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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1257 playlist up with 53245 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-05-16Frosten04 With Sigils and Infernal SignsWith Sigils and Infernal SignsPurity Through Fire
2. 2022-05-09Úlfarr06 Part VIHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
3. 2022-05-02Shadow's Mortuary03 A3 - Teloituksen AikaUnohdettu MaaPurity Through Fire
4. 2022-04-25October FallsThe Ruins Of What Once WasA Fall Of An EpochPurity Through Fire
5. 2022-03-21Bekëth Nexëhmü03 Blodskammets GuldDe Dunklas GravritPurity Through Fire
6. 2022-03-21Greve03 Lögnarens Gryning, Svältföddas Bestar (The Dawn of the Liar, The Beasts of the Hungry Born)Föllo af Svavel, Lifvets DimridåPurity Through Fire
7. 2022-02-21Order of Nosferat05 As the eternal Night fell upon usNachtmusikPurity Through Fire
8. 2022-02-21Ad Finem Omnia04 COAGULANo Peace - No DawnPurity Through Fire
9. 2022-02-21Aesthus03 KuolonpolkuHänen temppelinsä varjoissaPurity Through Fire
10. 2021-12-13Caestus03 The Undoer's KeyThe Undoer's KeyPurity Through Fire
11. 2021-12-13Avskräde04 När stillheten stundarDet stora tunga sjukaPurity Through Fire
12. 2021-12-13Kriegzeit03 For You the SonHateworshipPurity Through Fire
13. 2021-12-13Sacrificium Carmen04 AzraelNekrognosis - Avain VarjoihinPurity Through Fire
14. 2021-12-06Mavorim05 ElfenblutNon Omnis MoriarPurity Through Fire
15. 2021-12-06Bekëth Nexëhmü03 Nordens VidderDe Fornas LikgaldrarPurity Through Fire
16. 2021-12-06Flagg04 Circle of StonesCosmic Chaos ManfiestPurity Through Fire
17. 2021-12-06Coraxul03 Luonnollisesti SaatanaVihavirsiä AamunkoinPurity Through Fire
18. 2021-11-29Úlfarr03 The Ruins of Human Failure pt. 3The Ruins of Human FailurePurity Through Fire
19. 2021-10-18Úlfarr03 Part IIIHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
20. 2021-10-04Aussichtslos03 ErtränkenEinsichtPurity Through Fire
21. 2021-09-20Hautakammio03 Lopun Ajan AlkuPimeyden KosketusPurity Through Fire
22. 2021-09-13Cosmic Burial02 Alpha the pastPurity Through Fire
23. 2021-09-13Wooden Throne03 Withered at SunriseUnder the Moon They Wander Until Fading AwayPurity Through Fire
24. 2021-09-13Triacanthos03 ApotheosisApotheosisPurity Through Fire
25. 2021-05-03Goats of Doom04 Armon varjotShivaPurity Through Fire
26. 2021-04-05Autarcie03 France ProfondeApogée.Ivresse.AgoniePurity Through Fire
27. 2021-03-29Malum (Finland)02 Messiaan kuolemaDevil's CreationPurity Through Fire
28. 2021-03-15Aussichtslos03 GrausickVöllig AussichtslosPurity Through Fire
29. 2021-03-01Sarkrista03 Lair of Cursed RemainsSworn to Profound HeresyPurity Through Fire
30. 2021-02-22Nachtig04 Auf Ewig MeinDer stille WaldPurity Through Fire
31. 2021-02-22Valosta Varjoon02 AbschaumDas FlammenmeerPurity Through Fire
32. 2021-02-08Order of Nosferat04 Servant of OrlokNecuratulPurity Through Fire
33. 2021-02-01Hænesy03 Path to the Weeping HollowGarabontziaPurity Through Fire
34. 2021-02-01Meuchelmord04 TreibjagdMordmelodienPurity Through Fire
35. 2021-01-25Úlfarr04 Part IVHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
36. 2021-01-18Meister Leonhardt02 The Crown Of ConsenescenceMeister LeonhardtPurity Through Fire
37. 2021-01-18Vermineux02 A2 - Bloodlines1337Purity Through Fire
38. 2020-10-12Essence of Blasphemers04 NazareneCalyx of Black Metal BloodPurity Through Fire
39. 2020-10-12MavorimEin Fluch ward uns geschenktIudicium UltimumPurity Through Fire
40. 2020-10-12Slagmark (Germany)03 Loathing SpreadsRadical MalicePurity Through Fire
41. 2020-10-12The Kryptik02 The Plagues of the AbyssBehold Fortress InfernoPurity Through Fire
42. 2020-10-05Sad (Greece)04 White DeathMisty Breath of Ancient ForestsPurity Through Fire
43. 2020-10-05Odiosior03 LAULU PIMEYDESSSyvyyksistPurity Through Fire
44. 2020-09-28Griiim02 Nymphe dcharneBte immondePurity Through Fire
45. 2020-09-07Greve05 Det Gamla Rikets RuinNordarikets StridPurity Through Fire
46. 2020-08-03Thy Dying Light06 Ritual AltarThy Dying LightPurity Through Fire
47. 2020-06-22Eisenkult03 Deprecatio...gedenken wir der FisnternisPurity Through Fire
48. 2020-06-15K.F.R05 NihilistNihilistPurity Through Fire
49. 2020-06-01Muvitium02 De viskande vindarnaEvighetens CirkelPurity Through Fire
50. 2020-05-25VspolokhПомре (Pomre)ПомреPurity Through Fire
51. 2020-05-18Flagg04 Burning SkyNothing But DeathPurity Through Fire
52. 2020-05-18October Falls03 The Ruins of What Once WasA Fall of an EpochPurity Through Fire
53. 2020-05-11Kryptamok03 Saastan RekviemiVerisaarnaPurity Through Fire
54. 2020-05-04Nidva02 Followers of the North StarWindsellerPurity Through Fire
55. 2020-05-04Morte Lune (UK)03 Chalice of BloodTemple of FleshPurity Through Fire
56. 2020-04-27Thy Dying Light02 Cold In DeathThy Dying LightPurity Through Fire
57. 2020-04-20Slagmark (Germany)03 Purging Sacred SoilsPurging Sacred SoilsPurity Through Fire
58. 2020-03-16Hohenstein02 SundalschlachtWeisser HirschPurity Through Fire
59. 2020-03-02To Conceal the Horns02 Realm of AveriandurPuristPurity Through Fire
60. 2020-01-20Malignament01 Call to ArmsDemo IPurity Through Fire
61. 2020-01-20Greve03 Nordarikets StridNordarikets StridPurity Through Fire
62. 2020-01-20Vananidr03 HunterDamnationPurity Through Fire
63. 2020-01-20Mavorim02 Aus Asche auferstandenAxis MundiPurity Through Fire
64. 2020-01-13Goats of Doom03 Sinne Mihin Valheet Ei YllTie on Hnen OmilleenPurity Through Fire
65. 2019-12-09Valosta Varjoon03 Oberpflzer WaldOberpflzer WaldPurity Through Fire
66. 2019-12-02Shadow's Mortuary03 RiipusKuoleman PortitPurity Through Fire
67. 2019-11-18Nefarious Dusk05 Swinside Stone CircleThe Wanderer of the Cold NorthPurity Through Fire
68. 2019-10-28Nachtig03 Die WaldhexeNachtigPurity Through Fire
69. 2019-10-14lfarr02 Part IIHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
70. 2019-10-14The Kryptik2 The Kryptik - DamnedWhen The Shadows RisePurity Through Fire
71. 2019-10-07MinenwerferDragging the Dead Through Mountain PassesAlpenpssePurity Through Fire
72. 2019-08-19Neptrecus04 4 - FidelitasArs GallicaPurity Through Fire
73. 2019-08-12GreveI Svarta Solens MagiNidingsdd utav det UrldrigaPurity Through Fire
74. 2019-08-12Mavorim03 Geeint im KampfAasfresserPurity Through Fire
75. 2019-05-20Malum (Finland)3. Malum - Days of Slaughter and DestructionLegionPurity Through Fire
76. 2019-05-20K.F.RA3 AzazelDemonologuePurity Through Fire
77. 2019-05-13Nattfog03 Nattfog - Pohjan PorteiltaPohjan PorteiltaPurity Through Fire
78. 2019-05-13Vananidr05. Raining fireRoad NorthPurity Through Fire
79. 2019-03-11Vananidr05. RiseVananidrPurity Through Fire
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