptopsy cd.

:Jan 13,2003 10:00pm - post by anonymous
NSV is a masterpiece. Cryptopsy's greatest release yet, and one of the best death metal releases ever. The only thing that (slightly) lets it down are the vocals. But compared to the rest of the shit out there, they aint so bad. 10 out of 10.

:Mar 1,2003 11:40am - post by RilontskY
In my opinion cryptopsy's best work! The album takes blasphemy made flesh and adds: Technicality, Melody, better song writing, Fabulous leads and a nice production. Favourite tracks are: Slit your Guts (containing a classic and wonderful bass run) and Phobophile. Although Lord Worms growls are less abraisive the vocal work has improved overall since Blasphemy..

Play this album for your grandparents..

:Mar 10,2003 1:50pm - post by metal5411
Seriously, a definate contender for best death album of all time. Simply incredible, amazing drums, amazing guitars and amazing vocals. If you think this album is overrated you are an absolute moron. And if you DON'T have this album and call yourself a metal fan hang your head in shame.

:Jun 5,2003 4:45pm - post by anonymous (YOGSAAMOG)
this album sodomizes you eardrums with bile induced poetry- LORD WORM!!! mighty Lord Worm,
gives an "exhum"erent performance worthy of
Bach or Straus- blasphemous swills of shit eating carnality will make the pope cry tears of infathomable disgust- BUY THIS FUCKIN' ALBUM OR KILL SHIT INTO YOUR OWN MOUTH!!!

:Jun 16,2003 5:57pm - post by Love2Hate
fuckin insane. some of the best slams are on this cd. "graves of the dathers" is the best song on this cd. its a 10. one of my favorite death albums.

:Jun 16,2003 5:58pm - post by Love2Hate
fuckin insane. some of the best slams are on this cd. "graves of the fathers" is the best song on this cd. its a 10. one of my favorite death albums.

:Nov 6,2003 11:49am - post by anonymous
Highly impressive.

:Jan 12,2004 3:30pm - post by JellyFish
Hell yeah. My favorite Cryptopsy album. I like these guys more than Exhumed, Vile, and Dying Fetus. They rule.

:Mar 4,2004 3:35pm - post by anonymous
Ok its a damn good disc. Slams are so original and done very well. However lord worms vocals just dont suite the music well. he has no clue how to do correct patterns and I think his vocals take away from the intensity of the music. Personally Whisper supremacy and ATYB are better discs in my opinon

:Mar 4,2004 11:28pm - post by Kalopsia
uh dude, Lord Worm has probably the most intense vocals in all of death metal. the album wouldn't be the same without him

:Apr 19,2004 2:25pm - post by anonymous
everyone who thinks the vocals suck on this album is a stupid teeny-bopper american pie road trip faggot

:Apr 19,2004 4:39pm - post by anonymous
This is seriously the heaviest album ever. it is so fucking good. it blows away all of cryptopsy's other work. i cant wait to hear cryptopsy's new stuff now that lord worm is back!!!

:Apr 19,2004 6:12pm - post by Devin
really? I thought they got some other guy who's like half-hardcore screams half-death growls.

:Jul 17,2004 11:57am - post by retzam
Devin, Worm is back. I think the person you're thinking of is Mike DiSalvo, who is the guy that replaced Worm when he left.

:Jul 17,2004 11:57am - post by retzam
By the way, this album is unbelievably incredible.

:Jan 8,2005 10:24pm - post by BornSoVile
unquestionably one of my all time favorite albums. from start to finish, it's perfect.

:Jan 15,2005 1:01pm - post by ItsDoomsDay
This Album is in all out assult of its time. Setting the bare so fucken high many bands in 2005 still have many years of work to acomplish. If you do not own this albume what the fuck are you waiting for, if you do not like this albume your obviously fucken retarded, and your head should be on the platter in the cover, because your obviously way more fucken crazy and dumb as crist!

:May 24,2005 2:32pm - post by anonymous
This album is truly amazing, brutal, and above all amazingly brutal. Best track Crown of Thorns in my view. Only down side lord Worm sucks ballass, Mike DiSalvo totally rules. Lord Worms just sounds too restrained and really restricts the music. DiSalvo is totally all over the place and adds a freedom to their music that Lord Worm could never do. So, check out WS before you move to this. But still major bumage over this guys.

:Oct 7,2005 12:27am - post by anonymous
While he wasn't really THAT bad, Mike disalvo pretty much huffs n' puffs and stutters. Return to the pit is the only place where people like Disalvo. I bet all the people who praise him are most likely friends with him.

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