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Subject: Summer Dying calls it quits
Posted by: by the_reverend on Apr 7,2005 8:43am
As many of you have already heard, Summer Dying is calling it quits. This was a difficult decision on many levels, but a necessary one. This newsletter will update you on what everyone is currently moving onto, the final shows, and any other random information you might be interested in.

Summer Dying has been truckin' full speed for the past three and a half years with barely a pause...

This band has seen almost every crack and crevice of the United States. Together we've seen amazing sights such as the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, Ground Zero; the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico; Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Chicago, New Orleans. We've been confronted by religious extremists in all sorts of cities, even as we shared a stage with Christian bands. We've all seen bathrooms that could give dumpsters a run for their money.

SD has been published in major metal magazines (Pit, Metal Maniacs, etc.,) ever-faithful underground zines (Metal Rules!, Live4Metal, Worm Gear) and local newspapers (Lansing State Journal, City Pulse, The State News) alike. They are played still on many college radio stations across the nation.

They have played 237 shows (not including the final three) since August 2001 in all places imaginable - from coffeehouses to tanning salons; art galleries to churches; Masonic halls to game halls; arenas, major concert halls, tiny middle-of-nowhere bars; basements, living rooms, and garages; parking lots, fields, barns, and even a public park in Nebraska.

And through all of these unfathomable experiences, all of us have been fortunate in meeting so many amazing people and that includes bands, promoters, publicists, radio DJs, CD replicators, screenprinters, merchandise makers, photographers, and videotapers - all of whom have gone way above and beyond any of our expectations to assist us in our journey. Sure, there's been the few bad apples once in a great while, but we never let them spoil the bunch.

But always - ALWAYS - most importantly, we've all found these awesome people who have become our friends, our family. Whether we know your names or not, whether we speak to you individually or just from the stage in general, whether you have seen us once or a hundred times, we know you're there - and we feel extremely loved. You made us. You came out and showed your love, not only for us but for metal and hardcore and heavy music in general. You stayed for our fellow bands whether out of politeness or not, that has helped the music scene grow stronger. We've tried to band together with bands from all types of genres in hopes of strengthening music overall - because, really, this is all we have.

The future for us...

Kerry, Briant and Rance are moving onto a new era with a new band called Churchill Downs.

Tony will be a daddy this spring and - as far as we know - just got hitched in Vegas last week.

Ben has moved to Philadelphia (and yes, he will be back and playing the last three shows) to work at Relapse Records.

Jamie - our manager, publicist, website designer, and jack of all trades for this band since the beginning - well, she's just being a bum and trying to get the hell outta Dodge. She may be looking for bands to work with in the future, however, so keep that in mind.

Everyone involved is going through very major life changes and drastic evolvements. Please keep them all in your thoughts and we hope you will all stay in touch over the next course of events, wherever it takes us all.

Music is in our hearts, our souls, our personalities. We eat, sleep, breathe and bleed music. It is who we are. It is who we will always be.

A simple thank you to you all doesn't suffice...

Much Love,

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Apr 7, 2005 - Summer Dying calls it quits [ replies-discuss]
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