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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-02-13EnforcerRun For Your LifeLive By Fire IINuclear Blast Records
2. 2022-11-21Krater (Germany)07 No Place for YouVenenareEisenwald Records
3. 2022-05-09NUNSLAUGHTERNUNSLAUGHTER - This Cross Was Built For YouSplit mini-album (CD, 12" MLP)- NUNSLAUGHTER/BLOOD (Germany)Hells Headbangers Records
4. 2021-12-13Kriegzeit03 For You the SonHateworshipPurity Through Fire
5. 2021-12-06GraveFor Your GodInto The Grave
6. 2021-02-15SacrophobiaParty and Fight For Your Rights (Filthy Christians) [Live '93]Dark RequiemsXtreem Music
7. 2020-11-09SaxonDo It All For YouCrusader (Reissued 2002)
8. 2020-09-07The Grim ReaperRun For Your LifeSee You In Hell/Fear No EvilBMG Collectables
9. 2020-08-17Graven ImageNo Rest (For You)Warn The Children
10. 2020-06-29TyrranicideThink For YourselfGod Save The Scene
11. 2019-07-22GraveFor Your GodInto The Grave
12. 2018-12-10EnforcerRun For Your LifeDeath By Firenuclearblast
13. 2017-02-27As the Sun Sets...Shed for You and for ManyEach Individual Voice Is Dead in the Silence
14. 2016-12-26Inhale ExhaleIs the Fact That I'm Trying to Do It, Doing It for You?I Swear...EMI CMG
15. 2016-11-21HellionRun For Your LifePostcards From The Asylumnew_renaissance
16. 2015-01-05RiotRun For Your LifeThunder Steelcbs
17. 2014-11-10Grim ReaperRun For Your LifeSee You In Hellrca
18. 2014-10-13Virgin SteeleI Am Coming For You
19. 2013-06-24EnforcerRun For Your LifeDeath By Firenuclearblast
20. 2012-12-24CitiesFight For Your LifeAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
21. 2012-04-23Y&TFight For Your LifeContagiousgeffen
22. 2012-02-13SpeedtrapOut For Your BloodSpeedTrap/Death With A Dagger Splithigh_roller
23. 2011-11-14Filthy ChristiansParty & Fight For Your RightVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
24. 2011-05-02Grim ReaperRun For Your LifeSee You In Hellrca
25. 2010-03-08As the Sun SetsShed for you and for manyEach Individual Voice is Dead in the Silence
26. 2009-10-12Candy Striper Death OrgyThink For Yourself (D.R.I.)Nitromethanescreaming_ferret
27. 2009-07-06FirebirdFool For YouGrand Unionmetalblade
28. 2009-04-20HemoptysisAll For YouWho Needs a Shepherd?self-released
29. 2009-04-13Black Label SocietyAll For YouSkullagearmoury
30. 2009-02-16Corpus ChristiFight For Your King
31. 2008-09-01DerangedStriped Nude for Your Killerthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
32. 2007-12-24Cut Throatfor youCut Throat/25 ta life splitrock_vegas
33. 2007-09-10Cut Throatfor youCut Throat/25 ta life splitrock_vegas
34. 2006-06-12Cut Throatfor you
35. 2006-05-15Cut Throatfor you
36. 2006-04-17Cut Throatfor you
37. 2006-04-03Cut Throatfor you
38. 2006-01-30Incrustlusting for your blood/the bloody art of my tortureBaptized in Unholy Goreibexmoon
39. 2005-11-07candy striper death orgythink for yourself (dri)
40. 2004-10-25As the Sun SetsShed for You and for Many
41. 2003-07-29Lamb of Godfor your malice
42. 2003-06-03FullstopKeep this for you
43. 2003-05-13DRIThink for yourself
44. 2003-02-18As the Sun SetsShed for you and for many
45. 1999-12-20HasteA Chance for you to Prove
46. 1999-12-06Hastea chance for you to prove
47. 1999-03-15Acumen NationBleed for you
48. 1999-03-15ChemlabI still Bleed for you
49. 1996-12-30Front 242Tragedy for You
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