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Date Added: Apr 25, 2002 Reviews 24 Views 9757
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Band:Cryptopsy [add link] [band profile
Title:Whisper Supremacy
Label:Century Media [website]
Categories:Death Metal
Cold Hate, Warm Blood
White Worms
Flame to the Surface
Depths you've Fallen
Faceless Unknown
Serpent's Coil

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Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:May 4,2002 12:22am - post by anonymous
amazing. worth every penny

:May 19,2002 5:58pm - post by AllanHoldsworth
Drumming is sick. Vocals are gay. Guitars are somewhere in between.

:Sep 9,2002 4:53pm - post by anonymous
don't listen Allan Holdsworth, he is a moron, this album destroys everything, including None So Vile, which is completely overrated!

:Nov 26,2002 10:46pm - post by anonymous
Holdsworth is the gayest

:Nov 27,2002 8:57pm - post by mafia_forever666

:Nov 28,2002 3:13pm - post by Spalding138 at
i never saw what was so amazing about this band. the vocals are as aggravating as meshuggah's. this cd is decent at best... and another thing... their bassist is way better than their drummer... flo is good ... but not as awesome as anyone puts him out to be.

:Nov 30,2002 4:15am - post by mafia_forever666
Flo owns at drumming, name a band that has a better drummer then cryptopsy?

:Dec 4,2002 5:26pm - post by anonymous (Lord Worm)
Their aren't many better than Flo, but their are some who are equal, such as Sean Reinert of Cynic/Death/Gordian Knot and Steve Flynn formerly of Atheist.

:Dec 4,2002 10:19pm - post by TheGreatSpaldino
lets see... John Longstretch of Origin, Mr. Rowdy of the Hate Eternal Fame... Yattering's drummer (I dont know his name b ut he is a great jazz inspired drummer) Kevin Talley is up there, also Richard Christy, Tony Royster Jr(he is a jazz musician) The Berzerker's drummer is nasty... Krisiuns drummer is up there... also you cant forget the drummer (or ex drummer now i think) of Malignancy. OH YEAH! Mortician'sdrum machine rules!!!

:Jan 4,2003 12:29pm - post by EYEH8GOD
Limbonic art drummer arguably the best

:Jan 8,2003 8:54am - post by wodnoj
awesome. i love this cd. seems alot better produced than none so vile and the drums seem alot tighter. one of my favorites by them. so fucking intense and fast. the vocalist is alot better than fucking lord worm i think, but he can get annoying sometimes too just not as quickly. pick it up.

:Feb 19,2003 6:09am - post by anonymous
you piece of crap! yeah, let's mention tony royster jr but not dennis chambers. cool, man! but yeah... flo is not the greatest tightest drummer in the world, but he's got a lot to offer as a brutal drummer. his blast beats and frantic fills are great, and i haven't come across anything similar elsewhere. yes i've come across tighter, faster, more precise, and all around better drummers, but point me in the direction of people who i'd have trouble differentiating him from...

:Feb 19,2003 11:07pm - post by anonymous
biggest let down. none so vile is such a great album. after that...the band just seems tapped out. not to mention mike desalvo really really sucks

:Feb 20,2003 10:33am - post by anonymous
none so vile owns. Though the drumming in whispers do seem alot tighter. The slam in none so vile i think is the reason why it appeals to so many. A drummer you each forgot is the drummer of devourment (unsure of his name), his snare rolls as he blasts are absolutely amazing, very fast but can get boring.

:Feb 21,2003 7:56pm - post by ikilleverything at
lets see,Jon longstreth of origin (portal is a sick song!!) Flo is the best (check out the drum solo at And lets not forget pete the feet sandoval of morbid angel.

:Mar 1,2003 11:46am - post by RilontskY
A very strong effort, cryptopsy as always add a new dimension to their sound here.. even less predictable musically, crazier drums and better leads. Lyrics and Song writing have come down a notch though... only Cold Hate, Warm Blood and White Worms and good lyrics (coincidentally writtin by lord worm)... I'm gonna be straight with you all.. I do not like Disalvo's vocals, where's the originality???? Overall a great album! Favourite tracks are: Emaciate, Cold Hate, Warm Blood and the awesome White Worms.

:Jun 8,2003 3:35am - post by Vijay
Absolute masterpiece. Much better than their follow up. Vocals are a bit gay but the rest of makes this easily one of the best metal albums ever. Flo shows he's the best drummer in metal(Yeah he's better than talley, Longstretch and Loreno).

:Sep 15,2003 3:28pm - post by metal5411
Holdsworth was on the ball with his review.......sick drumming, gay vox. Guitars are more leaning towards the sick side. I really just can't get by the vox, they suck. But all in all this sin't a bad album. By the way Talley > Flo. Don't get me wrong, Flo is the absolute man, but Talley is just the god of mtal drumming. Speed (Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog), Technicality (Streaks of Bloos), Brutality (Everything Fetus ever did).........Talley is just the man.

:Sep 15,2003 10:36pm - post by anonymous
\m/ fuck yes!!! \m/ damn shame the australian tour got cancelled due to deadbeat promoters

:Sep 16,2003 5:39pm - post by anonymous (George at school)
None so vile is still better. Lord worms vocals may get boring or something, but i like when death metal singers stick to one low gurgle. their singer on this album is utter crap, but the music is amazing. and no, flo is much better than whats his face. who cares about dying fetus, they only had one decent album, and he's not in the band anymore anyway. i vote nay on dying fetus, they sound like rap death metal. lame.

:Dec 23,2003 10:51pm - post by anonymous (Jellyfish)
Good shit. I wasnt dissappointed, and if you like death metal, you wont be either.

:Dec 24,2003 2:16am - post by HiImPaul
Rap death metal? lol if you want to hear rap death metal check out glossectomy or disconformaty. Thug death metal is amazing haha. But anyways ive been litsening to DM for a long time now, and ive heard all kinds of shit , and nothing beats cryptopsy. I havent heard anything as fast or as brutal and technical as cryptopsy. Fuck whoever thinks the vocals are gay. It adds intensity and takes away from the foolishness.The riffs are extremely fast and brutal. White worms? come on that song is leveling. Its definatly an emensly powerful disc.

:Apr 20,2004 10:50pm - post by anonymous (Pete D. from RK)
It's not as technically demanding as "AND THEN....." but I think it more raw. I also think the production quality is better on this album. You can definitly hear Flo progress from CD to CD.

:Feb 12,2005 12:14pm - post by ItsDoomsDay
What can i say Lord worm is gone at this point in time. Still tecnically written albume, with poorly written lyrics compared to loard worms work. Musically geniuse! Lyrically Failing!

:Mar 8,2006 8:30am - post by deadlydrummer666
Flo your sick.. cold hate, warm blood.. best song on this album..

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