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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1293 playlist up with 54457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-08-29Eschaton09 The Beast is AwakenedSentinel ApocalypseUnique Leader Recordings
2. 2022-03-21Sordid ClotSpring AwakeningTuberSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
3. 2020-06-01Icarus WitchAwakening the Mountain GiantsCapture the MagicCleopatra
4. 2020-01-06DaggerspawnAwakeningSuffering Upon The Throne Of DepravitySevared Records - via Metalhit
5. 2019-10-28WargasmRudest AwakeningUglyMassacre Records
6. 2019-06-10Celestial CrownAwakenRebirth
7. 2019-05-27BehexenAwaken TiamatNightside Emanations
8. 2019-05-13Hellish Grave03 Revenant AwakeningHell No Longer WaitsHelldprod Records
9. 2019-03-25WintersunAwaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring)The Forest SeasonsNuclear Blast Records
10. 2019-03-18Dark TranquillityVernal AwakeningTrail of Life Decayed
11. 2018-04-09VARATHRON03. Luciferian Mystical AwakeningPatriarchs Of EvilAgonia Records
12. 2017-05-08Father BefouledMortal AwakeningDesolate GodsDark Descent Records
13. 2017-05-08IncendiaryAwakeningThousand Mile StareClosed Casket Activities
14. 2016-07-18Broken HopeAwakened by StenchSwamped in GoreMetal Blade Records
15. 2014-06-23MercilessThe AwakeningThe AwakeningTemple Of Darkness
16. 2014-03-31Solitude AeturnusThe 9th Day: AwakeningThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
17. 2013-04-15Sordid ClotSpring AwakeningTubersoulflesh_collector
18. 2012-12-31KreatorAwakening Of The GodsOut Of The Dark, Into The Lightnoise
19. 2012-12-24VomitoryThe Dead AwakenOpus Morits VIIImetalblade
20. 2012-12-03Rude AwakeningThe AwakeningThe Awakeningtriple_b
21. 2012-11-05KreatorAwakening Of The GodsFlag of Hatecombat
22. 2012-04-09Revelations Of RainIn Expectation Of AwakeningEmanation Of Hatredsolitude_productions
23. 2011-11-14KreatorAwakening Of The GodsOut Of The Dark, Into The Lightnoise
24. 2011-09-19NachzehrerThe Awakeningep 2011self-released
25. 2011-09-12UnmotheredThe Awakeningself-titled epself-released
26. 2011-05-16NachzehrerThe Awakeningep 2011self-released
27. 2011-03-14Festival Of MutilationAwakening Of MardukGods Of Infernal Desolationold_cemetery
28. 2010-11-08WarcryAwakening The CemetaryRevenge In Bloodpure_steel
29. 2010-09-27Keep Of KalessinThe AwakeningReptiliannuclearblast
30. 2010-07-26ImpiousDead AwakeningDeath Dominationmetalblade
31. 2010-02-15ImpiousDead AwakeningDeath Dominationmetalblade
32. 2008-12-01Sordid ClotSpring AwakeningTubersoulflesh_collector
33. 2008-09-22All Shall PerishAwaken the DreamersAwaken the Dreamersnuclearblast
34. 2008-07-21DethklokAwakenthe Dethalbumadult_swim
35. 2007-11-19DethklokAwakenthe Dethalbumadult_swim
36. 2007-10-01DethklokAwakenthe Dethalbumadult_swim
37. 2007-08-20Dimmu Borgirthe Sinister AwakeningIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
38. 2007-02-26Architectthe awakening
39. 2007-01-01Architectthe awakening
40. 2006-02-13bitchslicerevil awakening
41. 2006-01-02beyond the sixth sealawaken
42. 2004-08-23graveawakening
43. 2004-08-02scourgeawakened through death
44. 2004-07-05scourgeawakened through death
45. 2004-03-22Suspension of Gracessilence awakens...
46. 2004-03-15Suspension of Gracessilence awakens
47. 2004-03-01beyond the sixth sealawaken
48. 2003-05-20IrateAwakenings
49. 2003-01-21Beyond the Sixth SealAwaken
50. 2002-11-05IrateAwakenings
51. 2002-09-10OriginAwaken the Suffering
52. 2000-07-10Burialthe Awakening
53. 1997-11-24ProngRude Awakening
54. 1997-08-25Living SacrificeAwakening
55. 1996-10-14ProngRude Awakening
56. 1996-09-09ProngRude Awakening
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