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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1274 playlist up with 53828 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-08-29GrogSpontaneous GoreMacabre RequiemsHelldprod Records
2. 2022-06-27THRASHERA (Brazil)04.Partidário ao MetalBastardos da NoiteHelldprod Records
3. 2022-03-28DISEMBODY04-In The Outer DarknessReigniting HellfireHelldprod Records
4. 2022-01-03Nekrovomit03. Night Of The DeadDemonic PossessionHelldprod Records
5. 2021-12-27Spectral Dance04-Black Metal InvasionCrusaders of the VoidHelldprod Records
6. 2021-12-27Chronicles5.Engraved With ChaosChaos CosmogonyHelldprod Records
7. 2021-08-30GravedäncerDiabolic PossessionUnholy BondHelldprod Records
8. 2021-08-09SchizogoatSchizogoat 02 - NecrowarWar, Pestilence and SacrificeHelldprod Records
9. 2021-08-02Nuclear Revenge3. March Of The UndeadDawn of the Primitive AgeHelldprod Records
10. 2021-06-21Black HostsDen Of The Dark SorcererOnward into the AbyssHelldprod Records
11. 2021-06-14EuthanizedEuthanized - 02 Bleach Bone MonolithSanguine SpectacleHelldprod Records
12. 2021-03-22WHIPSTRIKER02. Whipstriker - Rot In TrenchSelf Titled Split-WHIPSTRIKER/ICE WARHelldprod Records
13. 2020-12-28BLACK MOLD06-Irresistible Inner ImpulseThe Inheritance of EvilHelldprod Records
14. 2020-11-16Speedkiller04 - Shadow PeopleMidnight VampireHelldprod Records
15. 2020-11-02Krushhammer03.DeathhammerSpeed Blacking HellHelldprod Records
16. 2020-10-19BLACK MOLD04-Missing LinkThe Inheritance of EvilHelldprod Records
17. 2020-07-20Obscure Relic3. Master Of All FormsFirst Black CommunionHelldprod Records
18. 2020-06-08Black Moldblackmold atavism 01 Let it BurnAtavismHelldprod Records
19. 2020-03-16Thrashera04 Sangue ao MetalNO GOSTO!Helldprod Records
20. 2020-03-16AggressiveAggressive-Perfector-Turbo-EvilVarious ArtistsExtreme Metal Attack XVIIHelldprod Records
21. 2019-10-21Front Beast03 Circle Of Dancing ShadowsShadowsHelldprod Records
22. 2019-08-12Alcoholocaust (Portugal)Blasfmia TotalNecro Apocalipse BestialHelldprod Records
23. 2019-07-08NunslaughterA2 RAID THE CONVENTAntichrist 7"Helldprod Records
24. 2019-06-03Aoite03 Determinismo RealAoiteHelldprod Records
25. 2019-06-03Vectis03 Bastard Son of GodThe ExecutionerHelldprod Records
26. 2019-05-13Hellish Grave03 Revenant AwakeningHell No Longer WaitsHelldprod Records
27. 2019-05-06Black Mold02 Encrusted ParasiteTales of DegradationHelldprod Records
28. 2019-04-29Black Mold04 Bringer of LightTales of DegradationHelldprod Records
29. 2019-04-22NefastuBlica NeblinaEXTREME METAL ATTACK-ANNO XVI 2019 // Porto - PortugalHelldprod Records
30. 2019-03-18Martelo Negro04 Rameira NecromanteParthenogenesisHelldprod Records
31. 2019-03-18Toxik AttackLoucos Pelo Old SchoolEXTREME METAL ATTACK-ANNO XVI 2019 // Porto - PortugalHelldprod Records
32. 2019-01-07Toxik Attack2.Ceita do Punhal Master1Assassnos em SrieHelldprod Records
33. 2018-11-26GrogDawn Of The Living DeadMacabre RequiemsHelldprod Records
34. 2018-10-15FlageladrMicromegaPredileo Pelo MacabroHelldprod Records
35. 2018-09-24Black Moldblackmold atavism 02 Worship NothingAtavismHelldprod Records
36. 2018-07-09AbigailA2.Nuclear HammerFar East Black Metal OnslaughtHelldprod Records
37. 2018-06-11Satan My Master04-Scepter of doomThe King Of Hell ArrivesHelldprod Records
38. 2018-03-26ScarificareOccult RadianceTilasmHelldprod Records
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