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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1327 playlist up with 55604 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-07-24Poison RuïnFrozen BloodHärvestRelapse Records
2. 2023-03-13FleshgrindFrozen in a Voiceless ScreamDestined for DefilementPavement Music
3. 2023-01-09ConcilivmDark ZenithThe Veiled Enigma
4. 2021-08-09SummoningThe Shadow Lines Frozen On TheStronghold
5. 2021-06-21DissectionFrozenThe Somberlain
6. 2021-03-08Mystic Charm(hol)Frozen FeelingsDemo Endless Sickness
7. 2021-02-22Trap Themday fifteen-citizenihilistSeance PrimeDeathwish Inc.
8. 2021-02-22MARE COGNITUMFrozen Star DivinizationSolar ParoxysmI, Voidhanger Records
9. 2021-02-08NightrageFrozenDescent into ChaosKing
10. 2020-11-02Acid DeathFrozen HeartPieces Of Mankind
11. 2020-09-07EarthDescent to the ZenithAngels of Darkness, Demons of Light, Vol. 1Southern Lord Records
12. 2020-08-03Gutvoid02 Entranced By A Frozen DawnAstral Bestiary CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
13. 2019-06-24NominonFrozen mist over nordur
14. 2019-04-15Armored SaintFrozen Will/LegacyRaising Fearchrysalis
15. 2018-08-27Cruel HandVigilant CitizenThe Negatives
16. 2018-07-09Into Eternity4 This Frozen HellThe SirensSelf-Released
17. 2017-10-16SaxonFrozen RainbowSaxon
18. 2017-03-20THE MOTH GATHERERThis Providence of Bones (feat. Dennis Lyxzn)The Comfortable LowAgonia Records
19. 2016-04-11Gypsy Chief Goliath03-Gypsy Chief Goliath _ Citizens of NowhereCitizens of NowherePitch Black Records
20. 2015-10-12FormicideFrozen DeathFormicidedue_process
21. 2015-06-01ShipwreckZenithAbyssdeathwishinc
22. 2015-04-20Blut Aus NordOur Blessed Frozen CellsThe Work Which Transforms Godcandlelight
23. 2014-12-01Obsidian TongueFrozen LeavesVolume I: Subradiant Architecturedissociation
24. 2014-11-03FalkenbachBronzen EmbraceAsaprophecy
25. 2014-09-29SanctuaryFrozenThe Year The Sun Diedcenturymedia
26. 2014-02-17Dawn HeistZenithCatalystbastardized
27. 2013-11-04DismemberOn Frozen FieldsMassive Killing Capacitynuclearblast
28. 2013-02-04LivverFrozenDemo 2011self-released
29. 2012-07-30Obsidian TongueFrozen LeavesVolume I: Subradiant Architecturedissociation
30. 2012-06-25ThulcandraUnder A Frozen SunUnder A Frozen Sunnapalm
31. 2012-03-19LivverFrozenDemo 2011self-released
32. 2011-10-17ThulcandraUnder A Frozen SunUnder A Frozen Sunnapalm
33. 2011-06-13Inevitable EndZenThe Oculusrelapse
34. 2011-01-24SetherialSusequent Emissions From A Frozen GalaxyEkpyrosisregain
35. 2010-11-29SetherialSusequent Emissions From A Frozen GalaxyEkpyrosisregain
36. 2010-10-18HeidevolkReuzenmachtUit Oude Grondnapalm
37. 2010-03-15AutopsyFrozen With FearActs of the Unspeakablepeaceville
38. 2009-11-30Premonitions of WarCitizenLeft in Kowloonvictory
39. 2008-05-19Cold WorkerCitizen of the Cyclopean MazeRotting Paradiserelapse
40. 2008-05-05Cold WorkerCitizen of the Cyclopean MazeRotting Paradiserelapse
41. 2008-02-25Electric Wizardthe Chozen FewWitchcult Todaycandlelight
42. 2006-08-07Autopsyfrozen with fear
43. 2006-07-24the Absenceheazen ablaze
44. 2006-04-24Ihsahncitizen
45. 2005-03-28strapping young ladzen
46. 2005-03-14nightragefrozen
47. 2004-08-23mithotynfrom the frozen plains
48. 2004-05-03dissectionfrozen
49. 2004-04-26The Year of Our Lordthe frozen divide
50. 2004-01-26premonitions of warcitizen
51. 2003-10-27the takeoverfrozen mazes form
52. 2002-09-10DismemberOn Frozen Fields
53. 2001-07-24UnearthMarching for the Frozen Shadow Side
54. 2001-07-24UnearthMarching for the Frozen Shadow Side
55. 2001-07-17TwilightMarching for the frozen Shadow Side
56. 2000-12-12DiaboliForzen Soul
57. 2000-12-12DiaboliForzen Soul
58. 2000-10-24DiaboliFrozen Soul
59. 2000-10-24DiaboliFrozen Soul
60. 1999-05-31MithotynFrom the Frozen Plains
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