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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1328 playlist up with 55636 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-06-12JAAWBring Home the Motherlode, BarrySuperclusterSvart Records
2. 2022-12-12ABYSMAL LORD03 Glowing BaphometBestiary of Immortal Hunger (CD, LP, TAPE)
3. 2022-12-05Unaussprechlichen KultenThe Hooded Baphomet BleatedBaphomet Pan Shub-NiggurathDark Descent Records
4. 2022-09-26OceansHomeHell Is Where The Heart Is Vol. IINuclear Blast Records
5. 2022-09-19Enterprise EarthThis Hell, My HomeThis Hell, My HomeStay Sick
6. 2022-02-07ExhuminatorFlesh Hungry HomelessHuman Waste1458074 Records DK
7. 2021-12-27KataklysmThe Way Back HomeUNCONQUEREDNuclear Blast Records
8. 2021-09-06ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
9. 2021-08-16KataklysmThe Way Back HomeUNCONQUEREDNuclear Blast Records
10. 2021-08-02SuntornHell On Earth Is HomeThe First Covenant
11. 2021-02-01MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar
12. 2020-11-30ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
13. 2020-08-31MIASMABaphometChangesNapalm
14. 2020-08-10Noctem AeternusComing Home, TwilightLandscape of Discord
15. 2020-06-29DefeaterNo Kind Of HomeEmpty Days & Sleepless NightsBridge Nine
16. 2020-05-04Colin Of ArabiaEveryday I Walk the Same Way HomePain MachinesDouble Or Nothing Records
17. 2020-03-02Necrogosto03 Baphometic Noisy CultAncestral Bestiality 12" MLPNuclear War Now! Productions
18. 2020-01-13ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
19. 2019-12-23Twisted SisterI'll Be Home For Christmas (Featuring Lita Ford)A Twisted Christmas
20. 2019-09-16BehemothHorns Ov BaphometZos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)Avantgarde Music
21. 2019-09-09Slutvomit05 Baphomet's CallCopulation of Cloven HoovesInvictus Productions
22. 2019-02-11ProvocatorGeneral Commander BaphometSatan, Chaos, Blood and TerrorMoribund Records
23. 2018-12-10ConvergeSadness Comes HomeAll We Love We Leave BehindEpitaph Records
24. 2018-09-24ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
25. 2018-08-20SHED THE SKIN06 Warband Under the BaphometHarrowing Faith (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
26. 2018-07-23INTER ARMAThe Long Road HomeSky BurialRelapse Records
27. 2018-04-09Rivers of NihilA HomeWhere Owls Know My NameMetal Blade Records
28. 2017-08-28INQUISITIONMighty Wargod Of The Templars (Hail Baphomet)Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient CultHells Headbangers Records
29. 2017-05-08CursedModel Home InvasionTwoGoodfellow Records
30. 2016-08-01ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
31. 2016-03-28CeremonyWalking HomeViolence, ViolenceMalfunction Records
32. 2015-08-17CandlemassInto The Unfathomed TowerTales of Creationmetalblade
33. 2015-08-10SolanumWelcome To Our Homemade HellPassages To Lunacyhorror_pain_gore_death
34. 2015-03-23SolanumWelcome To Our Homemade HellPassages To Lunacyhorror_pain_gore_death
35. 2014-12-01Shadows In The CryptsBaphomental AfflictionCryptic Communications
36. 2014-08-18Dark FortressBaphometEidoloncenturymedia
37. 2014-08-18CrucifyreBaphomet's RevengeBlack Magic Firepulverised
38. 2014-04-07ImpietyAdvent Of The Nuclear BaphomentAdvent Ofpulverised
39. 2013-11-04Meek Is MurderOur Hope/Our HomeEverything is Awesome Nothing MattersThreshold Of Pain
40. 2013-10-21The Lurking CoprsesShe Will Never Come Home23 Tales Of Terrorhells_headbangers
41. 2013-09-09MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
42. 2013-08-05Dream TheaterHomeGreatest Hit (... and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs!)rhino
43. 2013-07-15Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
44. 2013-02-04NeurosisNo River To Take Me HomeThe Eye Of Every Stormtribes
45. 2012-12-24Twisted sisterI'll Be Home For Christmas (Featuring Lita Ford)A Twisted Christmas
46. 2012-10-22ConvergeSadness Comes HomeAll We Love We Leave Behindepitaph
47. 2012-09-03Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
48. 2012-08-13ConvergeHomewreckerJane Doeeqv
49. 2012-07-16Cannibal CorpseFollowed Home Then KilledTorturemetalblade
50. 2012-04-09EluveitieHomeHelvetiosnuclearblast
51. 2012-03-05Cannibal CorpseFollowed Home Then KilledTorturemetalblade
52. 2012-02-27ImmolithTorch Of BaphometStormDragonmetalhit_dot_com
53. 2012-02-06ImmolithTorch Of BaphometStormDragonmetalhit_dot_com
54. 2011-12-26Negligent Collateral CollapseOn The Return Trip HomeCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
55. 2011-10-03BathoryHome Of Once BraveHammerheartnoise
56. 2011-08-22Grave DiggerComing HomeThe Ballad Of Mary EPnapalm
57. 2011-04-18Iron MaidenComing HomeComing Home singleuniveral
58. 2011-02-28ImpietyAdvent Of The Nuclear BaphomentAdvent Ofpulverised
59. 2010-12-20GreberHometown HerionHometown Herionself-released
60. 2010-11-01BathoryHome Of Once BraveHammerheartnoise
61. 2010-04-12Hunters MoonBaphometThe Serpents Lusthells_headbangers
62. 2010-03-29Hunters MoonBaphometThe Serpents Lusthells_headbangers
63. 2010-03-29MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
64. 2010-02-08Negligent Collateral CollapseOn The Return Trip HomeReprocess Segment Database Extenderobscene
65. 2010-01-18Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
66. 2010-01-18BurstHomeboundOrigorelapse
67. 2009-11-16Animals As LeadersThoroughly At HomeAnimals As Leadersprosthetic
68. 2009-09-21Last LightsThe Dream Homes of InsomniacsNo Past, No Present, No Futurethink_fast
69. 2009-07-13MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
70. 2009-03-30Melecheshbaphomet's lustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
71. 2008-09-15UnderoathAnyone Can Dig a Hole But It Takes a Man to Call It HomeLost in the Sound of Separationsolid_state
72. 2008-05-12Dying FetusStreaks of Blood (baphomet)Grotesque Impalementblunt_force
73. 2008-03-17Dying FetusStreaks of Blood (baphomet)Grotesque Impalementblunt_force
74. 2008-02-18Birds of PreyMurder the Homeless/Burn the Upper ClassSulfur & Semenrelapse
75. 2008-02-11ConvergeHomewreckerJane Doeeqv
76. 2008-01-14BursthomeboundOrigorelapse
77. 2007-12-24Visions of AtlantisMy Darkside HomeTrinitynapalm
78. 2007-12-17Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
79. 2007-11-12MassTake You HomeTake You Homemedusa
80. 2007-10-29Demon HunterLead us HomeStorm the Gates of Hellsolid_state
81. 2007-10-15Visions of AtlantisMy Darkside HomeTrinitynapalm
82. 2007-09-17Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
83. 2007-08-20PristinaLady BaphometBoner Jams 07spare_change
84. 2007-01-15A Life Once Lostou second home
85. 2006-07-10convergehomewrecker
86. 2006-06-05Ihsahnhomecoming
87. 2006-01-30BursthomeboundOrigorelapse
88. 2006-01-16Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
89. 2005-08-29the bledshe calls home
90. 2005-07-11the Nightmare Continuescoming home to a ghost town
91. 2005-06-13the Nightmare Continuescoming home to a ghost town
92. 2005-05-23melecheshbaphomet's lust
93. 2005-05-16the Nightmare Continuescoming home to a ghost town
94. 2004-11-15king diamondout from the assylum/welcome home
95. 2004-08-30walls of jerichohome is where the heart is
96. 2004-08-23melecheshbaphomet's lust
97. 2004-08-16The Dillinger Escape Planphone home
98. 2003-10-27A Life Once Lostour second home
99. 2003-10-13macabredorthea's dead folks home
100. 2003-10-13in dire needhomeland namibiaLost at Seaself-released
101. 2003-08-19In Dire NeedHomeland NamibiaLost at Seaself-released
102. 2003-06-03BehemothHorns ov Baphomet
103. 2003-02-11EnvelopeGuilty Ride home
104. 2002-05-26ShedHome
105. 2002-04-09A Life Once Lostour second home
106. 2002-02-19ConvergeHomewrecker
107. 2002-01-01Walls of JerichoHome is Where the Heart Is
108. 2001-10-09ConvergeHomewrecker
109. 2001-02-20EnslavedStjorneheimen (star home)
110. 2000-06-12Walls of Jerichohome if where the Heart is
111. 2000-06-05Dying FetusStreaks of Blood (baphomet)
112. 2000-05-08CrucifixionHome of the Lonesome Wanderers
113. 1999-10-11Saterialthe Great Necropolis/Baphomet Erected
114. 1997-07-21AshtrayheadHomemovies
115. 1997-05-05ShedHome
116. 1997-03-17TreeHome front
117. 1997-01-13AppartusHell;s Home
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