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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-12-12Bolt ThrowerSilent Demise...For VictoryEarache Records
2. 2022-12-12EntombedGod of ThunderFull of HellEarache Records
3. 2022-07-18Your DemiseThe Clocks Aren't Ticking BackwardsIgnorance Never DiesEarache Records
4. 2022-06-27CarcassTools of the TradeTools of the TradeEarache Records
5. 2022-06-27Extreme Noise TerrorThink About ItRetro-ButionEarache Records
6. 2021-11-22PitchshifterGritter (Version)SubmitEarache Records
7. 2021-03-08EntombedAbnormally DeceasedLeft Hand PathEarache Records
8. 2020-09-21CarcassSwarming Vulgar Mass of Infected VirulencySymphonies of SicknessEarache Records
9. 2020-02-03Berzerker, TheFebruaryThe BerzerkerEarache Records
10. 2020-01-13Berzerker, TheMassacreThe BerzerkerEarache Records
11. 2019-10-14Berzerker, TheCannibal RightsThe BerzerkerEarache Records
12. 2019-09-30CarcassIncarnated Solvent AbuseTools of the TradeEarache Records
13. 2019-07-29MassacreFrom BeyondFrom BeyondEarache Records
14. 2019-07-22MassacreCryptic RealmsFrom BeyondEarache Records
15. 2019-04-01Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For VictoryEarache Records
16. 2019-01-14EntombedAbnormally DeceasedLeft Hand PathEarache Records
17. 2018-11-19CarcassBlood Splattered BannerWake Up and Smell the Carcass, Disc 1Earache Records
18. 2018-09-24Forest StreamLegendTears of Mortal Solitude, Disc 1Earache Records
19. 2018-09-17DisgustYou Have No RightBrutality of WarEarache Records
20. 2018-09-10Cerebral BoreHorrendous Acts of IniquityI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)/Horrendous Acts of IniquityEarache Records
21. 2018-06-25DeicideWalk with the Devil in Dreams You BeholdThe Stench of RedemptionEarache Records
22. 2018-06-25PitchshifterGritter (Version)SubmitEarache Records
23. 2018-01-29GodfleshSlavestate (Radio Slave)SlavestateEarache Records
24. 2018-01-22Bolt ThrowerThe Ivth Crusade...For Victory, Disc 2Earache Records
25. 2018-01-01CadaverBlurred VisionsIn PainsEarache Records
26. 2017-10-30Forest StreamSnowfallTears of Mortal Solitude, Disc 1Earache Records
27. 2017-10-30EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand PathEarache Records
28. 2017-07-10Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For VictoryEarache Records
29. 2017-06-19Bolt ThrowerCenotaph...For Victory, Disc 2Earache Records
30. 2017-06-19PitchshifterDeconstructionSubmitEarache Records
31. 2017-06-12SleepDragonautSleep's Holy MountainEarache Records
32. 2017-03-13Extreme Noise TerrorPunishment SolitudeDamage 381Earache Records
33. 2017-02-06Berzerker, TheFebruaryThe BerzerkerEarache Records
34. 2017-01-09EntombedWhen Life Has CeasedLeft Hand PathEarache Records
35. 2016-10-31EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand PathEarache Records
36. 2016-10-03Berzerker, TheNo One WinsDissimulateEarache Records
37. 2016-09-19Bolt ThrowerLest We Forget...For VictoryEarache Records
38. 2016-09-19UsurperThe Struggle of TyrantsTwilight DominionEarache Records
39. 2016-09-19Gama BombSentenced to ThrashCitizen BrainEarache Records
40. 2016-08-22Extreme Noise TerrorJesus on My SideDamage 381Earache Records
41. 2016-08-08CarcassTools of the TradeNecroticismEarache Records
42. 2016-05-23Extreme Noise TerrorWe the HelplessRetro-ButionEarache Records
43. 2016-03-21Bolt ThrowerWhere Next to Conquer...For Victory, Disc 2Earache Records
44. 2016-02-01EntwinedThe Sacrifice of SpringDancing Under GlassEarache Records
45. 2015-12-07Berzerker, TheFalse HopeAnimosityEarache Records
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