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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2024-02-26ConvergeJane DoeJane DoeEqual Vision
2. 2024-01-29ConvergeConcubineJane DoeEqual Vision
3. 2024-01-08BaneSunflowers and SunsetsGive BloodEqual Vision Records
4. 2023-11-20ConvergeThe High Cost of Playing GodWhen Forever Comes CrashingEqual Vision Records
5. 2023-11-13Another VictimThreatApocalypse NowEqual Vision
6. 2023-06-19BaneSwan SongThe NoteEqual Vision
7. 2023-06-05Hands TiedRearrangeHands TiedEqual Vision
8. 2023-03-20BaneSunflowers and SunsetsGive BloodEqual Vision Records
9. 2022-09-26ConvergeHeaven in Her ArmsJane DoeEqual Vision
10. 2022-07-04BaneWasted on the YoungThe NoteEqual Vision
11. 2022-06-13BaneCount Me OutHolding This MomentEqual Vision
12. 2022-05-09ConvergeHell to PayJane DoeEqual Vision
13. 2022-02-21GideonOUTLAWOut of ControlEqual Vision Records
14. 2021-09-06ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
15. 2021-03-29ConvergeYear of the SwineWhen Forever Comes CrashingEqual Vision Records
16. 2020-11-30ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
17. 2020-10-12GideonTAKE MEOut of ControlEqual Vision Records
18. 2020-09-14FloorpunchTime To HealFast Times At The Jersey ShoreEqual Vision
19. 2020-03-02American NightmareGod Save the QueenBackground MusicEqual Vision Records
20. 2020-02-10Gideonout of controlOut of ControlEqual Vision Records
21. 2020-01-13ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
22. 2019-04-22Hope Conspiracy, TheTruth and PurposeCold BlueEqual Vision
23. 2018-10-08108WomanSongs of SeparationEqual Vision
24. 2018-09-24ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
25. 2018-08-27One King DownIn the BloodGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
26. 2018-07-30One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust RevengeEqual Vision
27. 2018-02-26One King DownGod Loves, Man KillsGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
28. 2018-01-15Hope Conspiracy, TheBled Across the WireCold BlueEqual Vision
29. 2018-01-15ConvergeThawJane DoeEqual Vision
30. 2018-01-15Ten Yard FightPit of EqualityHardcore PrideEqual Vision
31. 2017-12-04American NightmarePostmark My CompassBackground MusicEqual Vision Records
32. 2017-10-02ConvergeHell to PayJane DoeEqual Vision
33. 2017-08-28One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust Revenge EPEqual Vision
34. 2017-05-15One King DownPrey To Human SilenceBloodlust Revenge EPEqual Vision
35. 2016-12-26Give Up The GhostThe Last Supper After PartyWe're Down Til We're UndergroundEqual Vision Records
36. 2016-12-05ConvergeHeaven in Her ArmsJane DoeEqual Vision
37. 2016-11-14ConvergeJane DoeJane DoeEqual Vision
38. 2016-10-31One King DownForever Your EnemyGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
39. 2016-08-01ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
40. 2016-02-29ConvergeTowing JehovahWhen Forever Comes CrashingEqual Vision Records
41. 2015-12-21ConvergeThe High Cost of Playing GodWhen Forever Comes CrashingEqual Vision Records
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