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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1222 playlist up with 51985 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-02-01Wampyric RitesTyrant's BloodThe Eternal Melancholy of the WampyreInferna Profundus Records
2. 2020-11-09ExmortusDeath to TyrantsRide ForthProsthetic Records
3. 2020-11-09RAMFlame of the TyrantsDeathMetal Blade
4. 2020-11-09Rumpelstiltskin GrinderDethroning the Tyrant, Pt. 3Living for Death, Destroying the RestRelapse Records
5. 2020-11-09SapanakithImmoral Corrupted TyrantsPromo 2011
6. 2020-11-09AbominatorTyrants On Your WarpathThe Eternal Conflagration
7. 2020-11-09Out Of YesteryearTyrants or SlavesMass
8. 2020-11-09Dead Speak (USA)Behead The TyrantDead And Gone (Demo)
9. 2020-11-09Shadow Of IntentThe Mad Tyrant's BetrayalReclaimerShadow of Intent
10. 2020-03-16Out Of YesteryearTyrants or SlavesMass
11. 2020-03-02VultureTyrantulaGhastly Waves & Battered GravesMetal Blade Records
12. 2019-01-07CoffinsTyrantCraving To Eternal Slumber
13. 2018-09-03HorsebackTyrant SymmetryThe Invisible MountainRelapse Records
14. 2018-08-06Rumpelstiltskin GrinderDethroning the Tyrant, Pt. 2Living for Death, Destroying the RestRelapse Records
15. 2018-07-16EmperorWrath Of The TyrantEmperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant
16. 2018-07-16SatyriconSuffering the TyrantsVolcanoRed Ink
17. 2018-05-28SlaughterTyrant Of HellStrappado
18. 2018-05-07Sacrificial BloodTyrant Of PainSoulS For SaleHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
19. 2018-03-26Judas PriestTyrantSad Wings of Destiny (Digipak re-release)JVC Japan
20. 2018-03-26RAMReturn of the Iron TyrantSvbversvmMetal Blade Records
21. 2018-03-26OCTOBER 3110 The Battle Of Armageddon (Tyrant)Metal Massacre 31 (CD)Hells Headbangers Records
22. 2018-03-26SATANIC WARMASTER15 Lords and TyrantsWe Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
23. 2018-03-26Horde Of AnachronIn the Path of the TyrantAeon Of Damnation
24. 2018-03-05ObituaryCircle Of The TyrantsCause Of Death [CD]Roadrunner Records
25. 2018-03-05ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
26. 2018-02-12Celtic FrostCircle of the TyrantsMorbid Tales - Emperor's Returnmetalblade
27. 2017-10-23Celtic FrostCircle of the TyrantsParched with Thirst Am I and DyingNoise International
28. 2017-06-05EmperorWrath Of The TyrantEmperor [EP]Century Media
29. 2017-01-02SnowfallMarch of the tyrantsDelerium Tremens [NHR2008]NHR Records - via Metalhit
30. 2016-09-19UsurperThe Struggle of TyrantsTwilight DominionEarache Records
31. 2016-06-06OpethCircle of the TyrantsIn Memory of Celtic FrostDwell Ministries
32. 2016-02-29COFFINSTyrantSplit - COFFINS ILSARelapse Records
33. 2016-02-01Celtic FrostCircle of the TyrantsTo Mega Therioncombat
34. 2016-01-25ExmortusDeath to TyrantsRide ForthProsthetic Records
35. 2016-01-11Ancient GodsTyrant of the AbyssAncient Gods & Infinitum Obscure Split
36. 2015-06-01DestruktorTyrants CondemnationOpprobriumhells_headbangers
37. 2014-10-20AllegaeonTyrants Of The Terrestrial ExodusElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
38. 2013-12-30SnowfallMarch Of The TyrantsDelerium TremensNHR
39. 2013-11-04ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
40. 2013-06-03ObituaryCircle Of The TyrantsCause Of Deathroadrunner
41. 2012-06-11TriptykonCircle Of TyrantsShatteredcenturymedia
42. 2012-05-28ObituaryCircle Of Tyrants
43. 2011-11-28ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
44. 2011-10-10Celtic FrostCircle of the TyrantsTo Mega Therioncombat
45. 2011-08-01Judas PriestTyrantSad Wings of Destinyjanus
46. 2010-10-04HorsebackTyrant SymmetryInvisible Mountainrelapse
47. 2010-07-26Ancient GodsTyrant Of The AbyssAncient Gods/Infinitum Obscure - Split CDutterly_somber
48. 2009-12-21ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
49. 2009-12-21OpethCircle Of The TyrantsVarious Artist: In Memory Of Celtic Frostdwell
50. 2009-02-23Kivimetsan DruidiThe TyrantShadowheartcenturymedia
51. 2008-11-10ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
52. 2008-07-07CryptopsySilence the Tyrantsthe Unspoken Kingcenturymedia
53. 2007-07-16ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
54. 2007-07-09ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
55. 2007-04-09ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
56. 2007-03-12ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
57. 2006-11-06celtic frostcircle of tyrants
58. 2006-04-24opethCircle Of The Tyrants
59. 2003-07-22OpethCircle Of The Tyrants
60. 2003-01-21OpethCircle Of The Tyrants
61. 2002-03-12ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
62. 1997-07-07Celtic FrostCircle of the Tyrants
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