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Date Added: Apr 25, 2002 Reviews 17 Views 9253
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Band:Cryptopsy [add link] [band profile
Title:And Then You'll Beg
Label:Century Media [website]
Categories:Quebecois Death Metal
Tracks:1)...And Then It Passes

2)We Bleed

3)Voice Of Unreason

4)My Prodigal Sun


6)Soar And Envision Sore Vision

7)Equivalent Equilibrium

8)Back To The Worms

9)Screams Go Unheard
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:May 16,2002 5:48pm - post by the_smile_adventure
This is the album that really got me into deathmetal. Cryptopsy is one of the most unique and technical bands i think i have ever heard. This cd crushes your face 19 times with a dictionary made out of granite and tacs. It is interesting.

:May 19,2002 5:40pm - post by AllanHoldsworth
This cd is gay. I feel sorry for you if this was your door to the world of death metal. Throw this horse shit away and go find None So Vile.

:Oct 27,2002 11:54pm - post by anonymous
This shit is mind-boggling. Ridiculously heavy! I'm glad they moved on from None So Vile, that's what good bands do. But I guess dumbasses like Holdsworth just want to hear the same shit repeated over and over.

:Nov 26,2002 10:45pm - post by anonymous
Why does everyone not like this album? Yea, none so vile is wicked brutal... but this album is soooo damn technical. I actually find this one better than NSV.

:Dec 11,2002 9:28am - post by drew_04043 at
hi there
fuck face you are going to die.this cd fucking rules and if you down it than your obviously gay.why dont you just eat a dick and kill yourself.i admit that the other cds are good but dont be a fag and make fun of a cd that kicks ass. to all of you that like this cd good job!!

:Mar 1,2003 11:54am - post by RilontskY
Ah And then you'll beg.. a paradox to me.. So much of this cd is brilliantly insane! In fact in my opinion it is mandatory listening for any metalhead. Musical cryptopsy are not only forging new ground but they are establishing their own world! Riffs, Leads and Drum work that are everything i've ever dreamed of! Sadly this album as a whole is lacking in many ways. 1. the lyrics are terrible.. just retarded.. oh how I miss lord worm's eloquent and psychotic rants.. 2. Songwriting is shit.. songs will be amazing and then fizzle out in a forgettable way that leaves you wanting more... 3. Mike's vocals are terrible.. on Whisper Supremacy he was decent but he's worse here.. so much so that I find that he definetly lowers the quality of this disc..

With a new vocalist Martin Lacroix.. I still have faith in this band.. I hope they pull together on the next album by putting some more effort into lyrics and songwriting..

:Mar 24,2003 10:44am - post by metal5411
Listen, this album is good. But I don't understand how anybody could think that at any point it even holds a fucking candle to None So Vile or Blasphemy Made Flesh. Lord Worm owns Mike any day of the week. But whereas this album is good NSV and BMF and incredible. Its been downhill since Lord Worm left. And by the way, Flo owns any drummer you can possibly imagine.

:Apr 16,2003 1:29pm - post by anonymous
I think this is Cryptopsy's best-- unlike the rest of you guys, I thought all their other albums were pretty boring and monotonous--just a bunch of riffs jammed together without any thought put into actual song structure. The lyrics aren't very good here, but then I've never listened to metal for the lyrics (if I did, I probably would have moved on to something else a long time ago). The same old Cryptopsy approach is in evidence here-- super-fast riffs, one on top of the other. The quality of the riffs is much better, though, than their earlier stuff-- I just wish they'd consider playing real songs-- anyone can jam a bunch of riffs together. They're playing ability is impressive, but they need to stop and give their music a little thought. The coolest part of the album is then they stick this latin beat in there on one song, but it lasts only like 2 seconds, and then is abandoned-- why couldn't they have developed upon this some more? I guess in general I think their music just needs more development. It goes nowhere fast.

:Apr 16,2003 2:04pm - post by anonymous
These guys along with many other bands of this style of metal are second tate to the God's.........>>>MESHUGGAH

:Aug 19,2003 4:50pm - post by xPaulBLAHBLAHx
Alright this album fails, and for the idiot who claims that NSV is the same thing over and over again just sit back and litsen to every album after NSV, ITS THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Yeah its techy but come the fuck on its boring as all hell. Cryptopsy cant write a good song to save their life

:Sep 16,2003 11:28pm - post by DysenteryVokills
OK who ever thinks cryptopsy is the same style as meshuggah go back to the mall u fucking mall core faggett nothing like meshuggah....dont ever try to lower the talent of cryptopsy to that simple off timing crap. thank you and fuck you

:Nov 2,2003 11:38pm - post by HiImPaul
Ok im retracting my review of this cd from above. Maybe its because i never really gave this cd a chance. But this album crushes anything cryptopsy has ever done. The guitar work and tone is fucking intense. Disalvos vocals can be stupid sometimes but he doesnt sound like a total ass like lord worm. Everything about this cd is isane. NSV and BMF are still amazing albums but this cd is just so fucking sick. I dont even count wisper supremacy because its subpar to anything they have ever done

:Apr 20,2004 10:42pm - post by anonymous (PEter D. from RK)
Flo is probably one of my favorite drummers of all time. His speed is very tight and his rhythmic ideas, although seeming spastic, have a great sense of shape to them. I wish I had the ability to put out a work like this.

:Oct 7,2005 12:31am - post by anonymous
People who prefer newer cryptopsy are nerds.

:Nov 29,2005 8:20pm - post by BornSoVile edited Nov 29,2005 8:20pm
okay, I'm formally retracting every negative statement I've ever made in my life about this album. It's fantastic. The song writing is simply intimidating, before I felt like I needed a calculator to listen to it, but I've come to realize in my younger years (you know that's a figuritive way of saying, when i was first listening to metal and totally retarded with the world) however it stays together unified as a collective rythm entirely well. It's fucking unrelenting as all hell, overbearing to a punk like me, however those frequent flaring bass lines keep me hooked. Which brings me to another point, I love the bass tone in this album, it's in front but not in your face but never shy. Brillant work. One of the decades finest Death Metal albums. And yes, Mike is fucking badass on this, I've never denied that.

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