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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1159 playlist up with 49457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-29Twisted SisterDeath From AboveStay Hungry [25th Anniversary Edition] (CD2)
2. 2020-06-22Nekus03 Necromancer's Death ChantDeath Nova Upon the Barren Harvest CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
3. 2020-06-22ONSLAUGHTDeath MetalPower From Hell
4. 2020-06-08FÖRGJORD03 SURMAN VIRTA (THE CURRENT OF DEATH)Laulu kuolemasta -A Song About Death (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
5. 2020-05-18Merciless DeathDeath WarriorsRealm of TerrorHeavy Artillery
6. 2020-05-04LEASHdeath breathDead End Breed
7. 2020-04-27OLD FOREST02 - Death in the CemetaryBack Into the Old ForestDeath To Music Productions
8. 2020-04-20The Third Eye Rapists02 Deathtrip TranscendenceDeathtrip Transcendence / Magicians of the HolocaustAmor Fati Productions
9. 2020-03-09Crypt DaggerDeath to AllFrom BelowDying Victims Productions
10. 2020-02-17Woods Of YpresDeath Is Not An ExitWoods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
11. 2020-02-17orchristetil death do us joinnecronomicon (demo)
12. 2020-01-13UsurperDrowling Death (The Demigoddess)Skeletal SeasonNecropolis
13. 2019-12-16New HellDeath, Rot, and RuinDeath, Rot, and Ruin
14. 2019-12-16DEATH WOLF (swe)06_Death Wolf - The Executioners SongIVBlooddawn Productions
15. 2019-12-09Drastus4_Drastus_The Crown of Death_La Croix de SangNorma Evangelium Diaboli
16. 2019-11-18Angel WitchDeath from AndromedaAngel of LightMetal Blade Records
17. 2019-11-04necrosanct6.Undeath Dead and Dyingex-iternity
18. 2019-10-28Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Death Penaltycarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
19. 2019-10-21SkelethalDeathmanicus RevelationsDeathmanicvs Revelation MLPIron Bonehead Productions
20. 2019-10-14BirdfleshDeath to Fliessplit 7'' w/carcass grinderRazorback Records
21. 2019-08-19In Search Of SolaceDeathwishEnslaved To TragedySharpTone Records
22. 2019-08-05IntermentWhere Death Will IncreaseInto The Crypts Of BlasphemyPulverised Records
23. 2019-07-22NYCTOPHILIA (Poland)Untill Death...Ad Mortem Et TenebraeWolfspell Records
24. 2019-07-22Ewigkeit03_Death is the PortalCosmic ManSvart Records
25. 2019-07-08Shades of Deep Water03 Death's Threshold - Part 3Death's ThresholdDunkelheit Produktionen
26. 2019-07-01DismemberIn Death's SleepLike An Ever Flowing StreamKarmageddon
27. 2019-06-17Stray from the PathOnly Death Is RealOnly Death Is Real
28. 2019-05-13BARBARIAN (Italy)02 BIRTH AND DEATH OF RISH'AHTo No God Shall I Kneel (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
29. 2019-04-29AMPÜTATOR03 Sarin Death VengeanceDeathcult Barbaric HellGreyhaze Records
30. 2019-04-15Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
31. 2019-04-01FleshcrawlDeathvastationSoulskinnerMetal Blade Records
32. 2019-04-01GRAVE DIGGERDeath Smiles At All Of UsReturn of the ReaperNapalm Records
33. 2019-03-11Toxic HolocaustDeathmasterLive - Only Deaf Is Real
35. 2019-02-04MIDNIGHTDeath ScreamShox of ViolenceHells Headbangers Records
36. 2019-02-04Bleeding FistDeath Almighty DeathDeaths Old StenchMoribund Records
37. 2019-02-04MoonspellThe Southern DeathstyleThe AntidoteCentury Media
38. 2019-02-04Carpathian ForestDeath TriumphantBlack Shining Leather/Through Chasm, Caves and Titan WoodsWorld War III Music
39. 2018-12-31LetheriaDeath Hand PathDeath - PrincipleSaturnal Records
40. 2018-11-19AmputatorDeathcamp ImpureIntolerance DeathsquadsOld Cemetery Records
41. 2018-11-12TRAVŘLTADeath IndustriesTravřlta / Days of Desolation split 10"
42. 2018-10-22RUINDeath Meditation TranceHuman AnnihilationMemento Mori
43. 2018-10-15Anaal NathrakhNew Bethlehem/Mass Death FuturesA New Kind of HorrorMetal Blade Records
44. 2018-09-17NACHASHRed Death Eclipse (A Savage Darkening)Phantasmal Trinunity (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
45. 2018-08-27AutopsyDeath TwitchActs of the UnspeakablePeaceville Records
46. 2018-08-27Acid BathNew Death SensationPaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)Rotten Records
47. 2018-07-30the GrotesqueryOf Death and Unspeakable ThingsCurse of the Skinless Bride
48. 2018-07-30DealbreakerNothing's Over (Featuring Jim Death)ReflectionsSelf-Released
49. 2018-07-23GruesomeAt Death's DoorTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
50. 2018-07-02IRON HUNTERThe DeathbringerMankind ResistanceFighter Records
51. 2018-07-02Profanal05 Across Death's PathSupreme FireIron Tyrant
52. 2018-06-04Order from ChaosOf Death and Dyingrehersal live 1988
53. 2018-05-07Amon AmarthWhere Death Seems to DwellFate of NornsMetal Blade
54. 2018-04-02ZozobraDeathlessSavage Masters
55. 2018-03-26DealbreakerNothing's Over (Featuring Jim Death)ReflectionsSelf-Released
56. 2018-03-26Will HavenDeath Do Us PartWHVNGolf
57. 2018-03-19Rivers of NihilDeath Is RealWhere Owls Know My NameMetal Blade Records
58. 2018-02-12GruesomeChoke On It (Death Cover)Fragments of Psyche EPRelapse Records
59. 2018-02-05VOIDHANGER02. Death WishDark Days Of The SoulAgonia Records
60. 2018-01-29Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined For Extinction
61. 2018-01-22Type O NegativeBloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)Bloody Kisses [Expanded]Roadrunner
62. 2018-01-08CancerDeath Shall RiseDeath Shall RiseRestless Records
63. 2018-01-08DEATH KEEPERS03 Death KeepersRock This WorldFighter Records
64. 2017-09-25Darkened Nocturn SlaughtercultTo Enter the Stygian DeathrealSplit LP
65. 2017-08-14AmorphisDeath Of A KingUnder The Red CloudNuclear Blast Records
66. 2017-08-07HellwitchInfernal Death (Death cover)Omnipotent ConvocationXtreem Music
67. 2017-07-17EwigkeitDeath is the PortalCosmic ManSvart Records
68. 2017-07-10AMPÜTATOR03 Sarin Death VengeanceDeathcult Barbaric HellGreyhaze Records
69. 2017-07-03Deathcult (Switzerland)04 Death in JulyBeasts of FaithInvictus Productions
70. 2017-07-03Kingdom of SorrowThe Death We OweBehind the Blackest TearsRelapse Records
71. 2017-06-26Cirith UngolDeath of the SunKing of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)Metal Blade Records
72. 2017-05-22BehexenDeath's Black LightNightside Emanations
73. 2017-05-22SVARTSYN03_WITH_DEATH_FINAL_CD16In DeathAgonia Records
74. 2017-04-10ZyklonChaos DeathcultWorld Ov WormsCandlelight Records
75. 2017-03-27GruesomeChoke On It (Death Cover)Fragments of Psyche EPRelapse Records
76. 2017-02-20Blessed By A Broken HeartDeathwishFeel The PowerTooth & Nail
77. 2017-01-30Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined For Extinction
78. 2017-01-16ENTHRONEDDeathmoorObsidiumAgonia Records
79. 2017-01-16DismemberIn Death's Cold EmbraceHate CampaignNuclear Blast Records
80. 2016-12-26ExorcistDeath By BewitchmentNightmare Theatrecobra_productions
81. 2016-12-05Type O NegativeBloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)Bloody Kisses (Top-Shelf Edition)Roadrunner Records
82. 2016-10-10Dead ChildTwitch of the Death NerveAttackQuarterstick
83. 2016-09-19Death AngelDeath Of The MeekRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast GmbH
84. 2016-09-05Nox FormulaeNahemoth Death PlaneThe Hidden Paths to Black EcstasyDark Descent Records
85. 2016-08-08GWARDeath PodScumdogs Of The UniverseMetal Blade
86. 2016-08-08CianideDeath MachineDead & Rotting
87. 2016-08-01Acid BathNew Death SensationPaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)rotten
88. 2016-07-11EngorgedDeath Metal Attack 2000Fuck... I'm Dead Vs. EngorgedNo Escape Records
89. 2016-07-04Lord BelialDeath Cult EraRevelationRegain Records
90. 2016-07-04DodsferdMillion Deaths InsideThe Great Depression Imoribund
91. 2016-06-27Skin DroneDeath SentenceEvocationBluntface Records
92. 2016-06-20MardukDeath Sex EjaculationLa Grande Danse MacabreRegain Records
93. 2016-06-13WayfarerDeathless TundraOld SoulsProsthetic Records
94. 2016-06-06CANDLEMASSDeath Thy LoverDeath Thy LoverNapalm Records
95. 2016-04-18Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
96. 2016-02-08DeathhammerDeathrashing sacrificeOnward to the PitsHells Headbangers Records
97. 2016-02-01MegaslaughterDeath RemainsCalls From The BeyondTo The Death
98. 2016-02-01AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEEDDeathbedArc (NA Promo)Relapse Records
99. 2016-01-25DestructionDeath TrapSentence Of Death [EP] & Infernal Overkill
100. 2016-01-25ARCHGOATDeath & NecromancyLux Satane (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship)Hells Headbangers Records
101. 2016-01-25ExmortusDeath to TyrantsRide ForthProsthetic Records
102. 2015-12-21Solstice (UK)Death's Crown Is VictoryDeath's Crown is VictoryInvictus Productions
103. 2015-12-21NUNSLAUGHTERDeathlehemChristmassascre (7" picture disc)Hells Headbangers Records
104. 2015-11-23SacrilegeAt Death's DoorBehind The Realms Of Madness (Reissue)relapse
105. 2015-09-21VulcanoDeath MetalBloody Vengeancegreyhaze
106. 2015-09-14DeceasedDeathrider (Anthrax Cover)Cadaver Traditionshells_headbangers
107. 2015-08-31MurashitaDeath Or GloryInescapable DamnationSelf-Released
108. 2015-08-17Cult Of Fire6. मृत्यु का वीभत्स नृत्य (Macabre dance of death)मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
109. 2015-08-17Bird fleshDeathgore Of The FleshmasterTime to Face Extinctioncivilisation
110. 2015-08-10MayhemDeathcrushDeathcrush (demo)phantom
111. 2015-06-29Commit SuicideOpen Casket (death)Misery Index/Commit Suicide splitwillowtip
112. 2015-06-29Cephalic CarnageDying will be the Death of MeAnomaliesrelapse
113. 2015-06-22MasacreDeath Metal ForeverTotal Deathxtreem
114. 2015-06-01Funerotdeath or dieInvasion From The Death Dimensionrazorback
115. 2015-05-25PsychoDeath From AboveMother Fucker Livefudgeworthy
116. 2015-05-18Drawn and QuarteredOn The Death FarmReturn Of The Black Deathnapalm
117. 2015-05-18SodomDeathlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltysteam_hammer
118. 2015-05-11WormreichMalign Paradigm (Deathspell Omega)Wormcult Revelationsmoribund
119. 2015-05-04CarcassDeath CertificateHeartworkearache
120. 2015-05-04DeteriorotThe Bataan Death MarchThe Faithlessxtreem
121. 2015-05-04AllegaeonFrom the Stars Death CameFormshiftermetalblade
122. 2015-04-20The Red ChordSend in the Death StormPrey for Eyesmetalblade
123. 2015-04-13FleshlessDeath And DyingGrind Godobscene
124. 2015-03-23StrafkPhase III - Death And Decay Of Your IdentityPhaseshiftingwraith_productions
125. 2015-02-16Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
126. 2015-02-09AscensionDeathless LightThe Dead Of The Worldseason_of_mist
127. 2015-02-02DissonantCharles Bronson Was Great In Deathwish 5Suffocating In A Dead Sceneall_or_nothing
128. 2015-01-26CrucifyreFaces Of Death (His Satanic Shadow)Black Magic Firepulverised
129. 2015-01-26VenomThe Death Of Rock N RollFrom The Very Depthsspinefarm
130. 2015-01-12RevengeDeathless WillAttack.Blood.Revengenuclear_war_now
131. 2014-12-29CankerOpus Death (Demo 91)Physicalxtreem
132. 2014-12-29At The GatesDeath And The LabyrinthAt War Wtih Realitycenturymedia
133. 2014-12-22Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
134. 2014-12-01Sacred ReichDeath SquadIgorancemetalblade
135. 2014-11-24SpeedwolfDeath RipperRide With Deathhells_headbangers
136. 2014-11-10DismemberIn Death's SleepLike and Ever Flowing Streamnuclearblast
137. 2014-11-03NecrowretchEven Death May DieEven Death May Diecenturymedia
138. 2014-11-03RevocationDeathlessDeathlessmetalblade
139. 2014-10-13AscensionDeathless LightDeathless LightW.T.C Productions
140. 2014-09-22LavatoryDeath Is ImminentMorbid Terrorpulverised
141. 2014-07-21RingwormDeath Do Us Partthe Promisevictory
142. 2014-06-30Siamese CancerDeath Return (From the Funeral Fog)Promo 2009
143. 2014-06-23Impaled NazareneArmageddon Death SquadAll That You Fearend
144. 2014-06-16Anal BlasphemyBirth-Death-RebirthThe Perverse Worship Of Satanic Sins - split CDNight In Terror
145. 2014-06-09HellhammerTrumph of Death!Demon Entrails
146. 2014-05-19EnchantAt Death's DoorA Blueprint Of The World
147. 2014-05-12The Endless BlockadeDeath To SpiesPrimitiveBuck Spin
148. 2014-04-21Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
149. 2014-03-24PanopticonThe Death Of Baldur And The Coming WarCollapse
150. 2014-03-24SlayerDeath's HeadDiabolus In Musicaamerican
151. 2014-03-17CoffinwormInstant Death SyndromeIV.I.VIIIprofound_lore
152. 2014-02-03Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
153. 2014-01-20Amon AmarthDeath in FireVarious Artists - Uncorrupted Steel, Vol. 2metalblade
154. 2014-01-13Generation KillDeath Comes CallingWe're All Gonna DieNoiseheadrecords
155. 2014-01-13OccultistDeath SigilsDeath Sigilsprimitive_ways
156. 2014-01-13Satan's WrathDeath PossessedGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
157. 2013-12-30Commit SuicideOpen Casket (death)Misery Index/Commit Suicide splitwillowtip
158. 2013-12-23Nuclear Blast AllstarsDeath Is AliveInto the Lightnuclearblast
159. 2013-12-23FleshcutDeath EvolutionGruesome And Vile
160. 2013-12-16SpeedwolfDeath RipperRide With Deathhells_headbangers
161. 2013-12-16Hail of BulletsDeath Of A Field MarshalIII The Rommel Chroniclesmetalblade
162. 2013-12-16GoratoryAnally Injected Death SpermRice on Suedeamputated_vein
163. 2013-12-02ObliterationBlack Death HorizonBlack Death Horizonrelapse
164. 2013-11-18Skeleton WitchI Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)Serpents Unleashedprosthetic
165. 2013-11-11AnthemDeath To DeathTight Roperestless
166. 2013-11-11RazorDeathraceExecutioner's Songviper
167. 2013-11-04ZemialDeathspellNyktahells_headbangers
168. 2013-10-21In SolitudeDeath Knows WhereSistermetalblade
169. 2013-10-14Drawn and QuarteredOn The Death FarmReturn Of The Black Deathmoribund
170. 2013-10-07Louis Armstrong and Frank SinatraDeath Metal
171. 2013-09-16ZemialDeathspellNyktahells_headbangers
172. 2013-09-09ArchitectDeath and TaxesGhosts of the Saltwater Machinesblackmarket_activities
173. 2013-09-09Death AngelDeath Is Certain (Life Is Not)Darkness Descends
174. 2013-08-26ExorcistDeath By BewitchmentNightmare Theatrecobra_productions
175. 2013-07-15Insanity (USA)Fire Death FateDeath After Deathhells_headbangers
176. 2013-07-08Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
177. 2013-07-01Dew-ScentedThe Death Of Common SenseInsurgentprosthetic
178. 2013-06-24MayhemDeathcrushDeathcrushDeathlike Silence
179. 2013-06-10Insanity (USA)Fire Death FateDeath After Deathhells_headbangers
180. 2013-06-10EntrailsDeath LeagueRaging Deathmetalblade
181. 2013-06-03Toxic HolocaustDeathmasterFrom The Ashes Of Nuclear Destructionrelapse
182. 2013-05-27GloryholeDeath By DeformityInfestation Of Evilized Deformitiesold_cemetery
183. 2013-04-08Toxic HolocaustDeath CampsFrom The Ashes Of Nuclear Destructionrelapse
184. 2013-03-25DealbreakerNothing's Over (Feature Jim Death)Reflectionsself-released
185. 2013-01-28Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
186. 2013-01-28NunslaughterDeathlehemChristmassacrehells_headbangers
187. 2013-01-14NecrovationDeath SalvationBreed Deadness Bloodblood_harvest
188. 2012-12-31EnshadowedBlack Holes, Death PlanetsMagic Chaos Psychedeliapulverised
189. 2012-12-17CromagsDeath CampsBest Wishesprofile
190. 2012-12-10NachzehrerPlague Bringer: Death March CommenceDemo 2010self-released
191. 2012-12-03DealbreakerNothing's Over (Feature Jim Death)Reflectionsself-released
192. 2012-11-26EnslavedDeath In The Eyes Of DawnRIITIIRnuclearblast
193. 2012-11-12Early GravesDeath ObsessedRed HorseNo Sleep
194. 2012-10-22EnslavedDeath In The Eyes Of DawnRIITIIRnuclearblast
195. 2012-10-08Satan's WrathDeath To LifeGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
196. 2012-09-10CromagsNear Death ExperienceNear Death Experiencecenturymedia
197. 2012-09-03EnthronedDeathmoorObsidiumagonia
198. 2012-09-03ImpetigoBitch Death Teenage Mucus Monster from HellUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
199. 2012-09-03Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
200. 2012-08-13EnthronedDeathammerObsidiumagonia
201. 2012-08-06Dimmu BorgirIn Death's EmbraceEnthrone Darkness Triumphantnuclearblast
202. 2012-07-02MantasDeath By MetalDeath By Metalrelapse
203. 2012-06-11Devine RapturePull the Plug (Death Cover)Promo Samplerself-released
204. 2012-06-11Merciless DeathDeath WarriorsRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
205. 2012-05-21MassacreDeath Metal ForeverTotal Deathxtreem
206. 2012-05-07AsphyxDeathhammerDeathhammercenturymedia
207. 2012-05-07AllegaeonFrom the Stars Death CameFormshiftermetalblade
208. 2012-04-30DevastationDeath Is CallingViolent Terminationcombat
209. 2012-04-30The WakeDeath-A-HolicDeath-A-Holic
210. 2012-04-02NaglfarIII Death Dimension PhantasmaTerascenturymedia
211. 2012-03-19Callenish CirclePull the Plug (Death Cover)Flesh Power Dominionmetalblade
212. 2012-03-12NeitherAutumn Death CycleNeither
213. 2012-03-05AzaghalIn Deathlike SilenceNemesismoribund
214. 2012-03-05MeshuggahIn Death - Is LifeCatch Thirty Threenuclearblast
215. 2012-02-06SpeedwolfDeath RipperRide With Deathhells_headbangers
216. 2012-01-23DismemberIn Death's SleepLike and Ever Flowing Streamnuclearblast
217. 2012-01-23HellhammerTrumph of Death!Apocalyptic Raids
218. 2012-01-23Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
219. 2011-12-19MartyrvoreDeathhammer7" Compilation
220. 2011-12-19Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
221. 2011-12-12Wolves Like UsDeathlessLate Loveprosthetic
222. 2011-11-28ThulcandraEchoing Voices (A Cold Breeze Of Death)Under A Frozen Sunnapalm
223. 2011-10-31Pig DestroyerDeathtripperPhantom Limbrelapse
224. 2011-10-24GhoulFrom Death To DustWe Came for the Deadrazorback
225. 2011-09-26Dying FetusUnchallenged Hate (Napalm Death)History Repeatsrelapse
226. 2011-09-19AntagonizedWhen Death ComesIntense Perversionold_cemetery
227. 2011-09-12Cannibal CorpseDeath Walking TerrorKILLmetalblade
228. 2011-09-05DeceasedDeathrider (Anthrax Cover)Behind the Mourner's Veilrelapse
229. 2011-08-22Dying FetusUnchallenged Hate (Napalm Death)History Repeatsrelapse
230. 2011-07-25NekrofilthDeath ScumWorship Destructionhells_headbangers
231. 2011-06-20SodomFeigned Death ThroesIn War And Piecesspv
232. 2011-05-30ExhorderDeath in VainSlaughter in the Vaticanroadrunner
233. 2011-05-09Drive-by BukakkeDead At Birth (Death Threat)Oozing Doomself-released
234. 2011-05-02Death Ray VisionDeath Ray VisionEpisode One: Get Lost Or Get Deadself-released
235. 2011-04-25ExorcistDeath By BewitchmentNightmare Theatrecobra_productions
236. 2011-04-18Broken BonesDeath By DemandFuck You & All You Stand For!xtreem
237. 2011-04-18VictimsDeath Do Us PartA Dissidenttankcrimes
238. 2011-04-11SodomFeigned Death ThroesIn War And Piecesspv
239. 2011-03-28Black Metal BeccaDeath Metal Friday
240. 2011-03-21Black Metal BeccaDeath Metal Friday
241. 2011-03-21HellhammerTrumph of Death!Demon Entrails
242. 2011-03-07AntagonizedWhen Death ComesIntense Perversionold_cemetery
243. 2011-01-31Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
244. 2011-01-17Nocturnal BloodDeath CallsDevastated Graveshells_headbangers
245. 2011-01-03Children Of The Dying SunA Death Today/The Inevitable SuicideTo Welcome Deathself-released
246. 2010-12-27Nocturnal BloodDeath CallsDevastated Graveshells_headbangers
247. 2010-12-27Ratos de PoraoDeath Of The KingAnarkophobiaracercar
248. 2010-12-13Commit SuicideOpen Casket (death)Misery Index/Commit Suicide splitwillowtip
249. 2010-12-06Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
250. 2010-11-29AyatNecronarcos (Tame You Death)Six Years Of Dormant Hatredmoribund
251. 2010-11-01Blessed DeathDeath in the SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
252. 2010-10-25DismemberIn Death's SleepLike and Ever Flowing Streamnuclearblast
253. 2010-10-25Funeral GoatDeath HymmMass Ov Perversiondaemon_worship
254. 2010-10-18SlayerDeath's HeadDiabolus In Musicaamerican
255. 2010-09-27BloodthirstDeath Upon TheeSanctity Deniedpagan
256. 2010-09-06IntermentWhere Death Will IncreaseInto the Crypts Of Blasphemypulverised
257. 2010-09-06Kublai KhanDeath BreathAnnihilationnew_renaissance
258. 2010-08-30Psyopusdeath... i..Ideas of Referenceblackmarket_activities
259. 2010-08-23The Miles BetweenDeath and Its KingdomDeceivermediaskare
260. 2010-08-16Callenish CirclePull the Plug (Death Cover)Flesh Power Dominionmetalblade
261. 2010-07-26OverkillDeath RiderVarious Artists - Metal Massacre Vmetalblade
262. 2010-07-19Rotten SoundSuffer The Children (napalm death)Napalmrelapse
263. 2010-07-12OmenDeath RiderVarious Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
264. 2010-06-28Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
265. 2010-06-21Carnal ForgeI Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard)Firedemoncenturymedia
266. 2010-06-07DebaucheryDeath Metal ManiacBack in Bloodlocomotive
267. 2010-06-07Cold WorkerDeath Smiles At MeThe Contaminated Voidrelapse
268. 2010-05-17Rotten SoundSuffer The Children (napalm death)Napalmrelapse
269. 2010-05-03CathedralDeath Of an AntichristThe Guessing Gamenuclearblast
270. 2010-03-22Poison IdeaDeath Wish KidsKings Of Punkpusmort
271. 2010-03-22Cirith UngolDeath of the SunKing of the Deadenigma
272. 2010-02-15UnanimatedDeath To Lifein The Light Of Darknessregain
273. 2010-01-18The CrownDeath Metal HolocaustCrowned in Terrormetalblade
274. 2010-01-18PerimeterDeath Style HatecoreOdium Humani Generismazzar_mystic_empire
275. 2010-01-18KatalepsyNumber of Deaths (13)Triumph Of Evilutionsoulflesh_collector
276. 2010-01-11Evil WrathDeath SymptomChaotical InvasionNHR
277. 2009-12-28Cold WorkerDeath Smiles At MeThe Contaminated Voidrelapse
278. 2009-12-14EngorgedDeath Metal Attack 2000Fuck... I'm Dead vs Engorged - split CDno_escape
279. 2009-12-07Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
280. 2009-11-09Commit SuicideOpen Casket (death)Misery Index/Commit Suicide splitwillowtip
281. 2009-11-02KreatorDeath Is Your SaviourPleasure to Killnoise
282. 2009-10-12ExodusDeathamphetimineShovel Headed Kill Machinenuclearblast
283. 2009-10-05The Gates of SlumberDeath DealerHymms Of Blood And Thundermetalblade
284. 2009-10-05The Miles BetweenDeath and Its KingdomDeceivermediaskare
285. 2009-09-28OdenwrathDeath In Flamesthe RavencultRavenpath
286. 2009-08-10KatalepsyNumber of Deaths (13)Triumph Of Evilutionsoulflesh_collector
287. 2009-06-29Commit SuicideOpen Casket (death)Misery Index/Commit Suicide splitwillowtip
288. 2009-06-22ArchitectDeath and TaxesGhosts of the Saltwater Machinesblackmarket_activities
289. 2009-06-01AmputatorDeathcamp ImpureIntolerance Deathsquadsold_cemetery
290. 2009-05-25Mantic RitualDeath and DestructionExecutionernuclearblast
291. 2009-05-18CrucifixionDeath Sentence
292. 2009-05-04ExodusOnly Death DecidesImpact is Imminentcapitol
293. 2009-04-27Cirith UngolDeath of the SunKing of the Deadenigma
294. 2009-04-20SodomDeathlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
295. 2009-04-06Mantic RitualDeath and DestructionExecutionernuclearblast
296. 2009-03-30Blessed Deathdeath in the skyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
297. 2009-03-09Upon Crimson WingsA Death Tomorrowself-titledself-released
298. 2009-03-02The Miles BetweenDeath and Its KingdomDeceivermediaskare
299. 2009-02-23MayhemDeathcrushDeathcrush
300. 2009-01-19DarkthroneDeath of All Oaths (Oath Minus)Dark Thrones and Black Flagspeaceville
301. 2008-11-24Book of Black EarthDeath of the SunHoroskopusprosthetic
302. 2008-11-10DarkthroneDeath of All Oaths (Oath Minus)Dark Thrones and Black Flagspeaceville
303. 2008-11-03Cradle Of FilthThe Death of LoveGodspeed on the Devil's Thunderroadrunner
304. 2008-10-13Book of Black EarthDeath of the SunHoroskopusprosthetic
305. 2008-09-29Pig DestroyerDeathtripperPhantom Limbrelapse
306. 2008-09-15TreeDeath WishOur Day Will Comewonderdrug
307. 2008-08-25SodomDeathlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
308. 2008-08-18WhitechapelDeath Becomes HimThis is Exilemetalblade
309. 2008-07-21CelestiaDeath of the Lizard Queen (Necro Phaanthasma)Frigidiis Apotheosiaparagon
310. 2008-06-23KataklysmAs Death LingersPrevailnuclearblast
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316. 2008-05-19KataklysmAs Death LingersPrevailnuclearblast
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351. 2007-07-02SighDeath with DishonorHangman's Hymnend
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365. 2007-03-19deicideDeath to Jesusthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
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367. 2007-03-12Symphorcedeath has come
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372. 2007-01-15Cold Workerdeath smiles at me
373. 2007-01-08random acts of violencedeath's strides
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375. 2006-12-25deicideDeath to Jesusthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
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418. 2005-04-18sodomDeathlike Silence
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423. 2005-03-14Martyrvoredeath gods
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435. 2004-10-11convergedeath king
436. 2004-10-11exhumeddeath metal
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443. 2004-05-10scissorfightsupervirgin vs. deathmachine
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448. 2004-02-02Exhorderdeath in vain
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452. 2003-12-15passionlet this be the death of me
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454. 2003-10-20skinlessdeathwork
455. 2003-10-05in dire needsecret death touchLost at Seaself-released
456. 2003-09-15in dire needsecret death touchLost at Seaself-released
457. 2003-09-09exhumeddeath walks behind you
458. 2003-09-02In Dire NeedSecret Death TouchLost at Seaself-released
459. 2003-08-26skinlessDeath work
460. 2003-07-15SkinlessDeathwork
461. 2003-05-13DismemberIn Death's Sleep
462. 2003-04-22Carnal ForgeDeathblow
463. 2003-04-22Upon Crimson WingsA Death Tomorrow
464. 2003-04-15Amon AmarthDeath in Fire
465. 2003-03-18Amon AmarthDeath in Fire
466. 2003-03-18Upon Crimson WingsA DEath Tomorrow
467. 2003-03-04Upon Crimson WingsA death tomorrow
468. 2003-03-04Children of BodomHate crew Death Troll
469. 2003-02-11Limbonic Artthe Ultimate death Worship
470. 2003-01-21Amon AmarthDeath in Fire
471. 2003-01-14the CrownDeath Metal Holocaust
472. 2002-12-10VaderDeath Metal
473. 2002-12-01Cannibal CorpseWhen Death Replaces Life
474. 2002-11-26Commit SuicideOpen Casket (death)Misery Index/Commit Suicide splitwillowtip
475. 2002-11-19OverkillDeath Rider
476. 2002-11-19SodomDeathlike Silence
477. 2002-10-22Limbonic Artthe Ultimate Death Worship
478. 2002-09-24MyrkskogIndeposable Deaths
479. 2002-05-21The CrownDeath metal Holocaust
480. 2002-04-09Vaderdeath metal
481. 2002-03-19Callenish CirclePull the Plug (Death Cover)
482. 2002-03-05VaderDeath Metal
483. 2002-03-05VaderDeath Metal
484. 2002-02-19Callenish CirclePull the Plug (Death Cover)
485. 2002-02-11Flesh CrawlDeathvastaion
486. 2002-02-11Callenish CirclePull the Plug (Death Cover)
487. 2002-01-15Diabolic MascaradeDeath's design the com young
488. 2001-12-18AborymLove Death as with Life
489. 2001-11-13Aborymlove the death as the life
490. 2001-07-31HypocrisyDeathrow (no Regrets)
491. 2001-07-31HypocrisyDeathrow (no Regrets)
492. 2001-06-26Averse SefiraDeathhymn
493. 2001-06-19Averse SefiraWithering the Storm & Death Hymn
494. 2001-06-05ZyKlonChaos Deathcult
495. 2001-05-29MonstrosityAngel of Death (live)
496. 2001-05-15God Dethronedthe iconoclastic Deathride
497. 2001-05-01MonstrosityAngel of Death (live)
498. 2001-04-17MardukDeath Sex Ejactulation
499. 2001-03-06GoatwhoreUpon this DEathbed of Cold Fire
500. 2001-02-27Lord BelialDeath is the Gate
501. 2001-02-20AbscessDeath Runs Red
502. 2001-01-16Lord BelialDeath is the Gale
503. 2001-01-09Cradle of FilthDeath Magick For Adepts
504. 2000-12-05Cradle of FilthDeath Magik for Adepts
505. 2000-11-28Carnal ForgeI smell liek Death (son of a Bastard)Firedemoncenturymedia
506. 2000-10-31OverkillDeath Comes Out to Play
507. 2000-10-31OverkillDeath Comes Out to Play
508. 2000-10-24Hate PlowDeathrow (no regrets)
509. 2000-10-24Hate PlowDeathrow (no regrets)
510. 2000-09-12Carpathian ForestDeath Triumphant
511. 2000-08-21Nokturnal MortumDeath Damnation
512. 2000-07-31Carpathian ForestDeath Triumpant
513. 2000-07-24DismemberIn DEath's Cold Embrace
514. 2000-06-12AgathodaimonA DEath in it's Plenitude
515. 2000-05-29Carpathian ForestDeath Triumphant
516. 2000-05-29Mayhemoff Deathcrash
517. 2000-05-22Carpathian Forestdeathe Triumphant
518. 2000-05-08OverkillDeath Rider
519. 2000-05-01GoatwhoreUpon this Deathbed of Cold Fire
520. 2000-04-24GoatwhoreUpon this Deathbed of Cold Fire
521. 2000-03-20SlayerDeath's HeadDiabolus In Musicaamerican
522. 2000-03-06DismemberIn Death's Cold Embrace
523. 2000-03-06Lock up Sould REaperSalvation Thru Deathlord
524. 2000-02-07CromagsDeath Camps
525. 2000-01-17Imperial DomainWhere life and Death Collide
526. 2000-01-10Lord BelialDeath is the Gate
527. 1999-12-27SlayerAngle of Death - live
528. 1999-12-20ScissorfightSuper Virgin Vs. Death Machine
529. 1999-11-01SlayerAngel of Death (live)
530. 1999-10-18CancerDeath Shall Raise
531. 1999-10-18Will Havendeath do us Part
532. 1999-10-04CromagsDeath Camps
533. 1999-09-13Carpathian ForestDeath Triumphant
534. 1999-08-23Carpathian ForestDeath Triumphant
535. 1999-08-02SlayerDeath's HeadDiabolus In Musicaamerican
536. 1999-05-04CromagsDeath Camps
537. 1999-05-04HellhammerTrumph of Death!
538. 1999-04-06ScissorfightSupervirgin vs. Deathmachine
539. 1999-03-15DeathwishDeath Processions
540. 1997-08-18Six Feet UnderDeath or Glory
541. 1997-07-14Sacred ReichDeath Squad
542. 1997-05-19ExhorderDeath in Vain
543. 1997-04-08ScissorfightSupervirgin vs. Death Machine
544. 1996-10-28Pro-painDeath Goes on
545. 1996-09-02PropainDeath on the Dance Floor
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