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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-01-16SARAM04 Extreme Holocaust...Lima Hell! (LP)Werewolf Records
2. 2023-01-09THORNSPAWN / MALEDICTVS02 Thornspawn - Clairvoyance with the DeadSplit (CD)Werewolf Records
3. 2022-12-19SATANIC WARMASTER02 Duke's Ride (Ride of the Spectral Hooves)Aamongandr (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
4. 2022-12-19DRUADAN FOREST01 Ethereal Eternity Reflects the Images of Vast Eerie PastsPortals (CD)Werewolf Records
5. 2022-11-14FÖRGJORD04 Kylmät Silmät Tyhjä KatseRuumissaarna Pt. 1 (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
6. 2022-11-14SORGETID02 SvärdstormNatt av Tusen Dödsfall (CD/LP/TAPE)Werewolf Records
7. 2022-08-22BLOOD CHALICE (Finland)04 MatanbuchusThe Blasphemous Psalms of Cannibalism (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
8. 2022-07-04MORRIGAN (Germany)05 FeoladaireAnwynn (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
9. 2021-12-20GRIEVE03 Possessed...Funeral (CD, TAPE)Werewolf Records
10. 2021-11-01MORGAL03 Extermination / Death PenetrationNightmare Lord (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
11. 2021-10-04CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT03 Revelations of Dark CraftsRealm of the Night (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
12. 2021-08-23CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT04 On The Path of Thy ShadowRealm of the Night (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
13. 2021-06-14WARMOON LORD04 The Key of the MoonpiercerBattlespells CD/LPWerewolf Records
14. 2021-05-03VRITRAHN-WERWOLF03 LORD OF ALL EVILVritrahn-Werwolf (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
15. 2021-03-15RUTTOKOSMOS04 Olemisen Tukahduttava LöyhkäKärsimys (CD)Werewolf Records
16. 2021-03-08EMBRYONIC SLUMBER02 Unwavering FlameIn Worship Our Blood is Buried (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
17. 2020-12-21RVBBER VVITCH02 Gloire Maufait!Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII (CD)Werewolf Records
18. 2020-10-19YMIR (Finland)02 Silvery HowlingYmir (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
19. 2020-06-15FRGJORD05 Kaksitoista KuolemaaIlmestykset (CD)Werewolf Records
20. 2020-06-08FRGJORD03 SURMAN VIRTA (THE CURRENT OF DEATH)Laulu kuolemasta -A Song About Death (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
21. 2020-05-04MORKETIDA02 Upon the Aged HeavensTraveler of the Untouched Voids (12" MLP)Werewolf Records
22. 2020-01-27FAUSTIAN PACT03 Kuulas Musta AikaOutojen Tornien Varjoissa (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
23. 2019-09-02ADVENT SORROW02 Wolfhook and WeaponKali Yuga Crown (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
24. 2019-04-29FRGJORD03 KUOLLEIDEN YUhripuu (CD)Werewolf Records
25. 2019-04-08FRGJORD03 KarsikkoIlmestykset (CD)Werewolf Records
26. 2019-04-08VARGRAV (Finland)04 In Streams From Great MysteriesReign in Supreme Darkness (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
27. 2018-10-01Kyprian's CircleKun puhui myrskyn henki (Speaking of the storm spirit)Noitatulen vartija (The wreath guard)Werewolf Records
28. 2018-08-06White DeathBorn From the Unholy FireWhite DeathWerewolf Records
29. 2018-07-30MORKETIDA04 Serpent's GrailPanphage Mysticism (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
30. 2017-10-30Satanic WarmasterBlack Metal KommandoBlack Metal Kommando - Gas ChamberWerewolf Records
31. 2017-08-14SUMMON (U.S.)03 Eve Of Anti-CreationDark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP)Werewolf records
32. 2017-05-29SATANIC WARMASTERWolves Of Blood And IronBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
33. 2017-02-20SATANIC WARMASTERMacht & EhreBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
34. 2017-01-30WHITE DEATH05 WarpathWhite Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
35. 2017-01-30FRGJORD04 TYTTYMYSUhripuu (CD)Werewolf Records
36. 2017-01-23GOATMOON05 Sonderkommando NordStella Polaris (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
37. 2016-09-05THE TRUE WERWOLF03 Kreaturen Der NachtDeath Music (CD)Werewolf Records
38. 2016-08-29SATANIC WARMASTER03 The Burning Eyes Of The WerewolfBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
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