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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-05-08Moloch4. Moloch - Enthroned! Thy Unholy Spirit!Wampyric Rites / Moloch- The Serpent Cult of DarknessInferna Profundus Records
2. 2023-05-01AtheistUnholy WarPiece of TimeDeath Records
3. 2023-04-24GALLOWS RITES04. Unholy SorceryWitchcraft and Necro DesecrationHelldprod Records
4. 2023-03-27HiraxUnholy SacrificeHate, Fear, And Powermetalblade
5. 2023-03-13MYSTIC CIRCLEMystic Circle - Erzdämon - 03 - Unholy TrinityErzdämonFireflash Records
6. 2023-01-30Old Man's ChildUnholy Vivid InnocenceRevelation 666Century Media
7. 2022-12-05DeathBeyond The Unholy GraveScream Bloody Gore
8. 2022-08-08AtheistUnholy WarPiece of TimeDeath Records
9. 2022-08-01Desecrate the FaithUnholy InfestationUnholy InfestationComatose Music
10. 2022-06-13DeathBeyond The Unholy GraveScream Bloody Gore
11. 2021-12-27DISEMBODIMENT (Canada)03 - Transcendent Upheaval Of Unholy GravesMutated ChaosCaligari Records
12. 2021-08-23Oxygen DestroyerPossessing the Putrified Remnants of the Unholy God IncarnateSinister Monstrosities Spawned By the Unfathomable Ignorance of HumankindRedefining Darkness Records
13. 2021-06-21ImmortalUnholy Forces of EvilTrue Kings of Norway
14. 2021-05-31MartyrvoreHymns To Unholy Blasphemy7" CompilationNecromancer Records
15. 2020-12-28SpiritworldUnholy PassagesPagan RhythmsSpiritworld
16. 2020-11-16Ancient GodsUnholy ForcesMystic Lands
17. 2020-11-02Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Gun Societysplit 7'ep w/warsore
18. 2020-07-13ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilBattles In The North
19. 2020-06-22Black TormentUnholy Hymns to the Triumph of EvilSatanic HolocaustOld Cemetery Records
20. 2020-06-08Ancient NecropsyFucking with an Unholy Witch from HellAncient Necropsy
21. 2020-05-25HiraxUnholy SacrificeHate, fear & power
22. 2020-02-10Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Wa-I-Se-Tsu?carcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
23. 2019-10-28Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Death Penaltycarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
24. 2019-04-01Lord BelialUnholy CrusadeUnholy Crusade
25. 2019-02-04DeteriorotUnholy ReturnIn Ancient BeliefsWorld War III Music
26. 2019-01-21Impaled Northern MoonforestMasturbating On The Unholy And Inverted Tracks Of The Grim And Frostbitten NecrobobsleddersImpaled Northern Moonforest
27. 2018-12-31PandemoniumUnholy ExistenceDevilri (demo)
28. 2018-12-31SargeistRemains of an Unholy PastDisciple of the Heinous PathMaxo
29. 2018-11-26Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Worthless Prizecarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
30. 2018-10-01NunslaughterHells Unholy Fire (The Rotting Christ)Demoslaughter [Disc 1]Hells Headbangers Records
31. 2018-08-06White DeathBorn From the Unholy FireWhite DeathWerewolf Records
32. 2018-07-16PleuriticUnholy IncantationTemple of Satan
33. 2018-04-02Embrace of ThornsOf Morbid Existentialism & Unholy SorrowDarkness ImpenetrableNuclear War Now! Productions
34. 2018-01-01AtheistUnholy WarPiece of TimeDeath Records
35. 2017-11-27Dreadful Fate02 Unholy LustThe Sin of SodomEdged Circle Productions
36. 2017-10-30IntegrityUnholy Salvation of Sabbatai ZeviHowling, For The Nightmare Shall ConsumeRelapse Records
37. 2017-10-02DeathBeyond The Unholy GraveScream Bloody GoreMetal Blade
38. 2017-09-04NecrophobicUnholy PropheciesThe Nocturnal SilenceHammerheart America
39. 2017-08-07BlaspherianCrusade Towards Unholy DeliveranceSummoning Of Infernal Hordes
40. 2017-05-15ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
41. 2016-11-21AbigailSatan Power Unholy WarToo Wild for the Crowd split 7"Eternal Death Records
42. 2016-10-10NifelheimUnholy DeathNifelheim
43. 2016-10-03Old Man's ChildUnholy Foreign CrusadeSlaves of the WorldCentury Media Records
44. 2016-10-03BlackWitchery05 Unholy Vengeance of WarEvil Shall Prevail DLP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
45. 2016-09-19DarkthroneUnholy Black MetalUnder a Funeral Moon
46. 2016-09-05GehennahUnholy & UnpleasantToo Loud to Live, Too Drunk to DieMetal Blade Records
47. 2016-06-13AtheistUnholy WarPiece Of Timeracercar
48. 2016-05-30MystifierThe Sign of the Unholy CrossWiccaGreyhaze Records
49. 2015-11-30HivesmasherThe Unholy Deserts of ArkansasAscension into Dismal Stages
50. 2015-09-21Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
51. 2015-06-01GoatlordUnholy Black SlutDemo 87nuclear_war_now
52. 2014-12-29AthanatosUnholy UnionUnholy Union EPnuclear_war_now
53. 2014-01-06MartyrvoreHymns To Unholy Blasphemy7" Compilationnecromancer
54. 2013-10-07NecrowretchUnholy Stench Of SinBestial Rites 2009-2012centurymedia
55. 2013-03-11Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)Dead or Dreamingcenturymedia
56. 2013-02-11Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
57. 2013-02-11Lord BelialUnholy CrusadeUnholy Crusadeno_fashion
58. 2013-01-14ChtonUnholy CommunionChtonian Lifecoderetribute
59. 2012-11-12SathanasUnholy EternalSathanas/Spawn Of Satan - Splithells_headbangers
60. 2012-06-11Black BreathUnholy VirginHeavy Breathingsouthernlord
61. 2012-03-26Black BreathUnholy VirginHeavy Breathingsouthernlord
62. 2012-01-16HiraxUnholy SacrificeHate, Fear, And Powerrestless
63. 2011-12-19Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
64. 2011-03-07Hiraxunholy SacrificeHate, Fear, And Powerrestless
65. 2011-01-10Prosanctus InferiCauterzing Unholy LegionsPandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitationhells_headbangers
66. 2010-11-22AtheistUnholy WarPiece of Timeracercar
67. 2010-09-06ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilBattles in the Northosmose
68. 2009-11-09NunslaughterHells Unholy FireHells Unholy Firerevenge_productions
69. 2009-08-17BoarcorpseUnholy Mollyself-titledself-released
70. 2009-03-30Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)Dead or Dreamingcenturymedia
71. 2009-01-19Derketathe Unholy GroundGoddess of Deathnecroharmonic
72. 2008-10-06HivesmasherThe Unholy Deserts of ArkansasAscension into Dismal Stagesvacant_seas
73. 2008-03-10DragonlordUnholyvoidRapturespitfire
74. 2007-12-31Morbid AngelUnholy BlasphemiesBlessed are the Sickearache
75. 2007-06-04blaspheriancrusade towards unholy deliverence
76. 2006-10-02graveunholy terror
77. 2006-08-14graveunholy terror
78. 2006-05-01into eternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
79. 2006-02-13Lord Belialunholy crusade
80. 2006-01-16Atheistunholy war
81. 2005-09-05Atheistunholy war
82. 2005-08-01into eternityunholy (fields of the dead)
83. 2005-03-14Ancient Godsunholy engraved
84. 2005-02-28into eternityunholy (fields of the dead)
85. 2005-01-24Ancient Godsunholy forces
86. 2003-12-22Lord Belialunholy spell of lillith
87. 2003-01-21Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
88. 2002-12-10Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
89. 2002-05-07Old Man's Childunholy vivid Innocence
90. 2001-12-25DeteriorotUnholy Return
91. 2001-12-18Lord BelialUnholy Crusade
92. 2001-07-24DragonlordUnholy void
93. 2001-07-24DragonlordUnholy void
94. 2001-07-03DragonlordUnholy Void
95. 2001-05-22MardukBonds of Unholy Matrimony
96. 2001-04-10MardukBonds of Unholy Matrimony
97. 2000-07-17ThyraneBeneath the Banner of the Unholy Satan's cult
98. 2000-07-17ThyraneBeneath the Banner of the Unholy Satan's cult
99. 2000-07-03ThyraneBeneath the Banner of the Unholy Stan's Cult
100. 2000-05-29Old Man\'s ChildUnholy Vivid Innocense
101. 2000-02-21Lord BelialSummon the Legion/ Unholy crusade
102. 2000-01-03Lord BelialUnholy Spell of Lilth
103. 1999-09-06Lord BelialUnholy Spell of lilith
104. 1999-05-10Iced EarthMelancholy (unholy Martyr
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