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01 MonPrestonRaf PrestonRaf Feature appointment with Southampton manager Mauricio Pellegrino I got other supervisors like Bielsa, Lujan] Manera, Also vacation, A lot of good executives like Van Gaal, Rafa Benitez, Ranieri, Hector Cuper. I am part all my development, All my concept from these customers. I am distinct. In your mind your way of playing beautiful woman in spanish differs for you, For and also your for me. Pellegrino remembers well getting to see Champions League football on TV the first time in the early 1990s, And the sophisticated style of AC Milan, Who he got agressively play against in Japan with Sarsfield, Remarkably winning in what Pellegrino describes as of my critical moments of my career. At gatwick we won the Champions League too (Pellegrino was cup tied for the ultimate). I was lucky in my career. Pellegrino also has a reference to fellow countryman and former Saints boss Mauricio Pochettino. We played a world Cup, in just 1991, deep under 20s. We were a disaster as a team, He chuckled. consider we played against Portugal, They had an astounding squad with Luis Figo, Rui Costa. individuals beat us 3 0. We were good as members but as a team we couldn compete in that moment. Met Mauricio right. He was one year younger as compared to what me, Also we were colleagues and we studied together beachfront look license in Madrid in the federation. Was doing work in Valencia academy and Mauricio was in Espanyol. he's from Murphy, wind generator city in Argentina, probably from Leonas. decades too far, in my opinion,there's no doubt 200km. of all influences that Pellegrino brings to his new job at St Mary maybe that of Rafa Benitez, Who he played under and later worked alongside on the coaching staff at Liverpool and Inter Milan have had the most dramatic impact on the manager now working at St Mary think so, But not simply tactically, replicated Pellegrino, Who will come up against Benitez thanks to Newcastle promotion. For me Rafa was one of the persons who changed a little bit exactly how the manager teach the player. why should you? Because in my past when I was a player always we were woman in spanish experiencing, Have to take action, You have to do so, it's essential to tackle, to protect but Rafa was different. Asked the squad how they feel and he changed completely the mentality in my life. A pedagogic level Rafa was the actual in my life. Terms of expert person also, It was for me really nice to utilize him as a player and to be his assistant for three years at Liverpool and Inter Milan. Me it was like a experts, And allowed me to promote a top squad, be involved, study. It was a nice wonderful day.-57937 Mozambique +
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July 23,2008 Comcast Center - Vans 66 Mainstage (Mansfield, MA)
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