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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1275 playlist up with 53860 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-09-19Red Rot02 UndeceasedMal De VivreSvart Records
2. 2022-06-13IANAIManda NavajaSunirSvart Records
3. 2022-06-06Kiss DiseaseBare FeetYou Met Me at a Strange TimeSvart Records
4. 2022-05-30DemilichThe Chamber of Whispering Eyes20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
5. 2022-05-30ThromdarrWinter of FlamesMidwinter Frost - Complete Demo Tapes 1990-1997Svart Records
6. 2022-02-21KuolemanlaaksoSurusta meri suolainenKuusumuSvart Records
7. 2022-02-21MessaRubedoCloseSvart Records
8. 2021-12-20Green Lung04_Reapers ScytheBlack HarvestSvart Records
9. 2021-12-13Doodswens04 - Doodswens - EindzichtLichtvreesSvart Records
10. 2021-09-27SkepticismPassageCompanionSvart Records
11. 2021-08-23Heathen Rites03 AutumnHeritageSvart Records
12. 2021-06-07BlightBefore the Monolith (Under the Lens of Fanaa)Temple of WoundsSvart Records
13. 2021-05-24DemilichSixteenth Six-tooth Son of Fourteen Four-regional20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
14. 2021-03-01Black Totem1990'sIISvart Records
15. 2020-10-19Dark Buddha RisingNagathmaMathreyataSvart Records
16. 2020-08-24Persekutor02-Can You Feel The Frost Of DawnPermanent WinterSvart Records
17. 2020-08-10Self Hypnosis06 LeechesContagion of DespairSvart Records
18. 2020-06-29DemilichEcho (Replacement)20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
19. 2020-06-29Blight05. A Violent LightTemple of WoundsSvart Records
20. 2020-05-18Obnoxious Youth03 FuneralMouths Sewn ShutSvart Records
21. 2020-05-18Blight03. KingshipTemple of WoundsSvart Records
22. 2020-05-11WinterwolfAt Dawn They EatLycanthropic Metal of DeathSvart Records
23. 2020-05-04GodenCosmic BloodBeyond DarknessSvart Records
24. 2020-05-04Mean Messiah02 Divine TechnologyDivine TechnologySvart Records
25. 2019-12-23Harmaa Getto05_Aleksander GalichOvenvartijaSvart Records
26. 2019-11-25VesperithFractal FleshVesperithSvart Records
27. 2019-09-16Goatess3. What Lies BeneathBlood and WineSvart Records
28. 2019-07-22Ewigkeit03_Death is the PortalCosmic ManSvart Records
29. 2019-06-03WinterwolfDevouring Entities DevourLycanthropic Metal of DeathSvart Records
30. 2019-03-04Vainaja07 Risti Kädessäni (Cross in my hand)KadotetutSvart Records
31. 2019-01-14The SabbathianLiti KjerstiLatum AlterumSvart Records
32. 2018-12-03Dark Buddha Rising01 Transperson IThe Black TrilogySvart Records
33. 2018-11-19New Light ChoirOmensTorchlightSvart Records
34. 2018-10-29Witchthroat Serpent03 Pauper's GraveSwallow The VenomSvart Records
35. 2018-10-01SkepticismPourStormcrowfleetSvart Records
36. 2018-05-21UrarvAurumArgentumSvart Records
37. 2018-04-30DemilichThe Chamber of Whispering Eyes20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
38. 2018-04-30Witch MountainBurn You DownWitch MountainSvart Records
39. 2018-02-12ConvulseDays Are DarkEvil PrevailsSvart Records
40. 2018-01-22DemilichEcho (Replacement)20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
41. 2017-12-04Anguis Dei2. Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa NokturniisAd Portas SerpentiumSvart Records
42. 2017-11-20Lapin Helvetti04 - Lapin Helvetti - T.t.k.Lapin HelvettiSvart Records
43. 2017-10-02Coven (Japan)Wings of GloryThe AdventSvart Records
44. 2017-09-25HallatarMy Mistake (feat. Heike Langhans)No Stars Upon The BridgeSvart Records
45. 2017-09-18UrarvThe RetortionAurumSvart Records
46. 2017-09-04Cardinal WyrmThe Resonant DeadCast Away SoulsSvart Records
47. 2017-07-17EwigkeitDeath is the PortalCosmic ManSvart Records
48. 2017-06-12Perikato09 Geneettinen käskyKuka hyötyySvart Records
49. 2017-04-03PombagiraEndlessFlesh Throne PressSvart Records
50. 2017-03-27AjattaraAmenLupausSvart Records
51. 2017-03-13Lubricant05 PulpectomySwallow ThisSvart Records
52. 2017-03-06BathshebaManifestServusSvart Records
53. 2017-02-13Força Macabra03 Pescador De Almas25 AnosSvart Records
54. 2017-01-30Abhorrence03 Holy Laws of PainTotally Vulgar - Live at Tuska Open Air 2013Svart Records
55. 2017-01-16Hymn04 HollowPerishSvart Records
56. 2017-01-09SpeedtrapPowerdosePowerdoseSvart Records
57. 2016-10-10Teksti-TV 66605 Tuhatvuotinen harharetki1,2,3Svart Records
58. 2016-10-10Spiritus Mortis03 Babalon WorkingThe Year Is OneSvart Records
59. 2016-09-26Cardinal WyrmGrave PassageCast Away SoulsSvart Records
60. 2016-08-01CircleDNAMeroniaSvart Records
61. 2016-05-16Vainaja03 UsvaVerenvalajaSvart Records
62. 2016-04-25Demilichthe Sun Drank the Weight of Water20th Adversary of EmptinessSvart Records
63. 2016-04-11GoatessMurphy Was an OptimistPurgatory Under New ManagementSvart Records
64. 2016-04-11Tombstoned03 Time TravelsIISvart Records
65. 2016-02-15K-X-PTo BelieveIII Part 2Svart Records
66. 2016-02-08Convulse03_PangaeaCycle of RevengeSvart Records
67. 2015-12-21Acid KingComing Down from Outer SpaceMiddle of Nowhere, Center of EverywhereSvart Records
68. 2015-12-14Peace Killers03 From SleepPeace KillersSvart Records
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